The Heart of Life is Good

The last three weeks have been incredible. I’ve been moved to tears by your generosity more times than I can count. What started out as a simple goal- to raise $1,000 for a family whose baby is fighting for his life against cancer– has turned into something so much more. Not only have we KILLED that original goal (at this moment, the #helpSam account has $8,081 in it), but my heart is swollen from all the people who’ve come together to help a family they’ve never met before.

The internet is a powerful vehicle, but it’s only when so many kind-hearted, generous souls behind it come together that it can do such BEAUTIFUL things. I am so proud of this moment, so proud of everyone who did anything to help the cause. Every single donation, every dollar, every tweet, every comment, every little thing added up to something bigger than we could have ever imagined. THANK YOU.

I’m closing entries to the #helpSam giveaway tonight at 10 pm CST, so that still gives us plenty of time to raise more. Remember that all it takes is a $5 donation to be entered to win one of the spectacular prizes our generous sponsors have donated. If you can’t donate today but still want to help, don’t worry. Even though the giveaway portion of the fundraiser will be over, you can still donate to the #helpSam account long after this, for as long as the Sartins need the support.

I leave you with something Alex, Cassie and Sam wanted to share with everyone to express how grateful they are for all your support. Grab a Kleenex or a hankie. You’re going to need it. (Don’t miss the comments and tweets that pop up at the bottom!)

Gratitude from Cassie Sartin on Vimeo.

“No, it won’t all go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good.”

Thank you for making the heart of life so good.

Go here to donate!

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  1. Okay, wow! Tears and more tears. What a beautiful video with an even more precious baby. I’m so glad that every goal was reached and surpassed for this fundraiser. I donated and tried to spread the word as much and as often as possible.

    Still praying, following Sam’s journey, and hoping he kicks cancer’s ass.

    The heart of life is good. Amen. Incredible.

  2. He’s just beautiful. And Jill, what you’ve done here is incredible. I’m thinking of that little boy and his family often, and spreading the word wherever I can. How can you resist wanting to #helpSam?

  3. Crying. What a wonderful video…and an amazing little man. Thank you Jill for putting this together. Together we DID make a difference. A huge one.

  4. So I have been following you for a while, thoroughly enjoying your blog. I have also been reading all the Sam updates. Today I decided to help, mainly cause I’m actually near a computer and not just on my iphone. I showed my dad the video and his words were “Where can I help?’. You see, my dad has cancer, he’s terminal. What he saw is a beautiful child going through something that he is going through, a connection. One of the days baby Sam was getting a tranfusion, so was my dad. Weekly hospital visits, we know all to well. My son and I moved back to San Antonio from Conroe, away from my husband 🙁 but with his support, so that I could help my dad. He has his own money issues and yet all he saw with Sam was hope and the need for help. Cause he might not have as much time, but Sam will. That is what our prayers will be. Candles lit for Sam and his parents and others like him.

  5. Good luck! If I could donate millions I would, but for now it’ll have to be a small amount.
    Prayers and love coming your way too!

  6. Sam is a gorgeous, precious baby, and he and his family are in my prayers. And Jill, you are an AMAZING person for doing what you’re doing. I hope you get good things coming back to you a million times over.

  7. I don’t have a lot of money to give, as I’m just off maternity leave and haven’t gotten paid in many, many weeks. But I just couldn’t stand not helping out. Sam is such a beautiful boy, and being the mother of my own little baby boy, I can’t imagine having to go through what this family is experiencing.

  8. How on earth could you, as a fellow pregnant woman, make it past 30 seconds in that video without SOBBING?? I had to turn it off! That little guy is so darn cute. I am so happy I could play a (very small) part in the money raised and I am so thrilled with the good news they’ve gotten about his results. Bless your heart for putting this together.. you should be so proud, Jill! You are awesome!

  9. Tons of tears. While my donation wasn’t huge, I am proud to be a part of a group of amazing people who did something wonderful for a beautiful little boy.

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