“I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!”

With just one day away from being 14 weeks pregnant, I *think* I’m in my second trimester. I certainly feel like I’m in my second trimester. The incessant hangover has faded and there are days that I can get away with not taking a nap, although just because I can doesn’t mean I want to. Naps are so glorious. Why we have to stop taking them after kindergarten is beyond me. This world would be a lot nicer, I think, if everyone would just crawl into bed for an hour and a half after lunch.

There are days, I will admit, for hours on end that I forget I’m pregnant. I’m not looking very pregnant yet. I mean, depending on the outfit and what I had to eat, I might have a tiny bump at the end of the day, but it’s gone the next morning, leaving me in a body closely resembling that of my sophomore year in college, complete with beer gut and EXCELLENT rack. The girls are back in town, yo. OH how I’ve missed them!

Unfortunately, I’ve cleaned my closet of all those clothes that fit that old body, not that they were appropriate for a pregnant mother of a toddler to begin with. Something about squeezing into faded, fitted Abercrombie shirts/Express halter tops and daisy dukes doesn’t really scream “responsible mother” for dropping Kendall off at school twice a week. I’ve purchased some maternity clothes here and there, but I’m not filling them out at all. It’s a very awkward stage for me.

Now that I’m not laying around, wallowing in my own self pity anymore something is starting to happen that I didn’t think was going to affect me this time around. (No, really. I just blogged about this on BornFreeMom.com.) I’m starting to get antsy about STUFF, baby stuff. Mainly? Strollers. Lord help me and my bank account.

I still have my Quinny Buzz, which I adored with Kendall when he was little, but honestly haven’t used it much lately. We use the Maclaren Volo when we’re out for short trips and the BOB Ironman has seen the most mileage since we take him for runs/walks in it very often.

I have no idea what to do about the double stroller situation. I am 99% sure that we will for sure need a double jogger, and that I want that to be a BOB Duallie Revolution. I’ve already told Scott to plan to put money aside from the tax return next year for one and I’m scouring Craigslist every day. If our single jogger is any indication, this will be the stroller that gets the most use.

At first I was okay with that being our only double stroller and keeping the Quinny and getting a new infant seat to snap into the frame for the baby when I take him/her out solo or Kendall’s holding daddy’s hand. We would have to get a new infant seat for it because I sold the original Maxi Cosi Mico we had. It sucked. We hated it. The shade was way too short and the straps always got tangled. Plus, the buckle was super annoying. Well, the only option for the Quinny now is the slightly re-designed Mico (with updated straps, but same shade) or the Safety 1st OnBoard 35, which I can’t find any reviews on and just not really loving. Ideally, I’d love to get a Chicco, Graco or Britax infant seat, but none of these are compatible with the Quinny frame.

Also, I wonder if I’ll want a more lightweight, easier to transport double stroller? The single BOB is hefty enough. I can’t imaging lugging the double in and out of the mall every time we go.

And yes, I plan on wearing the baby frequently, but it’s not within the realm of my reality to expect myself to baby wear enough to not need to put two kids in a stroller on many occasions.

Then the other day I had a wonderfully insightful email exchange with The Baby Guy NYC(@thebabyguynyc) and he introduced me to the soon to be released Britax B-Ready stroller (he writes about it in this Stroller Traffic article, and you can see more details here). Oh my goodness. First, I’m shocked it’s by Britax. I’ve never been a huge fan of their strollers (but love their car seats). I love it… so far. Of course, I haven’t seen it in person, but everyone who has has told me it’s as fantastic in person as it is in pictures. I love that it, like some other strollers we’ve considered, can function as a single or a double, but with far more configuration options than those others. I love that I can use the Britax Chaperone infant seat in it with the provided adapter, and that that adapter can stay on the infant seat while in use in the car (or I could purchase a separate adapter and use the Chicco infant seat). I know many don’t like strollers with one seat in front of the other, but the way I see it, by the time the youngest is old enough to protest it’s view, Kendall will hopefully be old enough to not be in the stroller anymore. Plus, I really think if that’s all the kid knows, then are they really going to complain? They can still see out the side.

I will say the one configuration that makes me go “hmmmmm??” is the one with the infant seat on the bottom, rear facing. I have to wonder if I’d kick the baby accidentally, and Scott pointed out that it would have a lovely crotch view the whole time. I guess I’d have to see it in action to understand.

Of course, there’s the cost issue. I’d definitely have to sell the Quinny (which I think I can still get a good sum of $$ for it since it’s in excellent condition). I can’t believe I’d ever even consider selling my Quinny ( I specifically got a job at Right Start while pregnant last time for the discount so I could afford it), but it’s just not super practical any more. If I keep it, I’ll probably only end up using it like a Snap & Go with an infant seat I’m less than excited about.

I realize these are such stupid, trivial things to worry about. I do. It’s just, for some reason, it’s something my brain keeps coming back to. And really, what I need to do is just get over it. I need to get back to my first trimester, miserable feeling state of mind where I didn’t care if I pushed the baby around in a hi-jacked grocery cart lined with old blankets. That was a much less expensive solution, although, admittedly not nearly as stylish.

How did you handle/ do you plan on handling the double stroller situation?

Kendall is 2 years old and still requires being strapped down in public and I’m just about 14 weeks pregnant

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  1. Well, really, the only way you can decide if you like this stroller or not is if someone sends you one to try out. πŸ˜‰ I know I’d be interested in hearing your first-hand review!

  2. That Britax is definitely cool! As an only stroller, it would be the way to go. It sounds like this won’t be your only stroller, though.

    I did a lot of double stroller research, and landed on my Maclaren double to solve our problems. We borrowed a friends “big” double for a week or two, and decided it was too much to lug around on a daily in and out basis. I’ve never regretted my Maclaren. If you have the BOB for big outings, I’d say find something lightweight for the other times. You’ll want them both strapped in just for parking lots and basic running errands, and you will NOT want to get out the big boy every time. Preston is 4, and still sits in the Maclaren at times. He’s well within the weight limit, and we all stay happy.

    • I’ve definitely heavily considered a Maclaren double. 2 things hold me up. One is that we’d have to shell out close to $400 for one that is compatible with an infant seat, and 2. then I’d have to hang on to my Quinny as a single stroller, so I wouldn’t be able to use the money from it to purchase the Maclaren. However, I guess I could get a used Snap & Go frame off CL and then get the less expensive Maclaren double. That’s definitely an option!

      • Really, you only use the infant seat for so long. We wore baby and pushed a single until the 4 month mark, and then strapped them both in the Maclaren with the little ones side folded flat after that. I remember thinking, “Why did we haul that stupid infant seat around so long with the first one? This is much easier!”. I like the snap n go and then cheaper maclaren option.

  3. What about the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller? I have heard good things about that one. You can use it from birth or even add the carrier with an adaptor.

      • The City Mini isn’t really a jogging stroller at all, it’s just made from them. You MUST check this stroller out and the rest of their selection. The fold is amazing. I can hold my daughter, hold both dogs on leash and fold in one fell swoop and it’s super light. I have a Chicco carseat and they now have Chicco adaptors and you can leave the adaptor on when it’s folded and in the trunk.

        • I agree 100% The City Mini is NOT a jogging stroller, but is a great doubles stroller. The fold is amazing. Find a store and try it out. It is also compatiable with all the major infant car seats.

  4. Honestly that stroller is the ONLY way I would recommend getting a double. I found out I was pregnant with #2 2 days before DS’s second birthday. (He is now 10 weeks old) And DS REFUSES to sit in the stoller, sooo glad I didn’t waste my money on a double. I am getting every pennies worth with a sit n stand. No its no super stylish stroller but its practal and DS #1 loves to use the back bench. If you do plan on running with both in tow than make sure that the only double you get is a jogger. (Is that one a jogger??)

  5. We got the Uppa Baby Vista with rumble seat for our double situation. Our kids will also be about 2.5 years apart. I LOVE it!! It actually looks alot like that Britax one.

  6. I think you’re right about the seat and kicking it. I wish they had a picture of an actual person pushing it in the double configuration. I don’t see how you could push it w/o leaning forward.

  7. With all those configuration possibilities, I can see why you would be in love. I want one too and I don’t even have a 2nd (yet).
    Hrrrmmm, well, I do babysit my 12 week old niece (and have my own 17 month old). Maybe that’s justification…

  8. I stressed a ton over this while pregnant with my second. My daughter was a stroller girl for sure- it was her preferred mode of transportation. So before my son was born (they are 27 mon. apart) we got the tandem Graco Quattro Tour and we used it exactly twice in the year we had it. My son HATED the stroller, alone or in an infant seat he was terribly fussy. The kid lived in a Bjorn or sling for 15 months.
    After he turned 1 and was more content with strollers we ended up deciding on the BOB Duallie Revolution but when I went to test drive it, it was just too much. We ended up getting 2 BOB revolutions, one for each kid and getting an Ergo for my son when I was solo with them (which was a lot). We also figured that a 1 and 3 year old seated next to each other in close quarters would inevitably end up in slap fights and that’s just not something I want to break up when I’m jogging πŸ™‚
    All this to say, it’s OK to wait and see what kind of baby you have. I totally expected my son to be just like my daughter. Turns out they’re like two totally different people! Who knew?! πŸ™‚

  9. I just had my second baby boy…which now makes me a Mommy of 2 boys 22 months a part. We have three strollers: a chicco key fit 30 travel system, a maclauren umbrella, and the new kolocraft contours double http://www.kolcraft.com/products/strollers/tandem/212-contours-options-ii-tandem. I came really close to getting a bob double stroller to run with, however after talking to several other runner mom’s they told me it’s not worth it. 2 kids are too heavy to push while running. Side-by-side strollers are also not good for the mall as they don’t really allow for shopping in close quarters. We use all three for different things and I use my baby bjorn carrier for my 5 week old when I just want to use the umbrella for a quick trip. The tandem style double is nice to have and has a HUGE compartment underneat to place bags, diaper bags, etc. good luck!

  10. When I was preggo w/ #2, I did a TON of research online and tried out every one at the baby stores. I too wanted a double jogger and ended up with a Schwinn double jogger from CL. I LOVE IT!! It is super light weight and handles all terrain well. Our #1 usually hates strollers, but he can’t wait to climb in the Schwinn. Plus, I know that I can run it into the ground & not care since I got it at such a decent price. Good luck with your search! Half the fun is just window shopping!

  11. I think I shared my opinion with you on Facebook or Twitter or something…but I’ll share again in case I didn’t. Since Kendall will be many months older by the time newbie comes, you may find you don’t need a double stroler (other than your jogger) like you need it now. My oldest was just a year when I got preggo with #2 and I was convinced I needed a double stroller. But as we got closer (I procrastinated actually getting one) to the new guy coming it turned out Henry was older, wiser, calmer, less run-away-ish, in public and we settled for getting the ride-on board for our existing single stroller. I never used the bassinet seat on the stroller, however, and I always had my sling with me. So if I had babe in the stroller and toddler (they’re 20 months apart, by the way) on the board or walking next to me but he got fussy or tired or soemthing, I’d throw the babe in the sling and the toddler in the stroller seat.

    This may or may not work for you, but it worked well enough for us it saved me having to sell our Uppa Baby Vista (which is the older frame that wouldn’t have taken the 2nd seat…) to buy a new double.

    Congrats, good luck and have fun! (And if you end up buying a new stroller to have a double…don’t feel guilty! STUFF is fun!) πŸ™‚

    • I have to agree with this comment. We hemmed & hawed for the longest time about getting a double stroller. My son was 28 months old by the time our daughter came along. We really did not have a need for a double. My son likes/liked being independent so we wound up letting him walk as much as possible. If we needed him in the stroller we threw our daughter in the Bjorn. & in the end we saved a TON of $$$

  12. My opinion counts for nothing, considering I don’t even have kids, but that Britax dualie is pretty neat. I see a LOT of women up here rockin’ the dualies in all those different configurations and I’m impressed by how compact they are.

  13. We went through the similar process a few months ago and for now (with a 3 month old and 27 month old) have been using and loving the Bob Duallie, which remains our only double stroller. For mall trips and other excursions (which are less than they were with baby #1), I use the Maclaren volo with big sister and baby in the Ergo, or will do baby in the snap and go and big sister in the ERgo on my back (she loves it). So far it works and this way our garage isn’t completely filled with strollers. I love the BOB (sold our single to put towards the double) and it is money well spent, as we use it almost daily. Good luck!

  14. Love the post!! I am obsessed with this new Britax stroller….I feel I could talk about it all day. I had a friend’s baby in it the other day and pushed it all over Chelsea….it’s wonderful. Even pushed it next to a Phil & Ted’s to compare….clearly, the B Ready won…..i’m obsessed. end of story.

  15. We bought a double stroller, but it didn’t get much use after I realized that wearing one kid while pushing the other was much easier for us. Once I got the hang of babywearing, I came to really despise my bulky stroller, and haven’t used it in many a moon – so, I can’t be much help. I dunno — buy the one that looks the prettiest! That’s my advice.

    • the city select is ok, but MANY people i know are less than thrilled with it because with weight in the front it is VERY hard to pop onto curbs here in nyc if there’s no ramp….other than that, i like it….it’s just loooooooong….i much prefer the B Ready…

  16. J, I have the P&T doubles sport stroller, email me if you want more info on it. I do love it, but that sucker is HEAVY (30lbs??)–keep that in mind when you’re wrestling 2 kids. As it is, Lila’s a pain to get to stand still, “freeze”, don’t move, whatever, while I pull the stroller out.

    We have the doubles kit on it too–but I don’t think it reclines. It can fit a Graco safeseat/snugride on top of the main seat, but that is normally for the heavier kid…not sure how it works w/ a car seat involved.

  17. My little ones are 17 months apart. I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out a double stroller solution. I have the Orbit as my single stroller. I wanted to be able to use that infant seat again (because it was amazing) but it isn’t compatible with ANY other stroller because of the rotating base. So, I kept it and used the Orbit and the single Maclaren when DH and I were out together. And, I bought the Maclaren Twin Techno to use when I have the 2 kids by myself. It works out okay but if I am by myself, I have to take the baby out of her carseat to put in the Maclaren. And, I am still searching for a double jogger….

  18. If price wasn’t an issue I would be ALL OVER the Uppa Baby. It can hold up to THREE kids, if the third rides on the standing part. I also like the Phil & Teds but after someone on Twitter called it a Therapy Stroller I can’t look at it without cringing a little. The Britax you linked to is my second choice I think…


    The only reason I really need a double is for Stroller Strides/jogging. Evan will be 21 months when Baby #2 is born and between my wraps and slings and Ergo and Bjorn I will probably not need to put them both DOWN for at least 6 months. So I could just get a jogger. I like the Bob (also I think I get a discount through SS) but it feels reeeeeeally huge.

    My real hope is one of my mama friends gets generous and hands down or gives me a deal on one of their doubles. As much as I’d LOVE something new and fancy and shiny I think I’m better off with cheap and functional.

    • Ahh, sounds like my problem! I am an avid Stroller Strides junkie and need something that i can jog with! My son will be just over 3yrs when i have #2 and the biggest issue is my car’s trunk just won’t hold a standard [side by side] double jogger! I’ve been looking at the new P&T’s Explorer but the doubles seat is maxed at 33lbs – DS is 31lbs and 39in at 2.5yrs old. I like the B-ready a LOT.. but i don’t want to kill the wheels. I do see many moms jogging w/citi-mini’s and other “non-jogging” type wheels, but this is the only stroller DH will allow me so i have to take care of it! I also think that DS will not like being in the second seat and if i get the B-ready, i have the option of putting the infant seat in the bottom position. LoL, problem is i have a Chicco Keyfit 30.. i think the bottom only takes the chaperone car seat! No win situation! Help! Ps- i know the BJ City Select is another option.. but its so big and gawky looking – just not a fan!

      • Well, all I can tell you is I wound up going with the BOB Duallie Revolution. It will be our only double stroller and will be our double jogger. We’ll use a Graco Snap & Go in the beginning just to get the infant seat around (getting a new Graco Snugride) and we’ll use a Buggy Board on the back of the Quinny for trips where I don’t think I need a double, but want an option for my son to hop on. Good luck with your decision!

  19. Mom of 2 Boys on

    I too was bitten by the stroller bug. In fact, we currently own a single jogger, a double jogger, a single Chicco umbrella, a Chicco Keyfit, a snap-n-go and a Joovy Ultralight Caboose. Crazy, right?

    My boys are exactly 21 months apart and by the time my 2nd was born we decided to skip the big double and go with a Sit-N-Stand. In fact, we purchased a BabyTrend Sit-N-Stand and I hated it so much that I sold it within two months. Yes, I cut my hand on it twice while folding it and I almost left it in a library parking lot because it got stuck in the open position and wouldn’t fit in my car’s trunk. A nice college boy helped me wrangle it down and I sold it the next day.

    The point is this – I LOVE my Joovy Ultralight Caboose. No, it isn’t the most stylish option but it rides smooth, it comes with an adapter that fits a variety of carseats and my oldest (who is now almost 3.5 half) still loves riding on the back. It folds and even fits in my trunk with the adaptor on. The only downside is the front seat doesn’t lay all the way down so it does make it difficult for your youngest to sleep if you are out during naptime. But really – after hours and hours of searching I realized there is no perfect solution for a double stroller.

  20. Definitely a lot to consider. I appreciate all the feedback and opinions! I *think* what we’re going to do is go ahead and plan on a double jogger for sure, keep the Quinny, get a Graco Snugride infant seat and the Snugrider frame for those early months and then see where we stand down the road. If an additional double is in order, then we’ll make the decision then. That’s, of course, all subject to change based on my hormones and irrational decisions.

  21. I have an 18 month old and a 3 month old so the stroller issue was a huge topic in our house for a very long time. After a preggo-monster meltdown of monumental proportions we ended up getting a Bumbleride indie twin. I must say it was worth every second of meltdown. Our Chicco keyfit30 fits in it. Our little guy is just as happy without the infant seat. Huge sun shades. Easy to remove and wash fabric as needed. And it’s a side by side but I’ve yet to meet a door way I don’t fit through. We even used it to hike to the bottom of a waterfall father’s day weekend. I love love love it!
    I have to say it’s a bit bulky when folded, but I did a lot of research and couldn’t find a double that had a slim fold and worked with our chicco infant seat. It seems similar to the bob but has the added benefit of having two front wheels which is helpful if the terrain is uneven at all.

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