The Gift Of An Ordinary Day

Life’s been better since my last post. Still tired, still looking for a vacation, still trying to convince my husband we NEED one, but better. Honestly, better because I’ve been able to get out and do things by myself.

Tonight we had a nice family date night that involved a trip to the mall playground, the Mac store and Hooters. I’m 100% serious. It was lovely.

I came home to find this in my inbox from Conny at Baggino. Just a short message saying she’d been sent this video by her daughter’s preschool teacher and that she felt compelled to share it with others.

Random circumstance or something happening for a specific reason, I’m not sure… but I needed this. And I think some of you may need it, too. Just know, it WILL just might make you cry. It WILL make you stop what you are doing and go watch your baby sleep, tuck your toddler in a little tighter, replace the teddy bear under your 6 year old’s arm. It will make you appreciate “the gift of an ordinary day”… and I promise nobody dies.

Have a great weekend.

Kendall is 22 and a half months old, and I really look forward to all the ordinary days ahead of us

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  1. michelle Nolan on

    Ugh….I really didn’t think I’d cry. I was wrong. I don’t want my baby to ever leave home! She has to stay forever!

  2. I definitely needed this too. I do try and live each day specially, but sometimes life’s little stresses get in the way, and I need to remember that she’s only going to hand me her stuffed ‘whatever’ so many times to ask me to give it a hug…that sooner or later, she’ll quit hugging them, too, and they’ll gather dust..

  3. Wow, thank you for sharing. I was feeling much of the same way you were before I saw this video. Now I’m crying my eyes out. I don’t ever want my little boy to grow up…

  4. I did not cry. I bawled. I do not even have kids yet.

    I am working through preparing for my Grandmother’s death. I bonded with her at a very early age. Even though I am almost 30 I still want her to live forever.

  5. Now that I am done crying I just want to say thank you for posting this. As you know I have been having trouble enjoying my ordinary days lately and this is a great reminder of how awesome those days are.

  6. Oh good god, I am such a baby. Tears? Try heaving cries.

    You can bet your ass I’m picking up my camera even MORE now, if that’s possible.

    Thank you for sharing this. I really needed it. xoxo

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