It’s a Vacation Miracle!

On our last day in Sonoma my mom informed me she and Kendall had a surprise for us when we got home. She’d got him to go pee AND poop in the big potty, MULTIPLE times. My son? The one who screams, “Ow! Momma, stuck!” every time I sit him on the toilet (big or little)? I wondered what brute force she had to use, and figured I’d believe it when I see it.

On our way home from the airport I sat in the back with Kendall, you know, since *he* missed me so much. Not at all because I missed him terribly and wanted to just nom on his chubby cheeks. No. Just a few minutes into the drive I started to ask him all about how he goes “potty like a big boy now,” of course in that sing songy voice that means you’re talking to a toddler about using the toilet.

He looked at me like I was speaking French. After a couple moments of silence my mom chimed in, “Yeah, tell mommy how you went poop in the toilet!” The look he shot her from the back seat screamed, “What. The. Hell. Nana? You’re not supposed to tell *her* about that. That’s *our* secret.” I gave up hope for any repeat performances.

It is ridiculous how thrilled I am to tell you all that since we got home that kid has sat on the toilet (the big/real one, the small one is apparently very uncomfortable and causes him to think he’s “stuck,” which is honestly a possibility) at least 3 times, and has successfully produced something to flush and say “bye bye” to twice. Like, I’m so excited that this post took precedence over the vacation re-cap post because nothing happened on our vacation nearly as productive and noteworthy as my kid getting over his fear of the toilet and POOPING IN IT.

Kendall is 2 days shy of turning 2 and he finally went number 2 in the toilet. SCORE!

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  1. Dude – that is AWESOME!!!! So freaking fantastic! Congratulations!

    Maybe my MIL can potty train my kid while I’m at BlogHer. Ummm… nope…. she couldn’t train the older one, I doubt she’ll have any luck with the younger one. I better start saving up for that $3 fish again 🙂

  2. AWESOME! Congratulations!!! Guess that means Nana should watch Kendall while you’re on vacation MORE OFTEN, right? 🙂

  3. My mom can work all kinds of wonders with E. Naps, meals without negotiations, peaceful bedtimes. I’d be jealous and offended if it didn’t give me such wondeful peace of mind when I leave her there. That’s the magic of Mimi.

  4. You should get your mom to do a guest post on her “technique”! Or maybe you could interview her for a blog post. Just and idea. Thanks for sharing and Go Kendall (and Mom!)!

  5. Congrats!

    My mom has been watching my 15 month old during the day ever since I went back to work in December. Just after Christmas, we both bought potties (one for her house and one for home) and she has been consistently been putting him on it when he shows “signs” (he gets a very concentrated look on his face and starts grunting when he’s trying to #2 and he grabs at himself when he’s peeing)

    We’ve actually been quite successful with just asking him if he needs to “make a stinky” and he’ll nod “yes”. We always give LOTS of praise and taught him to flush the toilet (which I’m probably going to regret very soon) and wave bye-bye to whatever it was that he did.

    We’re nowhere near big boy pants, but well on our way. 🙂

  6. ok, am officially GREEN with envy. And my hate you 🙂 My son was 3 the beginning of March and has not even urinated on the pot!! This may mean war!

    • I don’t know if this will encourage or discourage you, but both of my kids at 3 peed and pooped ONCE on the toilet (and were very excited about it) and then refused to get on it again until they were 4, at which point they just started using the toilet, ditched the training pants and didn’t look back. 🙂

  7. I always suspected that if I had left my kids with someone else for a week to get potty-trained, they’d have better results. You’ve just proven it! Congratulations!! You really should have your mom share her technique here. It’s too late for me, but I know it will help someone!

  8. Yay! Yay! YAY!!!! That’s great – congratulations to him and to you!!! I know all about how exciting it is when they learn to use the potty – that dress trick I wrote about a week ago was a sanity saver. 🙂

  9. I am SO not looking forward to potty training Joshua! Glad your mom had some success with Kendall and that it seems to have continued!

  10. Is your mom available for when it is time to potty train Phoenix? I so don’t feel like going through that whole experience for a second time!! What an awesome surprise to come home to!! Best Mother’s Day gift ever!

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