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WOW. WOW. WOW. I really don’t know what else to say. You know that $1,000 goal? Hah! Smashed that in HOURS. In fact, after I posted about the fundraiser I took Kendall out to enjoy some Chick Fil A, and by the time we got home a couple hours later there was already $600+ in the account. I actually started crying when I saw that. It was the first of many times all of your generosity brought me to tears since this started. I am seriously amazed and so grateful.

So, after we smashed $1,000, I thought we’d shoot for $1,500, paying for one month of COBRA. Then we shattered that before the end of the day on Friday, and I set my sights on 2 months of COBRA. Ladies and Gentleman, I am happy to tell you that I’ve now set yet ANOTHER goal, because we have already surpassed $3,000. At this moment, there is $3,342 in the account, and we are well on our way to paying for 3 months and raising $4,500 by June 11th.


Thank you for the donations, for the tweets, for sharing on Facebook. Thank you for telling your friends, your family, your church. Thank you for reaching out to see what else you can do. Thank you for making this come together. It’s an amazing thing to witness.

And Cassie (Sam’s mom)? She wants you all to know that she thinks you’re pretty awesome, too. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow her @CassieSartin. She’s tweeting updates about Sam when she can.

Over the last few days I’ve added a ton more prizes to the list. You must check it out! I’ve got to give a big shout out and thank you to Ariana from Becoming-Mom.net (seriously beautiful blog, by the way). She just lost a friend to lung cancer a few days ago and immediately began reaching out to her contacts to help me with the fundraiser as a way to honor her friend’s memory. She came through big by introducing me to KidStuff PR, who reached out to all their clients for prize donations. The list of stuff is just amazing. Remember, for every $5 you donate, you get one chance to win.

For those who want to know how I’ll determine winners, the plan is to put every donor’s name on a spreadsheet one time for every $5 they donate. The names will be numbered, and I’ll use Random.org to draw. I’ll start with the prize with the highest value, and go down from there.

I know some of you were asking about a button, and I finally have one, thanks to Mandy from Blogs by Mandy (who also redesigned Cassie’s blog as a gift for her). It’s over there <<<< in the left sidebar. Just C&P the html.

Thank you again for all the support. Let’s rally together and get to $4,500! I know we can do it to #helpSam.

Unfortunately, Sam is back in the hospital today for a platelet transfusion. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. This is so amazing!! I put it on my paltry blog as well, but it feels great to be a part of something bigger than myself, ya know? Also grabbed her button. And keepin’ the prayers coming. Good work 🙂 Hope you’re feeling good, as well!

  2. Arent people amazing? Seriously. My 5 year old nephew just finished chemo for an aggressive brain tumor. He has already has WHOPPING radiation treatments and 2 surgeries prior to that. Our friends and community held 3 fundraiser BBQs and a car wash to help my brother and sister-in-law financially while they dealt with traumatic experience. There were 10s of thousands of dollars raised for them. It completely BLEW ME AWAY. I cant even begin to describe.

    To see all these people coming together for another family with a little one fighting for his life brings me to tears.

    thank you so much for sponsoring this for Sam and his family, and for getting everyone on board to help. Its absolutely amazing. And I know Sam’s mom will never be able to tell you how much it means to them.

  3. yay! thank you for the update. if you could continue to post the progress on donations, that would be amazing. i think it really inspires people to keep giving when they can see how much has been raised, how much is left to meet or exceed the goal, etc.

  4. I have just been blown away by this whole experience. I don’t even know what to expect anymore because all my expectations so far have been blown out of the water. Thank you, all of you, for your support. This couldn’t happen without each and every one of you. Right now, we are sitting at over $4,500!

    Erin, I’ve been making lots of updates on my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account, but I’ll def. try to be better about updating here, too. Thanks for checking in!

  5. When you read about all the hate in the world and how people, humans can be so cruel and brutal to each other, it’s good to read a story like this.

    Sometimes I wonder how human beings got so evil, and then I read something like this.

    Thanks for sharing.

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