Go Team Jason!

Remember how I gave up the internet, in it’s entirety, for a whole week last year? Sure, it was a little life changing in that it helped me re-prioritize things and think a bit about how to manage my time with my family versus my time on the computer better, but you know what I think will make even more of an impact on me in the long run from that experience? Meeting Stuart, a special projects producer for CBS-11 and the man who made me turn off my laptop for 7 days.

When Stuart walked in behind the cameraman I noticed he was wearing a Team Jason hat. I thought maybe it was one of those “Team Anniston” or “Team Edward” things and didn’t really give it much thought. At some point during our first interview I mentioned to him that I was spending a lot of time online trying to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Team In Training. That’s when he told me about Team Jason and his own heartbreaking connection to the LLS.

Stuart lost Jason, his partner and love of his life, to non-hodgkin’s lymphoma last May, one year to the day after he was diagnosed. Just 5 months later, Team Jason raised over $10,000 for the North Texas Chapter Light the Night Walk, the most raised by any friends and family team there. ( Dallas Voice just posted a great story about Stuart and Jason’s story.)

This year Stuart is planning to raise $25,000 in time for the walk in October. His first big fundraiser is coming up this weekend, and as part of it he, with the help of Olivia Bennet (a local leukemia survivor and amazing artist whose talent landed her on Oprah at age 12), is going to give away a gorgeous painting valued at $1,700.  And ANYONE can enter to win. All you have to do is click here and donate.

If you’re unable to come to the event, please donate through this site. Anyone who donates between March 18 and April 10, 2010 will be entered in the raffle to win this AMAZING painting by Southlake artist & leukemia survivor OLIVIA BENNETT (http://www.oliviabennett.com). $10 = 1 entry. $25 = 3 entries. $50 = 6 entries. Please provide your full name & email address when making your donation.

Since getting to know Stuart last year, he’s continued to amaze me with his kind spirit, his sense of humor and his dedication to a cause and the memory of a man so close to his heart. He’s an inspiration and the kind of person you’re glad drifted into your life. I can’t wait to see all the great things Team Jason will accomplish this year. Please consider donating to help him help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and all those it serves.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I will definitely be donating. Team in Training and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society are some of the best cancer fundraising organizations that I’ve ever heard of. I’d be proud to donate! (And the gorgeous painting would be a happy perk of donating)

    Go Team Jason!

  2. I proudly donated. Please remind Cassie that although it’s a pain, apply for every possible program available in her county to help. Food Stamps, any utility assistance programs, everything. Tell her to research and find these places…they will help tremendously with their finances. In the meantime, I hope Sam is doing well and I hope everything turns out for the best for him….

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