Lisa Leonard Designs Review and $100 Giveaway

Prepare to say “Awwww!”

I don’t know who loves it more, Kendall or me. Every time I wear it he reaches for it while saying, “Momma’s necklace OWL! Hold?”

Lisa Leonard, a jewelry designer who also happens to have the most beautiful & inspirational blog (serious eye and heart candy, I tell you), sent this to me. My favorite part? There’s space for another name to be added when the new baby comes. I just have to send it back and she’ll add it for me. It’s the “Whoo do you love?” necklace, how cute is that?

Lisa’s work has been featured in just about every magazine and on nearly every website you can think of. She has such a vast array of inspired and custom pieces. She’s even got stuff for the guys (that keychain is on my list for my husband after the baby comes). The quality of the necklace I received is superb. The chain it came on is strong (proven by how many times Kendall’s tried to tear it from my neck), and the packaging it comes in makes it gift-ready. I can definitely see why she’s so successful at what she does. To top it all off? She’s super nice. She donated a prize to the #helpSam fundraiser, too.

So who’s down for a giveaway? It’s going to be awesome. The winner gets a $100 credit toward anything in her store. Oh, think of the cute pieces you could get!

How to enter:
1. Check out Lisa’s website and tell me what your favorite piece is (must do this first before any extra entries).
After you’ve completed number one, you can get extra entries by-
2. Follow Lisa on Twitter
3. Follow me on Twitter
4. Tweet about the giveaway – something like, “I just entered to win $100 gift credit from @LisaLeonard and @BabyRabies”
5. Make a donation to #Karing4Keegan
Please post a seperate comment for each. You can tweet multiple times about the contest, but only one entry total for tweeting, please. Also, keep in mind that I moderate my comments, so if yours doesn’t show up right away, it’s not necessarily because it didn’t go through. I might just need to approve it first, so check back in a few hours.

I’ll draw the winner on Wednesday, June 23rd.

Disclosure- Lisa Leonard Designs provided this necklace free of charge for me to review. I was not compensated in any other way for this blog post.

***** Entries are CLOSED*******

Winner, as determined by, is commenter #232, Samantha. Thanks for participating!

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  1. I really love many of them, but the family tree probably is my favorite, followed closely by the Whoo do you love?

  2. Oh my gosh, everything is beautiful! I’d love to get a family tree necklace or the “my heart” necklace. If I won, I think I’d also get some earrings for a birthday gift for my mother-in-law.

  3. I love the Heart Strings and the Family Tree necklaces! I never win anything so I may as well make a purchase today LOL! Thanks for showing me this site!

  4. i love the family tree necklace and the sweetheart tree necklace. i love her jewelry and hope to own a piece soon!!

  5. Oh my gosh! Could this website BE any cuter?!
    I love everything! But my favorite pieces are the my heart necklace and the little feet necklace. ADORABLE!!

  6. I have her double heart necklace and now I have the double heart cuff on my wish list.

  7. I can’t decide if I love the petite original or little feet more ahh! Hopefully if I win I will have an answer by then 😉

  8. I’d go bracelet fo sho. It would be tough to choose leather cuff, thin cuff, or the charm bracelet? GAH

  9. I think I would go with the songbird necklace… which would allow me to buy 2 (one for me and one for my best friend!) but there’s just so many beautiful things…

  10. It’s a toss up between “who do you love” necklace, “family tree” necklace and the open circle necklace…

  11. I love the petite original necklace – it’s gorgeous. On another note- bought a pair of crocs today for my 2 year old based on your rec… so perfect for summer!

  12. Can previous donations to Karing4Keegan be grandfathered in, or is this just for new ones?

  13. sara muhammad on

    I love, love, love the “lucky mama” necklace! I am SUCH a lucky mama 🙂

  14. I really love the numbered necklace!

    Your necklace is really beautiful though … have you guys even started thinking about names for #2? 😉

  15. I LOVE her jewelry!

    I think I’d pick the beautiful necklace, but it’s hard to pick!

  16. I’d have to choose between the from up here necklace and the oval monogram necklace.

  17. I LOVE the Heart Strings Necklace. Even if I don’t win, I will be getting that necklace!

  18. I think my favorite piece is the family tree, but I also like the tiny feet. Pretty sure I’ll be buying one even if I don’t win, what amazing stuff!!!

    (Perfect present for new baby coming in 11 weeks!)

  19. So hard to choose just one! I think it will have to be the jumble of charms necklace so I can get a charm for each special person in my life.

  20. My favorite it the owl necklace….I love owl stuff. I will have a new name to add in August. Usually I think most personalized things are slightly cheesy, but I actually like and would wear these.

  21. It’s so hard! I love them all. But the two I like the best are the Whoo do you love? necklace and the petite original necklace.

  22. Ok at first I wasn’t even going to enter, because I never win anything, haha. But I just went to her site to look around, because, hey, I LOVE jewelry. 🙂 And I absolutely LOVE her work!! It’s so dainty and beautiful, plus so unique. I think this is my absolute favorite: – the songbird necklace. I just think it’s so pretty.

    PS – Any idea what length chain she’s wearing in the photo?

  23. Gosh, how do I choose just one?

    I’ve really wanted one of these custom necklaces FOREVER, so my first pick would probably be the together necklace! 🙂

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  25. I don’t want to chose a favorite, I love them all!!!! but if I must, I love the key necklace. so cool, I must make it mine.

  26. I can’t decide on my favorites!

    I love the faith.hope.amor necklace, the friendship necklace, the open circle necklace, the crystal drop earrings and the aqua stone earrings…

    Ok, so I could go on and on…


  27. I know it says it’s for guys, but I LOVE the leather cuff! My 4 month old daughter, Autumn, is already reaching for things. During nursings she finds my necklace pretty easily and bracelets are just not manageable with my nanny job. And I’ve already got rings for the fingers I like to wear rings on…so wearing jewelry has become kind of a hassle. But that leather cuff would be cute and durable and I am just LOVIN IT!

  28. I love the open circle pieces…in fact once I figure out what I want engraved on the necklace I’m going to order it today :).

  29. I LOVE all her work but my favorite has to be the heartstrings necklace. I would want my 4 stepkids names on it! LOVE!

  30. Pick a fave? That’s so hard – thank you for pointing Mommy in Lisa’s direction so now she has more gorgeous jewelry to drool over… We love the family tree necklace, if we *really* have to choose ONE favorite!

  31. How can I decide? I love the original for the little pearl and adore the heartstrings one too!

  32. It’s so hard to pick just one piece!!
    But I love the Teeny Tiny Initial necklace. & Since I’d have money left over… I don’t know what I’d pick!
    Adore the jewelry! Gorgeous. Great Giveaway!!

  33. I love the laundry line and the bundle of charms necklaces. They’re perfect because I could just add to them as we have more kids.

  34. I have always loved her stuff, and have been dying to order something. In particular, the Heartstrings necklace, because baby Micah certainly does pull on my heartstrings.

  35. I LOVE the owls necklace. I also like the large circle necklace. But I would wear anything she makes. It stinks that its all silver though, not a huge silver fan. But I might have to make an exception…

  36. I like the ‘jumble of charms necklace’ – I like the idea of being able to have names and dates all in one necklace. Thank you so much!

  37. I’m not good with the waiting thing…so I just went ahead and ordered a Whooo Loves You necklace, LOL! Thank you for bringing her designs to my attention, though! Turns out we both used the same web designer, so that’s kind of cool too. 🙂

  38. You know, I’ve tried hinting to my husband that I’d like some of her jewelry for Mother’s Day but the hinting hasn’t worked yet — guess I need to be more direct!

    I’ve always liked the ones with the separate little charms for each kid, but I am LOVING the wish necklace when going through the website today. LOVE.

  39. I love every single thing she makes and have been eying these forever. I don;t know if I could pick just one but at this moment my favorite is word of the year necklace!

  40. I LOVE the family tree necklace! Christmas seems so far away now 😉 And I love how you can send it back to add additional family members, as we plan to have a few more kids.

  41. okay – it was REALLY hard to choose – but I was able to narrow it down to TWO. (is that okay?!) 🙂 1. the whooo do you love necklace (LOVE owls!) and 2. the mama necklace.

  42. I love the laundry line necklace. I’m really tempted to go ahead and order it now!

  43. I don’t do twitter, so this will have to suffice. 🙂

    My favorite is the teenie tiny initials necklace – so classic! What neat stuff, will have to bookmark.