Flip Diaper Review and Giveaway

I know I’ve been talking a lot about poop on here lately, but let me take that subject on a different tangent and talk a little about cloth diapering a toddler.

Let me just say that last year we went through some rough patches. It all started around watermelon season near his 1st birthday. The kid LOVES watermelon as much as he loves oranges. It’s wonderful that they alternate being in season. Both, unfortunately, can give him a bad rash- the watermelon more than the oranges. He developed a TERRIBLE, bleeding rash around his birthday that we had to get a special, compounded prescription diaper cream to clear up. I’d always been careful about what diaper creams I used with his diapers (only Aveeno and Burts Bees up to that point) because I knew they could cause build up on the diapers. Of course, I had no choice with the prescription. Soon his diapers began leaking and repelling.

I stripped with Dawn (LOLOLOLOL I crack myself up every time I type that), but looking back I don’t think I did it right the first time around. I didn’t get the water hot enough, and I didn’t do enough rinse cycles. And even after I successfully stripped them of the built up residue from the cream, we were still having leaking issues. It was extremely frustrating. We did a lot of traveling during the last half of the year and used disposables for that. We found ourselves using them at home more and more because they were just more reliable than his cloth diapers.

I’m sort of embarrassed to tell you all what finally fixed the issue for us, but really, since when have I ever protected my pride on this blog? A Twitter friend asked if I was sure we were getting the diaper in the crease of his legs and butt cheek, like really making sure we were fitting him snugly there. Yeah, turns out we weren’t. Ever since we’ve started taking the time to really make sure they are snugly sitting right in the crease of his legs, we’ve cut leaking down to almost non-existent. So there you go.

Another issue we’ve run into is that most of his diapers have Velcro closures. He’s smart, he’s strong, he’s dexterous, he rips those bad boys off whenever he thinks of it. You’re all aware of this because I’ve told you the stories of the runaway turdlets.

So when my friend Rhea at SunshineDiapers.com (the one with the kickass Kissaluvs rental program for newborns) offered to send me a Flip Diaper and some inserts (including disposable inserts) to try out, I jumped at the opportunity for several reasons. First, they are made by the same people who make Bum Genius diapers, which, despite the issues we’ve had in the past (mainly user generated), are our favorite cloth diapers and make up 90% of our stash. Flip diapers, unlike Bum Genius 3.0 pockets, have a snap closure instead of Velcro, making it a little more difficult for toddlers to undo them themselves. They also have the option of using a disposable insert, which would be perfect for travel or for the times we have to use prescription diaper cream for inevitable fruit induced butt rashes.

I received one cover, a pack of disposable inserts, an organic insert and a Stay-Dry insert. We’ve kept these in heavy rotation over the last couple weeks, and I’m happy to report that I really, truly do love them. Honestly, I didn’t know if I would, but they definitely surpassed my expectations. Even Scott is on board with them.

Okay, so let me see if I can explain how this diaper works. It’s basically a cover, with a little bit of a panel inside the front and back of the diaper. You lay the insert in the diaper and tuck it under each panel, then fasten just like you would any other diaper. It’s like a hybrid between a pocket diaper and a fitted diaper with a cover. The idea is when the insert is wet/dirty, you just need to remove that and replace with another insert, while reusing the same cover.

This seemed to work with all three inserts most of the time, unless the poop was loose or runny. I found of the three inserts the organic did the best job of keeping the poop contained and off of the cover since it’s the widest. The disposable was the worst performing when it came to this because it’s pretty narrow (I’d say it managed to keep the poop contained about 50% of the time). However, I read on Flip’s Facebook Fan Page that they will soon be offering disposable inserts that are wider and longer (read more here).

I still feel like the disposable inserts, even if I have to replace the cover more often, are an awesome option for us, especially when it comes to traveling (or for those of you looking for a “middle ground” between cloth and disposables full time). The cost of Nature Babycare disposables (which are comparable to Flip inserts in terms of being free from nasty chemicals and biodegradable) from Amazon.com, in bulk shipments work out to be about .37 a diaper, and at $4.95 for a pack of 18 inserts for the Flip, you’re only paying .27 an insert. Sure, there’s the cost of the cover, but ideally, even if the poop gets on the cover half the time, you should be able to get through with 3 or 4 (if you are planning to use them full time), in my opinion, and that’s a one time purchase.

As far as absorbency of pee goes, I was happy with all three inserts. I used all three during naps with no problem, and at night I used the organic wrapped around one of my hemp doublers. It worked like a charm. In fact, that’s what Kendall wore to bed last night. Here’s a picture of him shooting some hoops before bed with his extra fluffy butt.

I will say that I’m on the fence as to whether the snap closure is a pro or a con. Originally, I thought it would be much better than the Velcro that is so easy for Kendall to undo himself, but it turns out it’s harder to get the diaper fastened while struggling with a kicking, squirming, screaming toddler. That’s really one of the great cloth diaper debates, though, and certainly not exclusive to this brand of diapers. Velcro versus snaps seems to be more of a personal preference.

I will also add that these covers, just like the Bum Genius 3.0 pockets, are made to grow with a baby. They claim to fit from 7 to 35 lbs, though I’m not sure how they would work on a newborn. I think the inserts would be too bulky, although the disposable inserts might actually fit nicely. I, of course, do not speak from experience on this.

Finally, another perk of this system is the decrease in cloth diaper laundry since you are just washing inserts. I love that you don’t have to pre-stuff like pockets, and it also takes up a lot less room in the diaper bag to just toss a few inserts in versus a few stuffed pocket diapers, or even fitteds.

Overall, a glowing review from us, and I genuinely think this system could be a great way to dip your toe in the pool of cloth diapering if you’re thinking about giving it a shot.

So now on to the fun part- the giveaway! Rhea is giving one Flip cover, two cloth inserts and a pack of disposable inserts to one lucky winner. She’s also created a 10% off coupon code just for my readers for whatever you’d like to order from SunshineDiapers.com. Just enter “BABYRABIES” when you check out.

Here’s how to enter:

(Note- there are several ways, and I need you to leave me separate comments FOR EACH thing you do, please.)

1. Comment telling me why you do or why you don’t currently use cloth diapers

2. Become a fan of Sunshine Diapers on Facebook

3. Tweet the following – “I just entered to win a Flip Diaper pack from @SunshineDiapers on @BabyRabies”

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You don’t have to do all those things, but each one earns you an additional chance to win (as long as you leave separate comments!).

I’ll draw the winner with Random.org toward the end of the day on Friday, February 5th.

A big thanks to Rhea and Sunshine Diapers for sponsoring this review and giveaway!

Kendall is almost 21 months old, that’s 21 months of cloth diapering so far.

Contest is closed. Congrats to commenter #199, Adrienne!

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  1. I have a hard time switching to cloth diapers because they are a big investment up front, and that scares me! What if I hate them?

  2. I have been using cloth diapers since my son was about 3.5 months old. We took a huge trip this fall where we then only used disposables, but I was so happy to get back to CDs! Ironically, we too, have recently had more leaking issues – to the point my husband is become more of a disposable-go-to-guy. I have been working on it, and I think our problem was correct fit as well – I have been making sure the diaper gets into the butt/leg crease well, and making sure I have them on the right setting. I’d love to try a Flip!

  3. I’m not currently cloth diapering because my daughter is potty trained but we are having twins early this summer and plan to cloth diaper them! I will need all the diapers I can get!!

  4. Hi! I don’t use cloth diapers because they sort of seem like a hassle but we’re open to trying them for baby #2 (maybe)!

  5. We have always cloth diapered and use the same disposables as you! The list goes on forever, but mostly it’s economical and friendlier to my baby’s bum (not to mention the environment)

  6. Jocelyn MacDonald on

    I use cloth diapers because it saves us lots of money and waste! And of course because they are super cute!

  7. I haven’t tried cloth diapers because I didn’t know the benefits of them until recently. Being a first time mom you learn as you go 🙂

  8. I love using cloth diapers because they save us lots of money and lots of hassle (over which brand disposable works at which size, etc…whenever I see someone posting about that, I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with it!) and I do think they are pretty darn cute

  9. I don’t use cloth diapers, despite the fact that I really wanted to before kiddo was born. We had some major family trauma around his birth (hubby almost died and was in the hospital for about 10 surgeries and lost his job, unexpected preggo complications/induction/my gallbladder surgery…ect)which kept us not able to afford the upfront investment…in money or time to figure it out. I really want to try it now though, and have been looking at flip for a few weeks…have even had them in my cart!

  10. we started cloth diapering our little guy when he was exclusively breastfed and would often have “poop-splosions” out of his disposables. i would love to try the flip diapers, especially to cut down on the diaper bag clutter!

  11. I currently do not use cloth diapers because I cannot get my husband on the eco friendly train, and he says its too expensive. But I would love to win an prove him wrong on at least one of these points.

  12. We use cloth diapers (PF and Thirsties Duo Wrap covers) because my mother did on all 5 of her children so I’ve seen it done before, it has been cheaper, and without the cloth diapers my daughter’s pants would all fall off when she’s transitioning to the larger size (she’s skinny, but tall so always gets high-waters before they get too tight). =)

  13. I tweeted “I just entered to win a Flip Diaper pack from @SunshineDiapers on @BabyRabies” 🙂

  14. We’re expecting in August and I plan on using cloth diapers not only for the environment but to also protect my baby from those nasty chemicals. Plus, they are just cute :)v

  15. We love our BG 3.0! I like that there are less diaper rashes, eco friendly, and cheaper than disposables!!

  16. I actually have one of these flip diapers. My daughter is 3.5 months old and we use it snapped to smallest length and leave two sets of snaps in the middle unsnapped. I agree that it might be kinda big for a really little newborn, but I don’t know as I didn’t get it until about 1 month ago. I also use the BG 3.0, mainly at night as daytime is prefolds and covers. When Jessica grows out of our thirsties size 1 expandable covers, I think I will be getting more of the Flips.

  17. I do not currently use cloth diapers and never thought I would even consider it because I always envisioned scrubbing poo out of a diaper in the bathtub *Yuck* but my 4 month old has very sensitive skin so I have been researching them but have been afraid of the start up cost. This would be a great opportunity to find out if cloth diapers could be a fit for my family.

  18. We currently do not use cloth diapers because J is in daycare. Cloth diapers at the daycare were a no-go. So, we’ve stuck to disposables, but I would’ve loved to have given cloth diapering a shot.

  19. We’ve cloth diapered since our son was 7 months old (he’s now almost 19M) for a couple reasons. Mainly it was the fact that I was lazy and would rather rinse out the diapers & do some laundry rather than haul all the items needed to take my son out to buy some diapers. We started with BG one-sizes exclusively, but have been trying other options since we have another on the way. We’ve tried old school cloth diapers, Fuzzi Bunz, BG one size organic, and Rumparooz. Let me just say that if you have poop problems with other cloth diapers, you HAVE to try Rumparooz. They are more expensive, but have an inner gusset to hold in the poo that it makes it SOOO worth it. Plus they are one size with a snap closure and you don’t have to worry about adjusting the elastic like with Fuzzi Bunz.

  20. We’ve used BG 3.0’s since my daughter was about 5-6 months old. We enjoy using them knowing that her skin is not being touched by all the chemicals of disposables. It would be nice to try another diaper that we don’t have to stuff every time after washing them. It would also be nice to limit washings, therefore saving on our water bill!

  21. I cloth diaper because it keeps chemicals away from my babies skin, is better for the environment, and is cheaper in the long run!

  22. I originally started cloth-diapering for the money savings, but now I do it just because I love it! I love all the cute diapers and patterns and I love that my baby has cloth next to his skin instead of chemicals. I would love to win these Flip diapers!

  23. I use cloth diapers (Fuzzi Bunz) because it is cheaper then using disposable which allows me to have a cleaning lady. Oh yeah, and they are so cute!!!

  24. I just ordered from sunshine – wish I would have waited a day and saw your coupon code! lol Oh well!

    I would love to try the flips – I just ordered some gro-baby diapers, which seem similar in concept.

  25. we use cloth for several reasons: cost, environmental impact, cuteness factor, comfort. i can’t imagine using disposables now after almost 19 months of cloth.

  26. Currently useing sposies because I’ve sent all of my softbums away to be converted to snaps

  27. I love cloth diapering my ds. I love never having to buy diapers and the cute fitteds are a real bonus 🙂

  28. We don’t currently cloth diaper because I can’t convince my husband that it would be as easy as disposables. I think Flip might do the trick.

  29. michelle Nolan on

    O.M.G. Bless you! I feel like an idiot, but your candor about the leaking just made a lightbulb go off here! The daycare ladies will sometimes tell me that the diapers are leaking and I haven’t for the life of me been able to figure out why!!! I guess we’ll have a little CD-ing refresher course on Monday!

    Anyway, I pretty much follow all of you on everything, and I’m always wanting to try new diapers. However, if I won this diaper, I’d give it to one of my 2 BFFs who are pregnant right now and both planning to CD their babies!

  30. We have used cloth diapers (pre-folds and covers) since my daughter was born and love them! Great for the environment, more cost effective than disposables in the long run, really cute, and they work great! I’ve tried BumGenious 3.0s before and would love to try out a Sunshine Diaper!

  31. Luckily l was already a fan of Baby Rabies and was following you on Twitter already and I just had to add SUnshine Diapers (oh ps the new Bradley Teacher Training just came out…I was DM-ing with you about it on Twitter)

    anywayyyy….I bought about 25 different types of cloth diapers (BumGenius were my favorite) to try when my baby arrived…She is now 16 months old and um, I haven’t used them more than a few days…I would like to say it’s because I went back to work and daycare won’t allow cloth diapers but in reality it’s probably because I detest laundry….

  32. I don’t use CDs yet, but me and my Huz are trying for a baby and from everything I’ve heard about cloth diapers, I’m definitely going to go that route! I was a cloth diapered baby myself 😉

  33. I’m slowly dipping my feet into cloth diapering and would love this! It only took me 3 kids to try it!

  34. We use cloth 100% of the time because they are easy, cheaper, better for the environment, and better for baby’s butt. =)

  35. We mostly use BG 3.0’s because they are eco-friendly. We have been very happy with them and would love to try the FLIP diaper!

  36. I do not cloth diaper because my husband works for a company that makes disposable diapers and we like to support his company. I have always been interested in cloth diapering though just haven’t taken the plunge yet.

  37. we cloth diaper because it’s cheaper, better for the environment, better for the little bum, and honestly not that hard! oh and it’s cuter, too. 🙂

  38. We use cloth diapers because they save money, are better for DS’s bum (no chemicals), and they reduce the amount of waste we produce.

  39. I cloth diaper because it’s better for my daughter, for the environment, and our budget. It’s a no brainer!

  40. I currently cloth diaper my 19-month old son. We love using CD’s because we save money, and they’re cute. 🙂

  41. I have finally switched over to cloth diapers. Yah! It has been 10 days and things are going great! I am very proud to be using the cloth diapers because it is better for the environment and my kids health.

  42. We currently cloth diaper our 10 month old DD. We started when she was about 5 months old and stopped for the leakage issues you mentioned. We started up again at the beginning of January because I was tired of the diapers just sitting there. She’s gained a bit of weight, so they fit much better now. I love the fact that I don’t have to run to the store to buy diapers all the time. I also love the fact that she doesn’t end up with nearly as many rashes.

  43. I don’t currently use cloth diapers because I don’t have an outside baby yet! I am definitely interested in trying it, though.

  44. I’m completely curious about using cloth diapers. I didn’t start with cloth diapers because I honestly had no clue that cloth diapers existed in the modern form!! I thought of cloth diapers as the cloth diapers from 30 years ago. -I live in a cave?? I’ve been reluctant to change now (my baby is 11 months) because of the cost and also it seems kind of confusing. What if I shell out a couple hundred bucks and decide I hate it?

  45. I currently use disposables but I have some CD on the way. I’m just not happy with the amount I spend and how poorly the disposables perform!

  46. Tweeted the message I just entered to win a Flip Diaper pack from @SunshineDiapers on @BabyRabies

    @rabidewok is my twitter name

  47. I don’t use cloth yet, but plan to as when my little one arrives! I am still researching my options, so thanks for the Flip review!

  48. Cloth diapers are economical, convenient (oh yes!), natural, and make for a sweet padded baby butt! 15 months, CDing for 14 months!

  49. We have been using cloth diapers with our 19 month old from the time he was 5 months. Mainly because of the environmental factor–but also they are comfy for him and the initial investment has saved us so much money in the long run! We are so committed that even when we moved to NYC and had to leave our washer/dryer we still haul the bag to the laundromat every weekend!

  50. Why do I CD? Because I can’t think of a good reason why not! Granted, my child is only 2 weeks old and we’ve been using the Kissaluvs for a little over a week, but so far it’s not that bad. A little extra laundry, and it doesn’t bother me. And it makes me feel better not to have those nasty disposable diapers/chemicals up next to her skin, and to save one less diaper from the landfill. Now the nasty hospital poo? Yeah, I’m glad that’s in a landfill 😉

    Thanks for the review of the Flips! I had seen them but didn’t quite understand, and this might be an awesome option for us when I go back to work part time and my mom watches the babe. When you say “cloth diaper” she shuts down, I think envisioning diaper pins, dunking poo in the toilet and rubber pants. This seems doable for anyone, and I’m really hoping we can do some form of cloth while my mom is babysitting! (not to mention for traveling!!)

  51. we currently cloth diaper and were looking to try out the flip. sounds like a great combo between cloth and ‘sposies – especially while traveling. thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  52. I love cloth and I use both snaps/velcro equally. My current primary system is Kissaluvs w/ Thirsties covers but, recently, I’ve been getting into the few BG3’s I own. I have been curious about cloth diapering through potty training so your blog is very helpful and enlightening. 🙂

  53. We CD our 16 month old dd and love it! BGs and Blueberries make up the majority of our stash. Love saving money and the environment and keeping dd’s bum free from chemicals.

  54. I currently use disposables for my 17 month old, but I am expecting another in august, and giving good ol cloth a second glance. I really like the disposable inserts for cloth, seems like the best of both worlds. I really hope I win so I can give these a try!!!

  55. I cloth diaper, but use disposables when traveling. This looks like a great alternative for when we go out of town, which is most weekends!

  56. I haven’t used cloth diapers because it seems like a large upfront investment for something that may or may not work out. It seems like there are a ton more steps to cloth diapering. I’d love to be a cloth diapering momma, I just need something to kick-start the process.

  57. We started cloth diapering when our son was 4 months and have not looked back. I love that we never run out of diapers and don’t have to buy a big box every month..and it doesn’t hurt that he looks adorable in them!

  58. I don’t currently use cloth diapers because I’m lazy. I really don’t know how the cleaning process works. BUT…I love how cute the diaper covers are!

  59. I started cloth diapering because my daughter had horrible rashes caused by sposies & for environmental reasons. But now, I cd for those reasons & because the fluffy butt is just so darn cute!

  60. We currently DO use cloth diapers. We love to use them because they’re actually much easier than they look, it makes us feel good to use them, it’s now (a year later) saving us money, they’re cute. 😀 Would love to try another option, these sound sort of like G-Diapers, which my husband liked a lot for travel but we never sized up with.

  61. We’re currently in the “research phase” of CD’ing with our 8 week old – primarily because the amount of disposables going into our trash is appalling.

  62. We CD full time when I am home and we LOVE it. The baby gets less diaper rashes and he is so cute in his fluffy diapers. Our stash is primarily BG and FuzziBunz, and I have been interested in trying the Flip.

  63. Hi Jill! You were the pone who initially got me on cloth diapering, and after months of research, and 10 months of actually using them, I can say the number one reason we cloth diaper is to save money. The secondary benefits are great- eco-friendly, never running out, no leaking, no diaper rashes, and CUTENESS… but I would hands down say the cost benefit is the greatest!

  64. I looked into cloth diapering to save money, but when I found all the very interesting info on the chemicals found in disposables it was a no brainer. I’ve loved cloth ever since!

  65. I’ve been cloth diapering my 22 month old daughter since she was 1 month old and will be getting ready to add a second cloth diapered baby to the mix, here in March. :).

  66. Umm I don’t cloth diaper yet b/c I have no kids, but I as seriously debating and I think it would be cool to see one of these it would go a long way in convincing my husband b/c we have no friends with Kids that cloth diaper 🙂

  67. We’ve been cloth diapering since our son was about 4 months old. I love that we never run out of diapers and that we save..and the cute fluffy butt is adorable to look at!

  68. I am not currently cloth diapering because I am only 8 weeks pregnant but it is something my husband and I are seriously considering. This set sounds great and your reviews have always been very helpful! Thank you!

  69. We are proud to have used cloth diapers for all but two weeks of my six-month old’s life. Why? Because they’re better for the environment, they’re cheaper in the end and they’re chemical free, therefore better against baby’s skin.

    To give credit where credit is due, however, BabyRabies was my first source of information on cloth diapers back in the early days of decision making (that is, convincing the hubby and family I wasn’t crazy).

  70. I am not currently cloth diapering because the monkey has about four more months to cook, but they are already on my registry, and I would love to have different options when I do need them!

  71. We are in the same boat as you in how our cloth diapers are working. They keep leaking (although I think a lot of it is more the PUL is becoming old as they are all used diapers) and I don’t think I strip them well enough. We’ve gone to using disposables at night because of the leaking problem, and are using them more and more during the day (don’t have time to wash right that second, Lizzy is sick, going out of town, etc.). I’d love to give these a try, but funds are currently low for us. Hopefully I can win these to see if we love them as much as we used to love our Bum Genius 3.0s.

    • And yes I know the low funds is sort of an oxymoron in that we’d be saving money if we used our cloth more, but it’s an up front cost that we don’t have right now to get new diapers that I’m talking about.

      Just to clarify 😉

  72. This couldn’t have come at a better time as I was just looking at a similar system and Jen directed me over here to read your review.

    I became a fan of babierabies on facebook

  73. I don’t currently use cloth diapers because my husband is very resistent, I think he remembers the cloth diapers with pins that his little sister had. I am sure I can sell him on a system like this!

  74. I don’t currently use cloth diapers. When my son was in daycare, they didn’t allow them. Now he is out of daycare (I stay home), but getting close enough to potty training to not want to make a huge investment. But I would love to be able to try some out to see if maybe it would be worth it.

  75. Kristi Katanick on

    I love my Cd’s they are easy to use, great for the environment and who can resist a fluffy tushie! We would love to check out the new flip diaper!

  76. We use cloth diapers because it is important to us to try and protect the environment and keep things as natural as possible for our girls. But, we have been known to go disposable for things like rash or travel, so this would be a great option!

  77. I currently CD and have since my DD was born. We CD for so many reasons – to send less waste to the landfills, to save money, b/c I don’t want the chemicals in disposables near her, etc.

  78. We don’t cloth diaper yet but are planning on it. We have a bunch but are just waiting for Hailey to grow in to them (she’s 13 days old)

  79. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in early May, and we’re hoping/planning to cloth diaper… the only thing I need to work out is our daycare situation.

    I can’t wait to try Flip diapers because of the flexibility of moving between the disposable and cloth inserts… and the one-size design appeals to my husband’s cheap side.

  80. We cloth diaper because I want to leave less of a carbon footprint and it’s appalling how long it takes a diaper to break down in a landfill.