Well, it wasn’t a toilet snake…

He was hiding flowers! That would explain why I briefly thought his shit smelled like roses.

Not just for me, either. He and Kendall picked out two bouquets and crammed them artistically arranged them in vases for my mom and me.

I’m not going to say I will rearrange them. Not sure I can do any better of a job.

When Kendall helped Scott bring them out to me this morning he proudly presented them to me and exclaimed, “BUGS!” As in, “Look, Mom! I got you some bugs. They happen to live on these wowers.”  So I think it’s more fitting to say the boy gave me bugs for Mothers Day, along with a beautiful habitat for them to reside… until I unintentionally kill them all (the flowers, might intentionally kill the bugs).

(Note: at this moment, I’ve yet to find any bugs visible to the grown up eye, but it’s possible he sees the smaller ones because, you know, he’s smaller.)

I wish I could say the rest of the day was full of fantastic surprises involving sparkly things and pedicures, but to tell the truth, I was completely worthless until 2. I slept, nibbled, whined and complained nearly the whole day until I finally decided to put my big girl panties on and deal with it so we could all get out of the house. We had a nice dinner at Fireside Pies (a pizza joint, not a dessert pie place like I originally thought, which would have been AWESOME), and dessert at Central Market. That’s how fickle I was feeling. We had to go to a grocery store with, like, a whole STORE of options before I could figure out what I wanted/if I wanted dessert.

Even though the day was quite simple, I have to say my husband has improved his Mother’s Day skillz x100 since my first one 2 years ago. I spent the early morning hours in the ER with Kendall, screaming from colic while we thought he must have had an invisible twin trapped inside his abdomen, clawing it’s way out. Scott left me at home with the screaming infant that afternoon, disappeared for 2 hours and came home with a piece of cake and a card. That’s it. No pre-planning involved, no thinking something a bit bigger would have been appropriate for the mother of his first born whose nipples were – AT THAT MOMENT- being ripped off  by this being that shot out of her vagina mere days before, leaving behind tears, stitches and bleeding that would require massive pads that would give her  CONTACT DERMATITIS. Down. There. (Always pads are evil. I’ve told you all this before. If you haven’t read my rant, go here.)

So at least this time it was flowers, and at least he bought them yesterday. And really, what more can I ask for than a husband who cleans up around me as I lay on the couch, whining about how I’m hungry but nothing sounds good, and don’t you dare talk to me about food, don’t even suggest things because if you suggest the wrong thing and I have to think about it and think about what it smells like I might want to puke.

All in all, a good Mother’s Day 🙂

What about you? How was it? What did you get? What did you give? Don’t you dare tell me cleaning products (Do you know I got a PR pitch “just in time for Mothers Day” about a line of cleaning products for Bon Ami??)

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  1. I just had to comment and say that I TOTALLY relate about not wanting Husband to even suggest food in case you have to *think* about the wrong thing. I absolutely felt this way during my first tri!

    Also, earlier in my pregnancy, my own bathroom business actually made me vomit once.

    Also, your boy giving you “bugs” makes me so excited to be having a boy! I don’t know much about little boys so I’m a bit nervous but I am SO ready for bugs and slime and exploration!

  2. Today was the last straw on eating out – I told the husband I did NOT want to go out to eat with the kids, but he wanted to (just like my birthday, it’s all about whatever HE wants to do) and I ended up having another miserable time because Julesy CANNOT handle restaurants. Jonas is fine – always has been – but Julesy is a different child. He loses his freaking mind when we try to put him in a high chair, or booster, or anywhere he’d have to sit still for 5 minutes. I know now that we cannot go out to eat until he’s in college.

    • Ugh. That sounds so stressful. I would be done with restaurants, too. I know it’s probably bad, but I give K my Iphone now as soon as he sits down and that usually keeps him quiet and occupied for a little bit.

    • Same here. My son cannot handle restaurants either. We still go to the diner on Sat morning before Gymboree to hopefully get him used to it, but that is all. At least at the diner, there is a lot going on and it is VERY QUICK. Like a 30 minute breakfast. We literally order the second we sit down and bring cars, give him jelly and we are good.
      If we bring him to dinner, it is a nightmare!

  3. Well, last year I got zippo. Not even a card for my first mother’s day. This year I got a potted flower, a small tree for us to plant to symbolize our new home, and some stuff to feed the birds that flock our new house in color. Much better than last year.

  4. I did get 2 cards as well this year, and I think I’m going to suggest that he let our baby pick out one next year since she’ll be old enough and let it be good enough. He can show me the love in ways other than a card..

  5. This was the 2nd mother’s day for me, and I got a gift card for a massage, and DS decided to take his first steps! DH also took me to my favorite Italian place so I could not cook. All in all, not too shabby 🙂

  6. Happy Mother’s Day!
    I have to admit that my husband is the best. Last year (my first mother’s day) I got a gift card for a massage. This year he was a little late with the gift and I had to order it, but it is still a KINDLE. So I can’t complain. When I get it this week sometime, I will be thrilled!
    And agree about the Always pads. When they changed them (sometime when I was in college…oh 10 years ago, yikes), I tried them and got Contact Dermatitis as well. I complained to the company and they said “Sorry”. Thanks. I no longer use them obviously.

  7. I love the ‘bugs’ on the ‘wowwers’ part! How precious is that?? This year I got a heart necklace that says ‘mom’ on it and then went out to lunch and read a book! woo hoo! Then we all went to Grandma’s house for the evening. It was very nice. 🙂 Glad you had a good day!

  8. Oh my gosh! My friend did the exact thing you did!! They went to Fireside Pies thinking it was a dessert place, but they did it AFTER dinner, so they had to leave all awkward-like. Teehee!! I only know what it is because I work right next door, basically.

    Happy mother’s day!

  9. HA! Well, it does sound much better than before. My hubby does pretty much the same thing every year…last minute (the day of) running to the store to buy flowers and a card. But hey, at least this year he decided that I needed two sets of flowers, one from each kid!

  10. Happy Mother’s Day (a day late…).

    My 18 month old gave me the best gift ever! He was well-behaved ALL.WEEKEND.LONG! It really is a miracle. He’s always pitching a fit about something. And, on top of that, his canine teeth came in and I could only tell because he had his hand in his mouth all day yesterday. He wasn’t a monster. I hope he turns his well behaved mother’s day weekEND into a well behaved mother’s day WEEK!

  11. Hope you feel better soon! It’s so tough being PG with a toddler, I so understand!
    The day before my dad sent Mom and I to a really nice lunch which was super exciting since my kids aren’t restaurant ready! I think it’s been at least 2 yrs since the last time I ate out where a meal with a toy wasn’t on the menu. My Mom bought me a pink Azaela plant for my front porch, those are my favorite! My daughters (aka hubby) bought me a cake, clothes, super cute shoes and a wagon to go on walks with the girls to the nearby park. I bought my mom flowers and got her a card. We spent the day at my parents, and our girls (2 and 3) fought ALL… DAY… LONG. I ended my day with wine and girlie reality tv shows while hubby fell asleep on the sofa from breaking up so many kid fights. LOL good times!

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