Modern Bird Studios – custom art with soul

Every now and then, through these great mediums we call social media, I make a really, truly wonderful connection with a blogger, a reader, and occasionally a company. I call so many of these small business owners and entrepreneurs “friends” now, and I’m excited to introduce you all to Megan and Gregg, my friend and her amazingly talented husband who is the artistic master behind Modern Bird Studios.

Megan reached out to me on Twitter just a few weeks ago. I took a quick moment to check out the link in her bio, and was blown away by the art featured on their website. I said to myself that I would LOVE to have something like that for our house someday. I loved their style. They turn nearly any photograph into a modern, simple piece of art.Β I was honored when they offered to send me a custom piece for review, and even more thrilled when they said they want to give one away to one of my readers.

Over the next few weeks, countless emails flew back and forth, and I had the chance to really get to know Megan and all about her family. Not unlike so many of us, they have been affected by the recession- Gregg lost his job. Not ones to sit and sulk, they turned their misfortune into inspiration, and a swift kick to get Modern Bird Studios up and running. In Megan’s words, “The economy sucker punched us about 5 months ago, and we are trying to retaliate with a bitch slap and two big, fat middle fingers.”Β Β You can read more about Gregg and their business here.

What I can tell you all for certain, over just the small amount of time I’ve known them, is they are incredibly kind and soulful. At first glance, their art may look like something you might be able to reproduce on your own with some creative Photoshop skills, an inexpensive print studio and a piece of canvas, but look deeper. I will tell you this is ART with a soul. This comes from someone’s dreams and desires, hard work and sweat. It’s quality. It’s painted on maple/birch composite, not canvas. It’s sturdy, and there’s no need to frame it. It will be around 20 years from now. You’ll have to note in your will who gets the piece when you die. Gregg even signs the back!

They can work with any picture taken with lots of natural light, which means you don’t have to submit anything taken professionally. In fact, I love how they can take any “ordinary” picture and make it so artistic.

After much hemming and hawing and annoying the shit out of Scott, we (well, I… of course, *I* had the final and basically only say) decided on the colors and the picture. There are SO MANY color options! Really, the possibilities seem endless (I’m sure they actually do have an end, but math major I am not). We decided to keep it pretty neutral with gray and black. It goes great with the color of our walls now, and I can see it matching at least some part of our house for many years to come. For the picture, I submitted one of my absolute favorites of my chubby cheeked little man. He was maybe 3 or 4 months old, I think? I just love, love, love this one.

Megan and Gregg sent me a digital proof within a day, and about a week later I received this beauty. (Their usual processing time is about 2 weeks, including shipping, but may be longer due to volume. If that’s the case, they will let you know.)

Are you done Ooohing and Awwwing yet? It’s 12×24 and seriously freaking amazing. The craftsmanship is superb, and yet I love that it has a bit of a rustic, handmade feel, telling you it’s got SOUL.

I had the best of intentions to have it beautifully hung on the wall in our work and play room, but unfortunately Scott had to go out of town for the weekend, and I haven’t had the courage to try to hang it myself. Β Here it is sitting directly below where I think I want to hang it, just to give you some perspective. It will be the first thing people see when they walk in. O hai!

This size piece sells for $280, and they have several other sizes starting at $165 for a 6×12, up to $620 for a 46×46. Yes, I know this is not your everyday purchase. It’s certainly not an impulse buy for many, and something that much thinking and saving up for is needed. That being said, consider the following:

This is not just for baby pictures. It’s not even just for people pictures. They can do pets, skylines, or your favorite snapshot of the mountain range you grew up seeing out your bedroom window.

This is an investment piece of ART that you happen to be able to customize.

The just launched the first of many predesigned series “Bloom”, giving you the same quality art at a lower price (not customizable).

Also, you can get 15% off your purchase with the code “BABY RABIES” until February 26th! (This includes the predesigned Bloom Series.)

Now for the really fun part, the giveaway!

Modern Bird Studios is giving one 12×12 piece to a lucky winner who will be randomly chosen on Tuesday, February 23rd by To enter, please do one, a few, or all of the following.

THIS IS IMPORTANT. PLEASE ENTER ONE COMMENT FOR EACH THING YOU DO. Also, please understand that I moderate comments and it may take a while for your comment to show up. Before submitting a duplicate, please wait a couple hours and see if your first shows up. This makes it easier for me to operate this in the fairest manner possible.

1. Comment telling me what color combination you like the best based on their color chart. (You will not be held to this if you win.)

2. Become a fan of Modern Bird Studios on Facebook

3. Follow Modern Bird Studios on Twitter (@Modern_Bird)

4. Become a fan of Baby Rabies on Facebook

5. Follow Baby Rabies on Twitter (@BabyRabies)

(If you are already following us or a fan, just let me know.)

6. Tweet about the contest- something like “Just entered to win a custom piece of art by @Modern_Bird on @BabyRabies”

7. Blog about the contest (feel free to lift the button in the left sidebar if you’d like).

8. Make a donation to Haiti relief or The Lance Armstrong Foundation. (Note: If this is how you win, you will be asked to provide a receipt for proof.)

After the winner is chosen, Megan and Gregg will work closely with them to design their custom piece.

This contest is only open to residents of the lower 48 states.

Good luck everyone!

Modern Bird Studios sent me my custom piece of art at no charge for review.

Contest is closed and winners have been drawn and notified. Thank you for entering!

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  1. Wow that came out amazingly. I looove it. I am absolutely buying one!
    OK 1. I love the gray and black – I’d have to hold the chart up to our walls (which are a grayish color) though to decide between the pewter or the medium.

  2. Love Mediterranean and Buckeye Brown together. Becoming a Modern Bird fan, already a Baby Rabies fan!

  3. #8 – I donated to the red cross a month or so ago for Haiti. not sure if you want to count past donations but if so there ya go.

  4. OOPS! Previous comment was supposed to say “following on twitter @jinxedjill”

    I follow you on Twitter as well

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  6. I think Cappuccino and Urban Beige would be stunning. What a fantastic concept!
    wandapanda at live dot com

  7. these pieces are so beautiful. although i don’t know how i’d choose a photo, it is definitely a problem i’d like to have. this stuff is amazing.

    i think the pewter gray with sumptuous purple would be awesome.

  8. that is a really awesome piece! i would love to win one!!!

    my color selection would be black and white… i love the bold contrast of dark and light….

  9. Holy freaking crap I LOVE that! I like the color combo that you have…what is that black and pewter gray?

  10. Oh, boy. I’ve never entered one of these online giveaways before, but I LOVE this stuff.
    #1. I am a big fan of the classic black & white look

  11. Oh my, this is just DROP DEAD! So modern and unique!

    I would totally go with some combo of black and something else. But for now, I’m just going to say black and antique white.

  12. 1. I’d go with the Velvet Brown & Antique White.
    2. I became a fan on FB
    3. Now following on Twitter
    4. Became your fan on FB! (already following on Twitter)
    And now I will tweet about the contest! Love this! Love your blog. πŸ™‚

  13. The picture of K turned out great!

    I really like sumptuous purple and antique white (my favorite colors)! πŸ™‚

  14. sabrina perrenoud on

    I think my colors on my computer at work are messed up because the browns do not look brown. I like the idea of Black & Blue, brown & blue or even Orange & blue.

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  16. I’d put this in the boys’ room, so I guess I would go with navy and baby blue (I don’t know, I’m terrible with colors…if I actually win, I’m going to have to have someone pick the colors for me).

  17. Oops, just saw the part about leaving multiple comments, sorry.

    I am a Baby Rabies fan on FB.

  18. I’m working on my dining room right now and I’m leaning toward using black and white art so a picture of our dogs in black and white would be PERFECT in there.

  19. I love that picture!!! I love that your favorite is one of him as a baby. My all time fave of my daughter is when she was 15 months old on the beach in Canada. I’d totally do that one.

    Anyway, I’m following Baby Rabies (Jessesco) on Twitter & Facebook. LOVE LOVE LOVE and constantly spreading the BR word!

  20. My first instinct points me to Buckeye Brown and Urban Beige – I LOVE the grey and black…fingers crossed I actually get to choose!

  21. Check out their site, very nice..I love the urban beige with cappuccino color combo
    Please pick me! My son will be one year in March, and this would be a great way to highlight a portrait of him

  22. I follow Modern Bird Studios on facebook. Ive been a fan of greggs art for years now. Im extremely stoked hes got something good going and getting his art out to the world. Would love to win a piece πŸ™‚

  23. this is SO COOOOOL! love how yours turned out. i would love to have one of these!

    i think my favorite colors would be the pink & navy. my favorite color has always been blue, and i’m on a huge pink tirade at the moment! ;D


  24. I like the almond/java brown color combo. I’m a fan of Modern Bird on facebok & on twitter. I’m also already a fan of Baby Rabies on facebook & twitter. And i tweeted about it!

  25. I think I would like the cameo pink and black the most, for a modern picture of my little girl.

  26. I’ve been a fan of your stuff since seeing your wedding on the Knot!!! So of course, I’m your fan on Facebook πŸ™‚

  27. I tweeted about the contest- Man I hope I win! I have a picture of when my little guy was just a few days old that would be perfect!

  28. Such beautiful colors…would have to go with one of the browns (Buckeye? Velvet?) and Urban beige I think.

  29. Olivia Ghafoerkhan on

    I love love love the purple/grey combo Modern Bird has in their pre-designed Bloom series.

    AND I follow them on FB

    AND I was just whining to my hubby how this is one thing I’d love that we just can’t afford right now! πŸ™‚

  30. My son has the same hat as yours (only different colors)! Anyway, what a great giveaway! I love the greens they offer. And the blues.

  31. My daughter would look great in summer leaf and tulip pink!

    Thanks for spreading the word about such great art/documentaries/products out there!

  32. Facebook fan. LOVE this artwork! I agree with you about the soul – MUCH more than photoshopping a photograph.

  33. I am a fan of Baby Rabies on Facebook. Making a monetary donation to Food For the Poor and their Hati Relief project

  34. I’m kind of torn between the green and the black. I usually go for green but I think black would work better with our house so I’ll pick black. Super cool idea!

  35. I like cameo pink with one of the browns. My daughter’s nursery is this color combination and one of these pics would look great in there!

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  37. ohh, what an awesome giveaway! my favorite color combo is pacific blue and almond (i think, or maybe i’d stick with black and white, hmmm). i have already started picking out pictures to use if i win. fingers crossed!

  38. Thanks for introducing Modern Bird Studios to us! I love their work and I totally want to order something from them since I’m redoing our son’s nursery to a “big kid” room soon.

    Anyhow, I love the color combo of pewter grey and navy

  39. I’m thinking I’d do two different blues, since that’s a big part of our house. Probably Baby Blue and Pacific Blue. Maybe not together, but definitely one of those.

  40. I also gave to Haiti relief several weeks ago, BUT I’m not sure if that counts because it was before you posted this? So if you were looking for NEW donations… This shouldn’t count.

  41. I have to go with BLACK AND WHITE. NOTHING, get’s past my front door, or husband, unless it is glass, black, silver, and most certainly, MODERN. These paintings are all that and some! I am in LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE! Way to go Modern Bird Studios for making kick-A artwork! My husband went to an art college, and we too work from home doing design, gotta give love where love is deserved.

  42. When you first posted this article I became a Modern Bird Studios on facebook. πŸ™‚

    I especially love the animal series. If I win I’ll probably chose a pic of my son w/our two dogs.

  43. I followed your fb page for awhile. My stalking approach didn’t come w/ESP to your updates, so I caved & happily became a fb fan. πŸ˜€

  44. For my home I’d probably do something in Pistachio or Bumblebee. Or one of the grays to put in my master bedroom.

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