Thank you, Tiny Prints, for helping me FAIL less.

Back before I had a baby I used to be the QUEEN of greeting cards. Hell, I actually worked at Hallmark right out of college as an assistant manager for close to a year. I was so on top of the card/gift game that I purchased them months in advance, for every little occasion I could think of, and filed them accordingly in a handy box. They were sent on time with stamps that matched the theme (oh yes, I had birthday stamps and holiday stamps and love stamps…). They had cute stickers on the back to seal the envelope. I took my time to write in the most beautiful handwriting I could with a colorful gel pen. I took much joy and pride in sending all those cards out.

Flash forward to my life today, and I’m lucky if I can get cards out for major holidays like Mother’s Day on time, and the recipient is lucky if they can read my handwriting. Honestly, half the time I don’t even bother and just hope they will be pleased with a phone call or an e-card. I don’t have the time to peruse the aisles of Hallmark these days looking for *the* perfect card. My brain doesn’t have the room it once did to mentally file all the important dates in the lives of those near and dear to me, and then to mentally file the 1 week reminder I need to mail the card on time. And even if I do remember to pick up a card, half the time it doesn’t get sent because it either gets lost, destroyed or I discover I not only don’t have a matching theme stamp, but I don’t have stamps at all. Not to mention, cards can be expensive! I guess I never batted an eye at dropping $3-5 on a card before having to budget to be a SAHM. Now I feel like all I can afford to look at are those boring .99 cards. Sigh.

But, I know those are all excuses, and I always feel terrible for dropping the ball on sending little thoughtful pieces of paper to my friends and family. I’m really trying to work on it, I swear. I’ve tried plugging dates into my phone’s calendar, along with reminders, but even still, that doesn’t take away the hassle of actually purchasing the card.

Enter Tiny Prints new Greeting Card launch. Okay, let me just say that this post is not at all sponsored by Tiny Prints. I just HAD to tell you guys about this because, to me, it’s freaking awesome. And if any of you are anything like me these days, I have a feeling you’ll think it’s pretty freaking awesome, too.

We’ve used Tiny Prints a few times in the past, and I’m always super pleased with their quality and customer service. In fact, I just ordered Kendall’s 2nd birthday invites from them and couldn’t be happier. Their website is easy to navigate and I find that it’s really simple to personalize their designs. Their new greeting card program allows you to customize any of the designs for all sorts of occasions with pictures and text. You can even have them address the envelope (free of charge) to the recipient and from you and send it straight to the birthday girl’s house (you will be charged .44 for a stamp). Or you can have them send it directly to you and you can pass it on yourself. They have a calendar that you can enter special dates into, and it will also send you a couple reminders leading up to it. Say you have a lot of free time one weekend (okay, just fantasize), you could make up a bunch of cards and then schedule them for when you want them to be sent. They allow you to make changes to them up until they go out.

The designs are, of course, adorable. And I love that you can customize them with pictures! Depending on the membership plan you sign up for  ($16.99 a year or $5.99 a year), the cards are either $1.99 or $2.99 each. If you opt not to sign up for a membership, they are $3.99 each. Right now they are waiving the membership fee for one year, though, AND you get three free cards! I signed up for the Savvy Sender plan, which is $5.99 a year and $2.99/card. I figure even at that price I’m spending as much or less than I would at Hallmark, and that doesn’t take into account all the time, gas, and headaches saved. Then I jumped right in and designed all three Mother’s Day cards for my mom, stepmom and mother-in-law. I am SO on top of it. ::high fives self::

So, yeah… basically this pretty much rocks my world. I hope I can stick with it this time and quit being such a flake when it comes to paper correspondence and such. I don’t know if I’ll ever be as with it as I used to be, but something’s better than nothing, right? (And moral of the story for those of you yet to have children- aim low so as not to appear to have completely fallen into a black hole after procreating.)

Now, if you’re not like me, and you do still rock at sending paper correspondence, I want to know your secret!

Anyway, hope you all are enjoying the weekend. You’re welcome in advance for the reminder to take care of your Mother’s Day cards ; ) OH! And we leave for Sonoma in 6 days!!

Kendall is 23.5 months old. Did I mention I got his SECOND BIRTHDAY invites? EEK!

**Edited to add full disclosure 4/20: I was just notified by the Tiny Prints Affiliate program that I can get credit for referrals to the Greeting Card program, so I’ve updated links with my affiliate link.

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  1. Okay – HOLY AWESOMENESS! I totally know what you mean. Back before the second kid came, I was still totally on top of the greeting card thing. Actually, I put the rest of my ungrateful cousins to shame with the speed in which I’d get out thank you cards and such. My family would say “and did you see how GINA is the ONLY one who sends thank you notes on time!?” It felt awesome.

    Now, I can’t even send a freaking thank you Facebook message on time. I need hayulp!

  2. This is an awesome way of sending out cards. I also love sending out cards but I tend to forget birthday’s and anniversaries of not immediate family. Going to check it out now.

  3. You have no idea how much you’ve made my day. I seriously buy cards all the time and never send them. Or I forget to mail them. This very well could be the best service I’ve ever heard of. Thanks!

  4. OH MY GOD I could pee my pants right now I am SO EXCITED about this!!!! I LOVE sending greeting cards but I have become AWFUL at it, and also disgusted by the price when I DO remember to go buy them! Right now, I’ve had 9 (yes, NINE!) Mother’s Day cards (oh and btw, 7 of them are my moms/stepmoms/grandmothers/MILs)on my list to buy and I’ve been dreading finding the 4 hours in my schedule to buy, write, address, and stamp them. Yet also dreading the mother-induced guilt and backlash if I (gasp!) forget to send them. Seriously perfect timing. And Jill, you MADE MY WEEK. You deserve every single minute of your upcoming vacation. I hope it is GLORIOUS! 🙂

  5. Seriously? This is brilliant. THANK YOU for posting about this! All the time I spend on reading others blogs and not updating (read starting) on my own has just been all worth it for this very post. I feel such incredible guilt about this exact thing. I have a box of cards/stationary, too, but mine is labeled “best intentions!” Thanks, Jill. As always, you rock.

    • OH! And I’ve been meaning to tell you…in Sonoma, you MUST go to Seghesio. Their wine is phenomenal. I have been known to lick the cork after a night of debauchery. AND, I am so on board with drinking the good stuff while you can. We’ll be trying for #2 this Fall (Ellie is 7 months & I’m still nursing) and I figure I’m actually saving us money in the long run! (geez, I should comment more when it’s actually appropriate!) ANYway…Enjoy! Happy (almost!) birthday, Kendall!

  6. Yay for Sonoma!!! I’m totally there with ya on the anxiety about leaving K. Ty & I leave Wednesday for Cancun and I’m feeling a lot nervous. It’s only for 4 days too. P.s. I signed up for Tiny Prints-love it!! Thanks! Already did 2 cards!!

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