Tis’ the season for a new vacuum!

Thank you to Mandy from JackandMandy.com for the button!

About a month ago, after another unsuccessful attempt to suck up all the dog hair and filth from my floors, I tweeted something like, “Vacuum, oh vacuum. Why don’t you suck?” because that’s what I do with random vents and frustrations about mindless things like household appliances when there’s no one to voice them to but the toddler, I tweet them. Later that day I got an email from Dyson’s PR folks. They wanted to send me a vacuum, promising I’d never complain about lack of suction again.

I mulled around my wishy washy stance on product reviews as of late and how I’d been thinking of giving them up altogether because I was sick of worrying about becoming “that mommy blogger”, then I tossed it aside with the quick reminder to myself that, “HELLO!! This is a DYSON!” and I promptly agreed to accept the offer.

The next week I came home to my husband, sitting in a pile of cardboard and Dyson D25 vacuum pieces, assembling it with a look of Christmas morning plastered on his face. “It came!” he exclaimed (and suddenly this blog of mine just got really serious for him). He put it together with lightening speed and proceeded to start vacuuming. I had to stop him, “Hey, wait! I’m the one who’s supposed to be reviewing it. Hang on!” “But I’m just going to do one room,” he replied. We were arguing over who got to vacuum. Cue Twilight Zone music.

After I managed to wrestle it away from him I got our old Hoover out to do a little experiment. I ran it over the living room floor and it pulled up a ton of stuff. We’d been gone over the weekend and hadn’t had a chance to vacuum, so there was a lot for it to suck up. Looking at the amount of hair and debris in the canister, it looked like the Hoover did a pretty decent job. Plus, it left such pretty track marks that always make me feel like my house is a whole extra level of clean.

Then I brought in the Dyson and ran it over the same area. O….M…..G…. gross. It pulled up just as much as the Hoover did on the first pass, and it somehow even managed to suck up a small feather. I don’t know where the feather came from, still haven’t been able to figure that one out.

I handed it back over to my husband since he was itching to put it to the test. He ran it in every room of the house, and it’s like our carpet changed colors, which was both exciting and made me want to gag. When he got to the hallway, I stopped him and asked what the attachment on the handle did. He pulled it up and showed me that it was the Quick-Draw Telescope Reach wand. I looked above us and noticed the vents that needed cleaning, like, 6 months ago. We put it to the test. That bad boy sucked every last speck of dust off that vent, and it was a beautiful thing.

Since then, we’ve used it several times, both on the carpet and on our kitchen and bathroom tile floors. You can turn the brush bar off and on, so I think it’s safe to use on hardwoods, but we didn’t test it on that surface since we don’t have any. It does a great job of quick cleanup on the kitchen floor, though, which makes it even more useful for me.

So here’s the official pros and cons list, let’s start with the cons because, yes, there are a few.


1. Price- Yeah, that’s a big one. We’ve always wanted a Dyson, but that’s a hefty chunk of change that we haven’t been able to justify spending, especially since the Hoover wasn’t exactly dead yet. At full retail price, this model costs more than my washing machine does ($499.99). That being said, I saw them on sale during Black Friday, and I’ll bet they go on sale again. Also, I will say that if you have the $$ to spend and are in the market for a new vacuum, I would consider it a wise investment.

2. Noise- In comparison to our old vacuum, this seems to be louder. Not that that’s a huge issue for me, but just an observation.

3. Cord- The cord is shorter than my old vacuum, meaning I have to move the plug to three outlets to reach the whole house instead of two.

4. No cool looking tracks- Weird, I know. I think I’m just so trained to feel the house is “clean” when I see those vacuum tracks in the carpet. Oh well, I’ll get over it.

Soo… that’s pretty much it for the cons. On to the pros.


1. It works!- Holy cow, it really works, tracks or not, this thing sucks everything up. Even better, the lazy homemaker in me loves that it seems that I can go even longer in between vacuuming. See, I’m not one of those vacuum every day type of people. I vacuum when it reaches a certain level of gross. It seems I can go longer before reaching that level.

2. It moves!- It’s really very easy to maneuver. So easy that I was able to vacuum all the way around my tantruming toddler as he laid on the floor, kicking and screaming.

3. It’s lightweight- It’s easy for me to lift up and over baby gates.

4. Cleanup- It’s easy to empty the container, and the debris doesn’t seem to start oozing out before you open it up. That happened with our old vacuum.

5. Filters- No need to replace a filter, just wash the filter that’s in there every three months. Comes with very clear instruction on how to do this.

6. The Quick-Draw Telescope Reach wand- It’s really so much easier to just pop this thing up and use it than what I had to do with my old vacuum, which meant disconnecting a dirty hose.

7. All floors!- I love, love, love that it cleans up my kitchen tile floor better than I ever could with a broom and a dustpan.

8. Style- Hey, it’s a good looking piece of machinery.

So this is the part that I’m most excited to write about. They not only were kind enough to send me a new vacuum, but they agreed to giveaway a brand new D25 to one of my readers, too! So exciting! So I’m going to run this more like a traditional giveaway to give everyone a few chances to enter. Here’s what you need to do (do any or all of these things, your choice, just leave one comment for each thing you do):

1. Comment below telling me why you want a Dyson D25
2. Subscribe to my feed
3. Follow me on Twitter (@BabyRabies)
4. Tweet about this contest
5. Blog about this contest and link back to this page
6. Make a donation to your local food bank

(To answer some questions, if you’re already following me on Twitter or already subscribe to my feed, that’s cool! Still eligible to enter, just leave me a comment saying so. Also, any donation to any organization giving food to the hungry this season counts.)

That’s it! I’ll use Random.org to draw a winner on Friday, December 18th sometime early-ish in the day, just in time for the holidays!

(Only open to residents of the US and Canada due to shipping.)

And in case it’s not already clear, I received the Dyson D25 for free to review.

Comments are now closed. The winner was drawn on December 18th.

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  1. OMG I’m in love! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Dyson for years and 3 months ago our vacuum broke so I havn’t even vacuumed since.. only dust-panned and cleaned the tile. So that’s why I would love one!

  2. Why do I want a Dyson? 2 words… THREE BOYS. I live in a rental property will light brown rugs and have three boys. I vacuum at least 7 times a week. Our current vacuum is only 5 months old but its already losing suction.

  3. Aaaand I followed you on twitter! I feel like a pw! I will donate to a food bank but I’ll comment after I’ve actually had the chance to do so

  4. I need a new vacum so badly! I have blown up 5 since we have been married most recently about a month ago. What am I using my mothers old one that is fromt he 70’s. Please oh please vacum GODS PICK ME!!!

  5. OMG, we seriously just got rid of the SAME vacuum cleaner you had! That thing was ancient. I went on a massive search for a new vacuum, and was just about to hand my credit card over for that whoppingly expensive Dyson when I read all the bad reviews. Couldn’t bring myself to swallow $400 if the reviews weren’t great – then I called my aunt who had one and she said she wished she hadn’t bought hers. Blah. So we went with a $160 Shark that got excellent reviews, and it was also advertised that also doesn’t lose suction. I’m unbelievably in love with it (read: don’t enter me in the contest, I’m just commenting.)

    This is a really great contest thought! The most expensive thing I’ve ever gotten to give away on my reviews blog was a swim suit. Most of my prizes are >$20. I gotta get on a better gravy train!

  6. With two lovely felines and a super hairy dog, i feel and look like i live in a zoo. There is hair EVERYWHERE and my vacuum does not pick up the hair. I have been coveting a dyson for a few years now! If Brad Pit were a vacuum.. he would be a Dyson, so sexy!!

  7. i shit you not, i was JUST about to tweet about how i wanted Santa to bring me a Dyson. why do i want a Dyson? one 13 month old, two dogs and a long haired cat, that’s why.

  8. I am afraid my son is going to choke on the clumps of dog hair that are left on the carpet despite vacuuming every other day. šŸ˜‰

  9. I can’t believe all the dust that thing picks up! We so need one in our house with a toddler and a 100 lb. golden retriever running around! I would LOVE to win one!

  10. i would LOVE a dyson b/c we have 2 cats and a guinea pig and a crumb dropping toddler. I’m on vacuum number 7 currently and it still doesn’t suck as much as i’d like.

  11. Yeah! A contest for our us Canadians too. I would love a new sweet vac to suck up all the junk my baby seems to leave around our apartment carpet. Like ground up animal crackers and the smattering of smashed rice krispies that I can see right now.

  12. OoOOo I would love to win a Dyson! I have always wanted one because with a 70lb dog and two cats there is a lot to vacuum up!

  13. I’ve wanted a Dyson for years, heard nothing but amazing things about them. And with dogs I need something that really gets the floors clean!

  14. why? Well other then the fact that OMG it’s a !Dyson!, we are currently using a shop vac that reeks- some kind of combination involving rotting garlic and wet gym socks

  15. we donated 6 boxes of stuffing, 10 boxes of hamburger helper, and 12 cans of veggies to our local food bank- ever since they were forced to switch locations, donations have drastically dropped while need has gone up. When I can hit a really good sale with coupons and get things for free or nearly free I shop for the food pantry

  16. We donated a bag of canned goods today while we were grocery shopping. We try to donate a little every week.

  17. I’ll be fair and won’t enter since I already own a Dyson. I have the Dyson Animal and LOVE it!!!!!! Hands down the best vacuum I’ve used. My cord is pretty long though- much longer than my old vacuum. Good luck to those entering!

  18. I actually own a Dyson, its a purple DC14 Animal and I cherish it like I do my 5 children. I’d actually love to win the Dyson D25 for my neighbor, a sweet young lady (all of her 84 years) who resides with her 7 cats and a limited income. She’d be tickled! I visit her about 2-3 times a week for some decaf, chit chat and of course, I run my beloved Dyson along her shag carpet. Its weird because I get a gleeful glimmer in my eye when I can see all of that cat hair spinning around in the canister. Its a true sense of accomplishment. I only wish it could suck up the mountain of a mess in my kids’ rooms!


  19. 1. i would like a dyson to make my house cleaner, obvs!

    i’m also subscribed to your facebook fanpage and follow your blog through my blog feed.

  20. This is too funny. Just had a Kirby salesperson come by today and my boyfriend told her to come back when I was home. I told him it was pointless b/c if I was going to spend a good chunk of change on a vacuum it would be a Dyson. His response? If we get a good vacuum I want that one that rolls on a ball…lol!

  21. 1. Comment below telling me why you want a Dyson D25—- I need a new vacuum to help me while my roof is being rebuilt! There is dust and dirt everywhere plus 2 indoor dogs!

  22. OMG I need this because I have a golden retriever, a long haired persian cat, a domestic longhair cat and a domestic shorthair cat, a husband and an almost toddler and DH says Santa is only bringing the baby toys this year.

    Awesome giveaway!

  23. My cats have completely taken over our 3 story townhome. The tumble weeds of cat hair never seem to go away despite how little or how much I clean. Oh and that is a bad ass vacuum!

    I don’t even have kids but your blog cracks me up! I follow you on Twitter too.

  24. In all honesty, I would like one to give to my inlaws. We have a Dyson ourselves and LOVE it – ok, I’m lying. I’d love it so we could keep it and give the inlaws ours. But they’d still be getting Dyson šŸ˜‰ We have 3 cats and we need something with major sucking power. Inlaws have a dog who sheds year-round, and 7 people living in the house, so they need something strong.

  25. Michelle Nolan on

    I’ve so been wanting one of these! I have THREE big dogs and an 18 month old. This floor is in dire need of a FABULOUS vaccuum! C is sitting next to me right not doing her best to destroy my rug. I already subscribe to all you offer, so I’m off to retweet! And I’ve got lots of canned goods to donate!

  26. I would love a Dyson, we have a hoover right now that just doesn’t do it for the black pug hair that seems to get everywhere in our house, plus with a baby on the way I’m going to need something šŸ™‚

  27. I would LOVE a dyson due to our two big inside dogs and our baby girl that will be crawling around on the floor soon!

  28. Oh wow, I would LOVE a new Dyson. I am a hard-core Dyson fan and we have the original, and while it still hasn’t lost suction šŸ™‚ the new ones are SO MUCH COOLER! And I would be ecstatic if I won one. I have a dog, a cat, and a kid on the way…and we live on a very muddy gross park. I vacuum literally daily.

  29. Why do I want a Dyson? I’ve got two dogs that shed year round and an 8 month old. Can’t think a better reason than those three!

  30. I want a Dyson because I have a toddler who picks up and eats food he has ground into the carpet and I feel this reflects poorly on me.

  31. Golden retriever and 2 boys!!! We have a Boss that is on the way out and are hurting for $ so this would be AWESOME!!!

  32. I am dying to get a Dyson. My vacuum just broke earlier this week, so I had to borrow my Mom’s old one. Not working out right now with a 18 month AND a 1 month old.

  33. I would LOVE a new vacuum…with a toddler our floors never seems clean enough. We have a cheapy from Walmart since DH is not about to spend $$$ on a vacuum and it is really bad. It always has to sit and rest when we’re halfway done vacuuming.

  34. I want a Dyson because our vacuum cleaner, though faithful, is ready to retire! (Also, it doesn’t vacuum hardwoods very well) I would love to win this vacuum!!

  35. Why do I want a Dyson? Are you kidding? We just got a new vacuum, and it works a lot better than our old one, but I’d love the upgrade, ESPECIALLY since we have a soon-to-be toddler and are getting ready to have a new house!

  36. Well, I’m already following your blog via google reader, does that count? I really, really, really need this vacuum! We have a yellow lab and a one-year-old, need I say more? Our vacuum right now is in need of retirement. So, I am in the market for a new one. Trying to save my pennies for a Dyson!!

  37. Oh gosh, where do I start! I’d love to have a vacuum that picks up all the hair that my dogs leave all over. I swear we have little “puppies” running around constantly. And I need a vacuum that picks up all the dirt and sand that said dogs keep tracking in to the house. It’s a never ending battle!

  38. I would LOVE to get my hands on this vacuum and finally get rid of all the cat hair around this house. Our current one just isn’t making the cut! I really, really hope I win!

  39. I want a Dyson D25 because I have a hand-me-down vaccuum, two indoor Australian Shepherds, and a 9 month old who always seems to find dog hair despite my cleaning efforts.

  40. I NEED this vacuum! I have lots of critters and have been eyeballing Dysons for a while but they are SO out of my price range. The vacuum we have now is junk. It only works half the time and it has this eerie screeching noise from time to time.

  41. I’d love a Dyson because I have 2 cats and my current vacuum does a really poor job of collecting the cat hair! I’m constantly vacuuming and if I had a Dyson I could spend less time vacuuming and more time playing with my daughter!
    thanks for the chance!

  42. I have wanted a Dyson for so long, but just cannot afford it! With 10 month old twins who are into everything, it would be awesome to actually vacuum and clean the hardwoods with one machine!

  43. I am getting ready to move to a new state for a fresh start. I am definitely going to need a vacuum to keep my new place nice and tidy! Dyson has always been the brand that I dreamed of having, so this is a perfect fit šŸ™‚

    I already follow you on Twitter! I am going to subscribe to your feed right now!

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  45. Why do I want a Dyson? 5 cats and 2 dogs! (and hopefully a baby on the way soon) I am always vaccuming and I feel like I never get everything up! We have wanted a Dyson for years, but it is just not in our budget.

  46. I have 7 animals… ’nuff said on why I need a dyson. ;op

    I subscribe to you on twitter, have you in my googlereader, am your fan on facebook (you didn’t add that one!), and just gave a donation to my food bank today.

    I know what I said about the dyson before, but maybe I’ll be able to test my hypothesis if I win.

  47. Tweeted it.

    I have been wanting a Dyson, my Kirby is just tooo heavy to be lugging up and downstairs all the time and their awesome!

    Also posted about it on my blog and follow your feed

  48. TWO big dogs and an ALLERGY RIDDEN husband. will the dyson D25 make him stop sneezing!? I would love to find out. šŸ™‚

    (um, awesome giveaway btw!)

  49. Why do I want a new Dyson?
    I have one from many, many years ago that is getting tired from being used on three dogs…and now with a baby on the way and a new house, we need to get ourselves in shape!

  50. I NEED that Dyson! My husband is super cheap (frugal?), so we ended up getting the cheapest vacuum we could find. Unfortunately, this means that it shoots stuff out the back that hits my shins. Ouch! I have to make sure the kids are all out of the way when vacuuming, so that they don’t get shot, also. With 3 kids (the 4th due in just a few weeks!) and a dog a quality vacuum is a necessity and a Dyson is just that! šŸ™‚

  51. I love your blog and follow on Twitter so…… why don’t I take that awesome sucker off your hands šŸ˜‰

  52. I have wanted a Dyson for years! Ever since I have seen the Dyson D25 I have been in love! I have a dog and a toddler boy, are there any other reasons to need one? LOL!

  53. My vacuum is HORRIBLE. Like 40 bucks at Target horrible. And- I’ve got three furry animals, a crawling baby and two more kids on the way. I would LOVEEEE a new vacuum. AWESOME!

  54. I subscribe through blogger! Have had my eye on a dyson for a while now…what an awesome early Xmas present it would be to win one this year! With a hubby, a son, a newborn litle girl, and a shedding dog in our household…this will surely come in handy. I want.

  55. Reason why I’d love a Dyson? MH “surprised” me w/ a new vacuum…and it sucks. I asked for a Dyson, but got something else. Long haired dog + 4 month old = needs a good vacuum! Thanks for the chance šŸ™‚

  56. Don’t you LOVE it?!! I did a similar test when we got ours a few months ago and was so impressed. I’d like one to give to my mom, who has been coveting mine- it would be a great gift for her! I subscribe to your feed, and I am going to blog about this and link back to you.

  57. I want a Dyson because I have a dog that sheds like crazy and it’s driving me crazy. And now I also have a 9-month-old who leaves a wake of rice puffs, crackers, noodles, and cheerios everywhere he goes.

  58. Just moved to a house where the previous (childless) owner installed all new WHITE carpet. Have 7-month old who is just learning to crawl. And we like to party in the living room (including wine drinking). = NEEDS A GREAT VACUUM!

  59. I have the same problem with dog hair, no vacume seems to keep up, but I had a demonstration for one of these Dyson’s and have wanted one really bad ever since!

  60. wooooooooow. I don’t even know anyone who owns a dyson! We have a dog who ‘molts’ 24-7 all year round. It would be pretty stellar to get such a deep clean from a vacuum!

  61. I have a 15 month old who is not walking yet and still loves to eat everything on the floor including but not limited to leaves and dog hair (my non-shedding shih tzu started shedding recently!!!). Plus the babe is pretty messy himself.

  62. I want a Dyson because I cannot afford one, and I need to suck up every last thing from my carpets, drapes and vents that is making my allergies hideously annoying! I have year round allergies, so this would help a ton!

  63. 1. I want a Dyson D25 because my vents (and probably my floors too) look like yours. And I have a toddler. And I’m sick of feeling guilty because I don’t clean enough.
    2. Already subscribed to your feed!
    3. Just did!
    4. Just did that too!
    5. First blog post in entirely too long, but it’s done!
    6. Caritas in Beloit WI.


  64. Two cats and a crawling child + poor suction vacuum = why I would LOVE a Dyson šŸ™‚

    I subscribe on Goodle Reader

  65. I would LOVE a Dyson. I have 3 cats, enough said šŸ˜‰ I subscribe to your feed and follow you on Twitter (and Facebook). Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  66. I’m very jealous of all those who have Dyson vacuums! I’m currently shopping around to get a vacuum, but right now I cannot afford a nice Dyson. I have long hair and my floors are starting to show it….eww. I need a vacuum! Thanks for this chance!

  67. I donated canned food items to our local food bank last week. I decided I should clean out the extra cans from Thanksgiving and the other misc. cans that had accumulated in the back of my pantry!

  68. I have been debating about asking for a Dyson for Christmas! It’s past our gift limit, but hey, a girl can dream right? With a new baby in the house, a Dyson would fit right in with our 2 dogs!

  69. We have a new baby and I’d love to run this vacuum all over our carpets…I’m scared to think what he will pick up when he gets to the crawling stage!

  70. I’ve always wanted a Dyson! Our vacuum literally bit the dust when we moved into our new house. I’m using my mom’s 40 year old vacuum that weighs more than me and I’m 8 months pregnant. Between a husband, a 2 year old and a new baby on the way, this vacuum would never get bored šŸ™‚

  71. I am doing allni can to convince my husband that this is the money! Winning one would make the coversation null and we could experience truly clean floors for the first time…ever:)

  72. We have two dogs who love to shed and track the dirt from outside inside and a newly mobile baby who loves be on the floor. I would love to have this vacuum for these reasons.

  73. I am in dire need of a new dyson. I have been asking Santa for a new one every.single.year for 5 years. I mean, why should a woman have to sacrifice jewels, perfume and sexy clothes for a vacuum? Santa has been telling me that my old, non-sucking, dusty, vacuum with no handle works just fine. My 15 month old has learned how to eat dog hair and dirt like she is starving and lives in a dirty cave! I think she believes eating crap off the floors is normal and tries to feed dirt to her friends. I NEED this dyson. Santa will not bring me one and I fear what my home will look like in another month or year.

  74. The dyson sounds fabulous and like something I need in my new house, with my shedding cat! (And I subscribe to your feed and have pulled some cans for donating).

  75. My vacuum cleaner makes a horrible choking sound and laughs at me when I use it to clean my tile šŸ™

    I follow you through Google Reader.

  76. I would love a Dyson! My current vacuum is craptastic and really doesn’t work very well anymore. It would be nice not to have to hand-pick the fuzzies off the floor that the vacuum left behind

  77. Let’s see, I have a shedding all the time cat and an 11 month old who can spot anything on the carpet. It’s very strange, I swear he has the eyes of an eagle. He can spot any kind of stain or speck of dirt on carpet a mile away. Also would help with all the puffs and cheerios he loves to throw on the ground thinking the cat would love to eat them (obviously not).

  78. Shannon Anderson on

    I subscribe to your blog, follow you on twitter, and have carpet in my home that has been here since my in-laws had the house. they bought the house when my husband was in eighth grade, he is 29.

  79. Why do I NEED a Dyson? After the miracle of IVF we are expecting a baby girl in March. Her nursery, as well as the rest of our home, needs a good vaccum before she arrives. Our old vacuum just isn’t doing the job anymore. We’ve always wanted to buy a Dyson but they are too expensive!

  80. OMG I would LOVE a dyson. I have wanted one since we got married but have not been able to afford one. Now I have a 3 year old and he spills everything on the carpet. I have a vacuum but it just does not do that well. If I had a dyson I think I would use it daily! My carpet may be will be clean again!

  81. Consider me quite jealous of your Dyson. How fun! (How sad that I just described a vacum as fun.) Anyway, I love reading your blog and I follow you through bloglines.

  82. I would LOVE to win this! We have a dog who is crazy shredder, and while we’ve thought about buying one, the price keeps holding us back. I’d love to be a winner!

  83. Ok, so I don’t know if you will read this or not, but I can think of a HUGE reason why I need this Dyson.
    About 2 months ago my dog brought flees home from the groomer. We have had our house exterminated 3 times, each time the exterminator tells us VACUUM, VACUUM, VACUUM. And I do, up to 3 times a day. However we have never gotten rid of the flees. It’s up to the point my child is getting bit by flees. The only thing I can think of is my vacuum (does not) suck and is not getting up the flee eggs (yes I am grossed out by that too) I am desperate here to get rid of these things, and I NEED a better vacuum! Please! :o)

  84. I would love a vacuum like this. We have two cats and it seems that whenever the floors are just clean they like to roll and get all their fur on it again. It’s tiring to keep up…

  85. I also follow you…I’m on that baby journey but I’m broken. haha. Love your blog. jheindorf8(at)hotmail(dot)com

  86. just subscribed to your feed and following on Twitter! we need something to (quickly and easily) clean the hardwoods in our kitchen since we have an 18 month old who loves to throw food everywhere!!

  87. I have 3 cats and my cheap $30 vacuum recently broke trying to suck up all the cat hair (no big surprise there). A dyson would be a life saver!

  88. Hey! This would be awesome! I need a Dyson especially when following around a 1 year old and all her little snacks! :o)

  89. I have donated to a local food bank, adopt a family for christmas and pick an angel off the tree at the mall! It’s all about the season for giving!

  90. Ok! Im following the blog, I’m following you on Twitter, I tweeted about it, I blogged about it on both of my blogs (I’m sorry, I can’t link from my iPhone but I put your website in the post) and now I’ll tell you why I would really like a Dyson.
    My dogs think it’s loads of fun to tear any and everything they can get their drooly mouths on to teeny tiny pieces. I also live on a dirt road where apparently no one thinks it’s a good idea to wipe their feet when they come into the house, thus leaving a nice layer of dust and small rocks across my floor.
    So there ya go!

  91. Follow you on Twitter,and Tweeted giveaway.I have so much floor in my house and vacuum is going makes a terrible noise I need a Dyson.

  92. Love this giveaway! I yearn for the Dyson D25 to help combat my son’s allergy-induced asthma. He, my daughter, and I all have dust allergies. Staying ahead of the housework would be SO much easier with this dreamy Dyson.

    Thank you!

  93. 3 kids under age 6 plus a 110 lb. dog — I also only vacuum when it gets to the level of gross I can no longer stand šŸ™‚ We have also donated food for Thanksgiving baskets this year

  94. I have an older Dyson, not quite as nice as yours but I love, love, LOVE it! So….should I win this one, I will very sweetly give it to my Mother, who has a very old vacuum that needs to be replaced in the worst way. Thanks = ]

  95. I want a Dyson because I have three cats and a three year old – I’m not sure who makes more of a mess!

  96. My daughter volunteers with the Salvation Army food bank. This week I sent a bundle of goodies with her to help stock their dwindling supply. They need donations ALWAYS.

  97. What a great and awesome give-a-way!!


    Why would I want a Dyson.
    Oh’ how I would love a Dyson. I have 3 chillin’s 2 bios/ 1 – foster-adopt. The foster daughter has a severe seizure disorder and in return we “try” to keep our home (that has a pug who looses more hair in 1 day than I have on my head in a year)…the less dust, dirt, ect ect…the better for her.

    I also have a daughter w/significan allergies. We’ve been looking at these for some time.

  98. I’m subscribed to your blog.

    Why do I need a Dyson? 3 miniature Dachshunds and an 8 & 1/2 month old boy! The little guy’s sleeper does pick up a fair amount of dust and dog hair as he crawls around, gross!

    Thanks for the contest!

  99. Yes please! Mostly because I can’t feel good about doing anything on my floor because I know it’s so disgusting.

  100. sabrina perrenoud on

    I’d LOVE a new Dyson because our vacuum is falling a part, but I am too cheap to buy a new one. Not to mention Drew loves to vacuum.

  101. OMG! What I wouldn’t do for a Dyson! I’ve been begging hubby to get me one but they are so expensive!!! Our vacuum doesn’t suck well either, I keep having to unclog it. eww.

  102. I would love a Dyson! I want one because I have a toddler who is constantly on the floor, and I would love for the floors to be clean. šŸ™‚

  103. Wow, I want one of these sooo bad. I came close to buying myself one of these beauties last year, but then convinced myself that the $200 vacuum would be just fine. Wrong.

  104. I have been clipping coupons for months now to get as many non-perishable food items for cheap or free, so that I can make a huge donation this holiday season. So far, I’ve got a few boxes ready to go to the food pantry, so I’ll be dropping those off this week or next. I hope everyone can do the same this season. When you combine your coupons with the sales already going on, it’s so easy to get items for little or no money. And it makes a HUGE difference to those in need!

  105. I had a Dyson (not the rolly ball kind) and loved it…then in a fit of post partum induced shopping, let my husband trade it in on a Kirby. The Kirby is okay, but I miss the pull out wand of the Dyson and the lightness, the kirby is so heavy!

  106. I have to say, I must have a defunked Dyson because I believe I have the same model as yours, but mine works great on hardwoods, but I does not work on carpets really at all after the first time. I am VERY disappointed and when I called the Dyson guy he said I would have to pay for it to be looked at even though it is under warranty! Not cool.

  107. O M G….I totally want this Dyson! Apparently my husband is allergic to vacuuming (and every other household chore) a great vacuum like this would make vacuuming a less hassle. Not to mention I’m a wee bit ocd and it frightens me to think about how dirty our floors are now. ::shivers::

  108. I read this, seriously, right after I finished vacuuming downstairs and lamenting it’s non-suckability, particularly with all the cat hair and a baby scooting around. Would love to win a Dyson, already subscribe to your feed.

  109. marti seegmiller on

    I really do vacuum every day (not because I want to but because we have two large dogs). I use my dirt devil but once a month I have been driving 30 miles to borrow my daughter’s Dyson. Unfortunatly, she just moved 800 miles away and didn’t leave her Dyson with me.

  110. I would pass it on to my daughter so she could vacuum up all the pet hair and hopefully reduce allergens for my dear (highly allergic to everything) grandson!

  111. Um, I have a labrador, 2 cats, and I have long hair. Between the 4 of us, that’s a LOT of hair. And my kid isn’t walking yet, so the sooner I get a Dyson, the better I’ll feel as a parent while my baby rolls around on the hair infested carpets šŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for reaching out to your readers!

  112. I have been wanting, no NEEDING, one of these for forever. We have two cats, one of which is long haired. I have been through 4 vacuums in 5 years. I often wonder why everything seems to suck except the vacuum. My husband is highly allergic to dust and my mother is only able to be in our house for a couple hours which sucks because she really can’t babysit…ever.

  113. I would adore one of these as my 12 year old Oreck is about to bite the dust, no pun intended. With a 90 lb. lab, 3 cats, me with my out of control hair, plus the regular family debris means we vacuum daily.

  114. I’m subscribed, I retweeted, I’m following you on Twitter. I’ve even sending you a FB friend request.

    I want a Dyson D25. Actually, my husband wants it more badly than me. Every time the Dyson commercial comes on, he comments on how cool the D25 is. Every time! Maybe if I win this one it will make him stop telling me how cool he thinks it is:o)

    Dyson makes an awesome product. Anyone who wins this will be lucky to do so.

  115. Oops, forgot the donation of food requirement. I’m off to the store to load up and donate to the local homeless shelter. We regularly donate shampoo and grooming products to Union Station, but if you want a food donation, you got it!

  116. Oh how I want a Dyson so bad. With a baby on the way anything to make vacuuming easier would be much appreciated!!

  117. I made a donation to a food drive as part of my 25 days of giving. It was good to clear some things out of the pantry.

  118. OMG I want this because I am a clean freak. I’ve always wanted a Dyson and now that we have a newborn who will one day be crawling on the floors… this would give me peace of mind!

  119. Why do I want a Dyson? Let me count the ways. 1. I have multiple kids. 2. I have multiple dogs. 3. I live in a 100 yr old house and entropy seems to be working overtime, allowing my home to turn to dust around me and fall to the floor. (or that may just be the kids bringing it all in). 5. I don’t have a good vacuum, just a cheapo.

    Yep. I want that vaccuum!

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  121. Okay–you are linked at my blog! And I still have all of the kids, pets, and old house crying out desperately for a new vacuum!

  122. We NEED a new vacuum so bad!! I told my husband I wanted a dyson, and of course, he thinks I’m crazy. We haven’t had one for several months now, so I’m really crossing my fingers for this one.

  123. We are in desperate need for a new vaccuum. We’ve been using a fairly inexpensive Dirt Devil for years and while it still runs, it started smoking and smelling. We have hardwoods, tile and carpet and would love a wonderful, versitile machine to cover it all. I also have foster children who come into out home with all sorts of illnesses and allergies. I would really love to have a vaccuum that helped to make our home a safer, cleanre place for them to be!

    Thanks to you and thanks to Dyson for the chance to win!!!

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  125. I just picked up and delivered bread to my church food pantry yesterday. They fed families today! I also have a bag of canned goods waiting by my door to deliver when we go to church tomorrow! What a great challenge for a chance to win!

  126. We will be making a donation to a food bank next weekend as part of a birthday party. (They are requesting this instead of gifts, so we’ll be doing this instead.)

    Crossing my fingers for this one big time!

  127. I have a whole box of goodies to donate to the local battered womens shelter including a bunch of cans of formula samples…does that count as a food donation? =)

  128. I would love to win this because it is awesome, we have always wanted one, and because of all those pros you listed (especially vacuuming over hard surfaces and vents).

  129. I have my stuff together to donate to the food shelf! THANK YOU for the chance to win this!

  130. Here are some good reasons!
    #1-7 month old boy ( Dakota ) is learning to crawl and putting anything he finds on the floor in his mouth. A dog named Rufus who’s nickname this last month has been “Rasta Butt” because of the dred-lock clumps of hair failing out of his rump 24-7. I vacuum the house and within a few hours there are at least a dozen clumps of floating around. He also rolls in coyote poop then looses hair with coyote poop on it!!
    #2My current vacuum is a Dirt Devil and it sucks at sucking! Let’s call it the “Crap-ume”
    #3The cat dissects about 3 animals a week on the carpet and at any given time you could probably find a piece of rat tail, mouse toes, or bird beaks that the DD missed. Look at reason #1 again and factor this it too.
    #4 We have a dirt driveway and me, the dad, am inclined to walk in to the house without checking my feet. The carpet thus changes color about every three weeks. When I steam clean in its cream. The next month tan, then brown and get our the steamer again!
    #4If I win the Dyson some lucky Thrift Store shopper is going to get a Dirt Devil!
    #5 Come over to my house wearing a pair of black pants or sweats and walk ten feet on the carpet. You will now have black pants with white bottoms (dog hair) that looks like you got dipped in shredded coconut like a SnowBall from Hostess.
    #6 Spiders…. I’m counting now….Yep 17 webs in various corners of the rooms and I sucked them all out about two weeks ago with “Crap-ume”

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  132. I donated 6 canned veggies and infant formula to harvesters as part of a thanksgiving food drive through my elementary school

  133. I’m excited to try this and see if it picks up all the dirt dragged into the house from living on a farm.

  134. Two words: apartment carpet. I’m not sure that dirt has ever been thouroughly removed from this much-used carpet. I’m sure a new Dyson could help remedy that šŸ™‚

  135. I would love to have a Dyson D25 because I’m in law school and have an indoor 45 pound dog. I also have a messy husband. That means I don’t have much time to clean and pulling out a broom for the floors, the vacuum for the rug, then hauling it upstairs for the rest of the carpeted area is a lot of wasted time. Plus, we bought our current vacuum as a store sample and it’s starting to fall apart so not only would a new vacuum save me time, but also is very needed since ours loses screwed every time I use it.

    On an unrelated note, I love your blog and have been following since shortly after you started it. Kids are a few years off for us (the law school thing), but I recommend your blog to all my friends who are pregnant or anyone who needs a laugh about the “joys” of pregnancy and childbirth.

  136. My husband and I were married October 10th (of this year) and we registered for a Dyson. We didn’t receive one as a wedding gift and we can’t afford to buy one right now. I’d love to have one since we have a lot of carpet and my husband has terrible allergies.

    (We donate to the food bank each Christmas…I usually just empty my whole pantry) šŸ™‚

  137. I would DIE to have one of these bad boys right about now! I’m expecting my first baby any day now and have given up on our cheap-o vacuum to get things clean before his arrival. I borrow my neighbors Dyson on a regular basis so having my own would be oh-so-sweet!!

    P.S. I already follow you on Twitter and subscribe to your feed šŸ™‚

  138. It’s not that I simply *want* a new vacuum, I really really *need* one. And it has to have all the good features you described in your post. I hope this Dyson will be mine!

  139. Allergies, constant dust from work being done outside our
    apartment, sweeping three times every day.
    Need I say more? Would love to try the Dyson (on flooring and vents; no carpets in this apartment) !

  140. Dear Dyson, I Love You! You will make me feel dirty before I feel good, but ultimately, I will better because of you.
    much love, Brooke

  141. I’ve had my eye on a Dyson for a while now. BUt like most folks I hold back b/c of the price we haven’t bought one.
    My husband has started eyeing them too. Not b/c he will ever touch a vacuum but b/c he is interested in the engineering! šŸ™‚

  142. love th blog. Would like a dyson becuase I am the only female in an all male house….ew. No one else will vaccuum. I should be able to vaccuum in style!

  143. I love your blog but have honestly never bothered to leave a comment. HOWEVER, my daughter is 6 months old now and I am still in the “losing all of my hair I’m surprised I have any left” stage. Our vaccum is no match for all of the hair embedded in our carpet. Thus, I’m hoping my comment brings me beginner’s luck, and a new Dyson!

  144. Why I want a Dyson: New baby + Old house and carpet. I need a new vacuum but since my old one still works, hubby doesn’t agree.

  145. I have three cats, a four year old, and a baby on the way. Our house is full of junk that won’t come out of the carpet or off the floor. I NEED a dyson in my life.

  146. We are on our second Eureka in two years (Eff of consumer reports), and she is on her last leg. Which would be reasonable if I was still rocking long hair and if we had 1/2 a dozen dogs, but we don’t.

  147. I need one because mine which is about 4 years old does not work well and my 9 month old just started crawling around and will not stay on the blanket i put down which makes me stress out everytime i see him crawling on the carpet! I have been dreaming about a Dyson for years now but my hubby would just die if i spent that kind of money on a vacuum.

  148. I have 2 cats, 3 dogs, a parrot (very dusty!), a 4 year old and DH. Not to mention my dad lives with us part time, AND we have 4 horses (a lot of farm work = hay, dirt, horse hair in. the. house.). Need I say more?

  149. OMG, WANT. I have been dying for a Dyson, and like you, just can’t justify the expense when we have a working vacuum in the house. Grrr. Waaaant to win! šŸ™‚

  150. Oh my goodness. The neat freak in me has always craved a Dyson. That my mom just got one has only upped my desire. This would sure come in handy getting my big big house nice and clean for my April baby!

  151. I have drooled over Dysons for quite some time. With 2 kids and a cat it seems like I am constantly vacuuming and my current one just does not suck like it did when it was new.

  152. I have two little ones running around the house and have been the Stay At Home Dad each summer. I could totally get into keeping thing clean after they roll through with this vacuum. Plus, y’know, we’ve always wanted a Dyson and could never swallow the price.

  153. Oh oh oh, I really want this Dyson!! Our worn-out vaccuum has sucked up so much dog hair in it’s lifetime (gross) that it makes the house smell like wet dog when I vaccuum. Not exactly what I’m looking for when cleaning.

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  155. I would like to do housework without smelling burning rubber. I would also like to keep my new house clean…and I mean clean clean… : )

  156. I have been wanting a Dyson for a super long time…two dogs, one cat and a baby due to arrive in 9 weeks, I could definitely use one!

  157. I would love to win because we have a new baby and a hairy dog…the combo is not a good one šŸ™‚

  158. I have wanted a Dyson for as long as I can remember. We have a pug and her hair is everywhere. It gets stuck in every crack of our house. This post also makes me wish I got to do product reviews too. I would love to do that!

  159. Ok, do not enter me, cause I already have a Dyson. And I love it so much that I sing songs to it about how well it works while Im using it. (I know Im a freak, but oh well. What can I say? I really love my Dyson.)

  160. Although I can’t imagine being done vacuuming and not having those track marks, I’d love a Dyson just for the sheer satisfaction of knowing that’s the cleanest my carpet is going to get! I”ve always wanted one but can’t justify the price even though cat hair seems to be winning versus my current Bissel.

  161. I want a Dyson because our Kenmore died recently, and I hate the hoover we’re borrowing from my mom. We have two dogs and a toddler, and a variety of floor types in our house, and I want a Dyson so badly! We’re already saving for one, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one!

  162. I would love a dyson vacuum because I need one so bad to clean up the huge mess that my 9 month old son makes all over the floor!

  163. I also made a donation to a local food bank at our work holiday party this week, and plan to donate more tomorrow after grocery shopping.

  164. I’ve had the rare opportunity to use a friend’s Dyson and I’ve asked for one every holiday and birthday since then – still no luck. Either my husband or I is in school and we’re permanently living the starving student (aka po folk) life. Every time I vacuum with my crappy yellow Kenmore (that my aunt bought me because it’s yellow and she knew how much I wanted the Dyson) – my heart and my apartment carpet continue to plead for the Dyson. Come on Random.org. Pick me! Pick me!

  165. I’ve been very anti-Twitter until today. I signed up today specifacally to follow babyrabies!

  166. Yes. I know I spelled specifically wrong in the last post. I was in a hurry. But I tweeted about the giveaway!

  167. Siobhan Mulligan on

    I have, at last count, THREE vacuum cleaners….one of which is a shopvac. Yup – SHOPVAC, because it seems to be the only thing that can get dog hair out of baseboards. One vacuum is a small canister (used for quick cleanups in the kitchen), one is an upright that….well, it’s still upright, but that’s about all I can say.

    I REALLY REALLY want a Dyson! I have (at last count) three dogs, three birds, nine fish (ok, so they don’t add to the need for a vacuum, but still!), two recently adopted foster children (13yo, 2yo), two current foster children (14mo, 4yo) and two more (2yo, 5yo) coming for respite the two weeks of Christmas…

    Oh! And have I mentioned I am single and MANAGE a major BOOKSTORE?? And it’s CHRISTMAS……do you have any idea how little time I have for vacuuming right now? And don’t even bother asking why my 13yo doesn’t do it…..YOU try overcoming 12 years of someone else’s parenting. I have only just gotten her to stop spitting food onto the floor when she doesn’t like the taste. Honestly, she is a sweet, bright child and is a joy. Cleanliness is just not something I have gotten through to her yet.

    I am tired. I HATE the dog hair, the feathers, the crumbs, the hair my 14yo daughter seems to shed just by being present, the seed shells the birds fling about with passionate abandon…..

    Just to show how truly shameless I am about wanting a FREE DYSON, can I also invite you to check out an early entry in my blog that tells about my battle with a rare autoimmune disease?? LOL!

    Seriously, that Dyson would get a GREAT home here!


  168. And I linked back to you from my blog… But I don’t want to announce the blog here. Soooo. If I win from this entry I’ll then tell you the website so I can prove I wasn’t lying šŸ™‚

  169. Totally need this as I do not currently have a vacuum that works on my hardwoods- imagine sweeping or swiffering a whole house- stinks!

  170. I just realized, I aged my daughter by a year LOL! She is 13yo going on 30…..but she just turned 13. Not sure where the 14 came from….

    In any event, I don’t tweet (don’t know how) and I don’t know how to twitter or link or…..and, I don’t donate to food banks BUT I help with a christmas drive for 700 foster children in my county! Does that count?

  171. I NEED one of these because my current vacuum does NOT suck. AT ALL. My son has asthma so a vacuum that actually WORKED would be awesome!

    I already subscribe to your feed and follow you on Twitter AND my office just held a huge drive for the local food bank which I donated a TON of stuff to!

    Please pick me! šŸ™‚

  172. I made a huge donation yesterday, while it wasn’t because of this blog (being that I just read this post!) I figure it could count! :0)

    I REALLY want to win, but I win nothing, ever. LOL

  173. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats and a vacuum that does not suck up much hair. I have ALWAYS wanted a Dyson, but because of the cost, I have never been the owner of 1!

  174. i NEED a dyson! perhaps my daughter would enjoy her tummy time a little more if the dyson had sucked all filth out of the carpet? maybe, just maybe. and come on, my kid needs tummy time, or she’ll never roll over!

  175. I desperately need a new vacuum. I have been looking at them online and have settled on the Dyson just today. Then I saw your post. I have pets and allergies…not a good combination. The Dyson is definitely what I need!!

  176. I have 3 kids who manage to leave crumbs every where they go. Plus, I’m pretty sure my baby son is tired of finding my hair everywhere he tries to crawl. I swear I’m still losing hair!!!

  177. OMGoshIamINLOVE! on

    You had me at : Quick-Draw Telescope Reach wand…..

    Never mind the Military housing that sucks in all the ick from the attached units. Forget the Man who brings home GAG Knows What from work. The Teen who – yeah, is just a Teen and that should be enough. Oh, and the four (no really two ’cause that’s all we are allowed but two are rescue’s who shed EVERYWHERE and they said they wouldn’t) fur-mutt’s that I puffy heart and gave up HI for.

    I nominate my Sis. nekidduk@yahoo.com. She. Rocks. And with no whining šŸ™‚

  178. I would LOVE a Dyson because with our newborn and our Yellow Lab, our old vacuum routine isn’t cutting it anymore and Lord knows time is of the essence with a baby around!

  179. I need one of the D25 vacuums to clean up the pet hair from my 2 dogs and 3 cats in addition to all the people messes.

  180. I actually donated food to my local church to support an effort they call “Survive to Thrive”. Each year we prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and serve it to them and eat with them. I took a huge pan of salad greens and dressings.

  181. We joke around with another couple we hang out with about the Dyson. We actually talk about the Dyson like it is a sexual favor because the husbands each want one SO bad. “oh, baby you gonna give me a lil bit of that Dyson for my birthday?’ Gross, but we find it pretty darn funny.
    In addition I have 2 large dogs and a long haired cat. New carpet is not in our budget this year. We keep shampooing the carpet and we are afraid it’s going to fall apart!

  182. I would love the Dyson 25 because my family had bad allergies and our house is carpeted. It would be wonderful to be able to get up all of the dander from the pets and all of the dust bunnies in one easy sweep.

  183. 1. I would love a Dyson because I could finally suck up all of that dog hair from my puppy.

    2. I already subscribe to your feed.

  184. I would love the Dyson. I’ve wanted one for so long. We have a fully carpeted home and it seems to take me all day to vaccuum. Thanks for the oppertunity!

  185. I need a Dyson so my son has a clean house to crawl around in. Otherwise I will have to get a central vac and Jen doesn’t want one. So by winning a dyson you will be saving our marriage. No pressure random number generator.

  186. Why I’d love a Dyson? Five reasons…two dogs, two cats, and one toddler. The only thing better than owning a Dyson would be someone else operating it for me!

  187. I really want to win a Dyson because I know that I will never be able to afford one myself, and with so many children, our carpets are crying out for a decent vacuum.

    Thanks for the entry.

  188. I need a dyson because I have a Corgi, 2 cats, and a baby the same age as Kendall. It’s embarrassing when my toddler appears to be covered in more hair than our cat.

  189. Oh, and I just made a donation to the food bank. I plan on doing at least 1 more big shopping spree for the food bank before Christmas.

  190. I would love a Dyson! …and would definitely get some good use out of it! We have 3 cats, 2 dogs, one 9 month old, and one on the way. Needless to say – lots of hair and lots of dirt and dust. I’m almost afraid to know what our current vacuum isn’t picking up, but would love to know we’re really getting the house clean with a good vacuum cleaner with two little ones in the mix. šŸ™‚

  191. I would love a dyson because we can NOT get rid of the dog hair. About a year ago, our vacuum died & we ended up settling for a Bissell because we couldn’t the Dyson we wanted.

    I’m not too happy with out “Pet Hair Eraser”

  192. Oh my gosh. After what you said about how much more it sucked up than a regular vacuum, I’m REALLY anxious to see if it does my carpets better too!! But I’m with you on the track marks. I really do love them! šŸ™‚

  193. My gross old Hoover keeps begging to die. It is so old. It smells. Help me grant it’s wish.

  194. I thought that those little lines in the carpet meant that my carpet was clean after vaccuming. Also why when I am done vaccuming my socks still turn brown/black when my carpet is suppose to be clean?

  195. I would love to win the Dyson. I have an old bag style vacuum and would love to not have to buy bags anymore, plus they sound like the best!

  196. Cynthia Stanley on

    I have looked at the dyson vaccums since they have been advertised. Love them. At first I was like, there is no way a vaccum could work that good. Of course I was skeptical. Well I have started cleaning houses for some extra money and one of my clients just got one on black Friday. I was able to use it OMG this vaccum
    really works. I actually stayed at her he and cleaned for an extra hour just to use the vaccum. I
    totally sold.

  197. I have been eying this thing for months, our current vacuum is a handmedown canister that is almost 20 years old. It would be great to win because we are living off one income and almost 500 bucks isnt really in the cards right now.

  198. I need a Dyson because:

    1) I have a two year old
    2) I have a dog
    3) I have a cat
    4) I have carpet
    5) I have dirty floors


  199. I have a 15 month old monster…I mean little boy. LOL. He makes GINORMOUS messes. I have been reading your blog for a year now. My husband and I give to our local food bank several times a year (my son’s daycare collects and we donate a check every Christmas).

  200. I live with two active boys, we are the “homebase house” for the neighborhood, one loving husband, and one wild dog!

  201. Our familiy makes bagged lunches every month and brings them to one of the local organizations here in DC who help the homeless and families living below or at the poverty line. This Christmas, we asked our boys to not only ask Santa for three gifts for them, but also for three gifts for the boys and girls at Martha’s Table. Santa will be bringing the 6 gifts and then the Monday after Christmas, we will be delivering the gifts.

  202. I would love to win the Dyson D5. I’ve heard great things about them and with my sisters family living with us it’s an extra 3 people and another dog in our house. It has been really rough on our carpet, we’ve tried everything to make it look nice and clean and NOTHING is working.

  203. I really want to win, so I am also leaving a comment. I read you blog all the time buy this is the first time leaving a comment. I’ve always wanted a Dyson, but could never spend that much on a vaccuum. My house is all carpet and I’d love to be able to cut down my vaccuuming time. Thanks from brining us this oppertunity

  204. I have a toddler and a German shepherd. My 19-month-old dropped her lollipop on the living room rug this morning and when we picked it up, it was coated in dog hair. Gross. We need a new vacuum.

  205. I have seven kids, three dogs, and a messy husband. I fell in love with my neighbor’s Dyson when she let me borrow it. But she’s keeping a tighter grip on that machine than she ever kept on her virginity, so I guess I’ll let her cuddle with the Dyson. I’ll get my own!!

  206. Nikkifudgestick on

    Wow. I’m such a ditz! I read that as “put everything you do in ONE comment” as apposed to “make a comment for each thing you do.”
    so this is me, catching up with the rest of the class…
    I tweeted.

  207. I would LOVE a dyson vacuum for so many different reasons. However, the most important is the fact that I have 8 pets most of whom were abused or unwanted that I have taken in to my home. I love them with all my heart but my vacuum never does seem to get all of the pet hair up!!

  208. Lindsey Jarrett on

    I would love to have a dyson vaccuum! My friend has one and she loves it and I would too!! I have 2 dogs that shed like crazy!!

  209. i need a dyson because i have a husband, a dog, and a new baby boy… that equals mud, dirt, and disaster!!! a dyson would help me battle the dirt and destruction! šŸ™‚

  210. There are many reasons one would want a Dyson vacuum. The reason I’d like a Dyson? I’ve always wanted one since moving out of my mom’s house (she has a Dyson) and I have one of the crappiest vacuums ever. The difference between a Dyson and any other vacuum is astounding. Anyway, my vacuum will die soon and I don’t want to buy anything but a Dyson to replace it, but we really can’t justify spending $500 on a vacuum right now. Thanks!

  211. 3 kids. 2 cats. 2 dogs. 1 husband. 0 Dysons. I would love to have a Dyson to keep up the pet hair and general debris of daily living!

  212. OMG !!! Matt broke the hose on my vacuum trying to clean out the car. Between James, the baby, and our shedding dog I believe the Dyson might actually be a little challenged. Already subscribed and following you on Twitter. I’ll blog about this and link it back to you šŸ™‚

  213. Ahh! I want a Dyson because I loathe my vaccuum right now. Please give me something better! šŸ™‚

  214. I would LOVE a Dyson because we just moved with my 8-month-old baby and shaggy Golden Retriever from a house with all wood floors to a house with all SHAG carpet floors. It’s actually a stylish shag, if you can imagine it, but my current vacuum doesn’t do the trick.

  215. You have no idea how much I would appreciate this! I have a black lab (enough said)a miniture pinscher (we got him after I learned my lesson with the lab hair) and a

    I also have a 9 year old, 18 month old and baby on the way. Let me just say…Dog hair is EVIL! My daughter just got one of those flip out toddler couches – you would be amazed at the way the hair can weave into it! It now looks like a third dog laying there that my daughter rolls around on.

    Please help the anti-fleece house..we’re desperate!

  216. This is my additional comment for subscribing to your feed! I’ve been with you since the beginning… I specifically remember “The Bitch is Back” post when AF returned right after you started trying. At that moment, I knew I would enjoy this blog!

  217. With 2 dogs and a toddler, I could really use a new vacuum cleaner! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  218. I would love to win….we’ve had our current vacuum for at least 6 years. I hate emptying the canister, the dust/debris gets everywhere. I’ve always wanted a Dyson!

  219. I’ve been asking for a Dyson for every birthday, anniversary and Christmas for the past two years (ie since I got pregnant) No one in my family seems to be able to get past the price tag. But hello, my kid licks the carpet. Daily. Which I think would gross me out a lot less if I knew the carpet was *dyson* clean. Right?

  220. I have been wanting a Dyson forever. I am currently using a hand-me-down vacuum that was my grandma’s. And SHE had it for years. It fails miserably in the face of the dog and cat hair.

  221. OMG.. I would LOVE one of these, we have a dog and a toddler and no matter how much I vacuum with my current vacuum I’m always stepping on crumbs, I’ve always wanted a Dyson, and have been looking out for deals right now, but hubby just lost his job so there’s no way we can pay for one right now :(.

  222. I subscribe to your feed, and our vacuum is dying šŸ™ This would be so great to not have to buy!

  223. I would love a Dyson D5 because we have two cats that shed on everything and have a 7 month old baby that is crawling around and putting everything in his mouth! My husband and I both work long hours and our current vacuum is too heavy for me to maneuver so I would love something that I could use easily every day. I am subscribed to your RSS and I follow you on facebook.

  224. OMG! I have wanted a Dyson for so long but with a new baby on the way the price is what has held me back from making this purchase. I currently still have the vacuum cleaner my parents gave me for my first apartment and it still sounds like a jet plane leaving the runway. Thank god for the high pile carpets in the house to “hide” the dirt but i know that will only last for so long especially if the hubby gets his wish of a new dog for christmas. Please help me manage the chaos that will be my life in January. I subscribe via email.

  225. I have been wanting a Dyson forever because we have three cats – all of which shed. It’s hell trying to keep on top of the cat hair and our vaccum is substandard at best.

  226. I’ve been searching for a new vacuum cleaner for a while now, and I’ve heard great things about Dysons. Thanks for posting and for doing this giveaway!

  227. I’ve been wanting a Dyson for years since I just don’t feel like my old Hoover has enough suction…plus I want to be ready for my first baby due in May. Babies just aren’t as cute with hairballs in their mouths…

  228. Best contest ever!
    I NEED a dyson because our vacuum sucks- well, it doesn’t and that’s the problem.

  229. 1. We’re on a seriously tight budget so a nice new shiny vacuum definitely will not be in the cards for us for a while (gotta get carseats first these days!). We have 3 dogs and a baby, need I say more? It’s a mess around here!
    2. Already subscribed through Google Reader.
    3. Been following you on Twitter for a while, love it!
    4. Done
    5. Done (haha, haven’t blogged in a while, need to get back to that)
    6. Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, I have tons of formula we never used!

  230. I have two cats and three kids, that’s why I want this vacuum!

    I’ve been in the market for a new one for a while, but my old one won’t kick the bucket, it just keeps coming up with new and weirder sounds.

  231. We are still using some upright vacuum I’ve had for years (I’m so not in love with it, I don’t even bother to remember what kind it is!) The suckage sucks on it– and it doesn’t even leave those cool track marks!

  232. I have been DYING for a new vacuum cleaner that can actually pick up all the dog hair around my house. My current one might get 1/2 the hair so I spend 10 minutes vacumming one area! Obviously I have a suckage problem. Plus with an 8 week old baby at home, who has that much time to vacuum one area!

  233. Let me count the ways…I have one husband, one 16-month old, two hairy cats, 4 nice rugs that need a lot of love and take a lot of abuse, hardwood floors that can only take so much toddler food/cat hair/winter schmutz, and kitchen rugs that never, ever seems to be clean. Please, oh random.com, take pity!

  234. I have been dying to have a Dyson, my current vacuum is loud and doesn’t handle all the pet hair effectively. I’m also going to subscribe to you on Twitter.

  235. I would love a new dyson because my current vacuum is so heavy I never use it. Seriously, My house is gross.

  236. I HATE our old Eureka – it smells like all the dog hair from the 3 dogs we’ve had and are now gone. No matter what I do I CANNOT get that smell out of there. That is the main reason I would love this vacuum – I can’t justify getting another as our old one still works pretty good……… I WANT ONE!! šŸ™‚

  237. I NEED one of these vacuums! My 13 month old son is covered in dog hair after crawling through one room, even if it was just vacuumed!

  238. I have two indoor beagles who shed more than I ever thought would be possible. I need a Dyson just so my daughter can play on the floor without constantly pulling dog hair out of her mouth!

  239. I have hardwood floors, & my toddler is constantly bringing me little handfuls of cat hair. I’d love to win a snazzy new vacuum!

  240. Ummm, well let’s see…Where do I begin? To start, I have 3 kiddos and one on the way…I vacuum EVERY day, and not just because of my OCD. My youngest, who is 4, has cerebral palsy and wants to be independently mobile, which requires her to be on said floor. My floor. Did I mention that I have two other kiddos? Or my darling husband? He proudly serves his country every day and then likes to bring it home and treck it across said floor. DO I want a Dyson D25? Yes please! Thank you!

  241. Why I want a Dyson? 1) New baby (9weeks) at home. 2) Tiny indoor dog- LOTS of hair!

    I follow you on twitter and am a fan on Facebook!

  242. I have had the same vacuum for 10 years (since my 1st year of college) and it’s not a good one. How sad am I? I sweep then vacuum then usually end up having to go over most surfaces with a lint brush, my husband thinks I’m crazy but we’re saving up for our honey moon and a new vacuum just isn’t in the budget. I keep asking for a Dyson for Christmas or Birthday but it hasn’t happened yet. This would make my year, a honeymoon and a GREAT vac all at once. WOW. Thanks and happy choosing.

  243. Would love a Dyson to keep my 11month old from consuming a pound of dog hair a day!!
    Also, I follow you on twitter now!

  244. 1. I need a new vaccuum because my POS Oreck is falling apart as we speak. And I am no longer allowed near the Dysons in the stores because I was caught HUMPING ONE because I love them so much!! :o)

  245. I have been wanting to get one of these vaccuums forever, but the price tag makes is a bit daunting. My oldest son has asthma and after reading the benefits of this vaccuum I would love to use this to keep the dust and allergens away.

  246. I need a dyson because it is on a ball and that is better than four wheels. Oh. I also have a baby who eats everything off of the floor and the floor needs to be cleaner. Maybe if I have a dyson I will actually vacuum.

  247. We need one because we have a baby who makes a mess. Also because Dyson’s don’t loose their suction.

  248. Your description of how much your previous vacuum missed has me seriously wanting to try a Dyson! Those things look so cool! I have two kids who love to leave crumbs everywhere, so anything that makes vacuuming more fun is a big help!

  249. Follow you on Twitter

    Donated to canned food drive šŸ™‚

    I’d love a vaccuum. Any vaccuum. I have three cats and a handy vac. It’s not going so well.

  250. I would like a Dyson because I like to vacuum even less then you do. If I had a vacuum that would actually be easy to push across the floor, instead of making me sweat like a teenage boy on his first date, I would do it more then once in a blue moon. Also, if my husband got half as excited over vacuuming as yours did, well then that would be even better.

  251. My 15 month old likes to eat on the go. I find food ALL over our house and am in desperate need of a new vacuum.

    I follow you on twitter!

  252. Oh-thanks for mentioning the food donation! I volunteer at a local agency that has a food pantry and this year there are so many people in need.

  253. I would LOVE to have that Dyson!! I want one for two reasons. 1) We have an indoor dog. 2)We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and I will have a little one crawling around on the floors. Thanks!!

  254. Cleaning is my therapy. Seriously, nothing relaxes me more than a good, deep cleaning session, and I have no doubts that a Dyson would bring me to a whole new level of cleaning nirvana.

  255. I want the Dyson because I have adopted 4 animals in less than 5 years (and will probably adopt more, since they keep showing up on my doorstep) and Holy Fur, Batman!

  256. I have three dogs and live in a house that we are renovating one room at a time. There is dust and dog hair galore!

  257. Why do we need a Dyson?
    Because our 20 pound doxie mix (who is fed a high quality food) sheds more than any dog that I’ve ever had or been around. He walks through the kitchen? Poof! There’s a pile of fur around the baseboards where I just got done vacuuming. I have no idea how this guy sheds so much!

  258. Are you kidding? What an awesome idea! I have a 6 month old, and I’m terrified (TERRIFIED I tell you!) about my floors when she becomes mobile. Our current vacuum needs the “wire hanger” treatment every other time we vacuum- mostly because we have 2 black cats, who would say (if they lowered themselves to our level) that they have decided to shed even more now since we brought the little alien into THEIR house. Would LOVE the vacuum, but love your site regardless!

  259. Would love to have a Dyson to pick up the peices of lint/food/etc that my 10 month old daughter is obsessed with eating off the floor!!!

  260. what an awesome giveaway! my little one is always leaving food all over the house, goldfish, pretzels, raisins, lol! this would also be good to help clean up all the holiday messes!

    thanks for the offer!

  261. I want a Dyson 25 because it has been my dream vacuum for years but I haven’t purchased one yet because of the price. I hear they really suck. ha!

  262. Wow, what a great giveaway! We have three cats and one little boy who isn’t quite mobile yet. This would be great for us, especially if it works on furniture too.

  263. 1. Is there enough room on this page to list why I’d love a dyson? My biggest 2 reasons are my pugs, General and Gizmo, who create so much hair.

    6. I also just donated 3 large (reusable) grocery bags to our local food bank, filled with canned goods, cereal, tuna, peanut butter etc.

  264. Would love a Dyson! Currently our vacuum gets clogged with carpet and we have to spend 2 hours every couple of months to unclog it. Pain!

  265. I would LOVE a dyson because I have an English bull dog and a 15 month old son. I vaccum EVERYDAY because of them. It would be great to skip a few days.

    I also follow you on Twitter

  266. I would love a Dyson because, well what housewife doesn’t covet them? The potential suck up all that carpet gunk… the idea alone excites me!

  267. A kindred spirit – also not one of those vacuum every day type of people! I too “vacuum when it reaches a certain level of gross”. With an always-shedding dog, a muddy yard, and an older house, I’d love to go longer before reaching that level. Thanks for the opportunity!

  268. I have always dreamed of having a Dyson, but no way can I afford it. I have two clunking adopted teenagers, a dog and 2 cats in a house with cream carpets. Nothing gets them clean. At least twice a year I have to get down on my hands and knees and scrub 1200 sq ft of carpet! It would be the dream of a lifetime to have a Dyson.

  269. oh, hooooooow can I even begin to explain how having a 115 lb. Chesapeake Bay Retriever living with us in a pretty small suburban home challenges me. My Hubbie (bless his heart) is the biggest dog lover of all time, and we will ALWAYS have a dog living with us. When we got this cute little brown furry Dude, Hubbie promised to help with/do most of the cleaning up after him….fast forward to 9 years later. It didn’t happen. I fight -what looks like squirrels-but is dog hair- on the hard surface floors and don’t even want to know what is living in our carpet! My vacuume is old and although it tries it’s hardest, it just doesn’t cut it anymore. Please, please make my Christmas wish come true and pick me. Thank you for listening and Merry Christmas. Sincerely Beth Larson~ woof

  270. I have two little-littles and two indoor dogs. Our bissel is going on 4 years old is begging to be put down. I’m not even sure it sucks anything up anymore and I am pretty confident my 10 month old’s drool filled chin collects more dog hair than the bissel’s filter. Gross, I know.

  271. Ugg, I drool when I see the commercial for these vacuums. I have had the same crappy vaccum since I was in college. I dream of vacuums that can not only keep up with my rambutious toddler, but also after my 2 60 lbs dogs. I swear I get better suction from my little hand held vaccum. Can you see me now on all fours using the hand held to clean the carpet? …OOH better yet, maybe I can convince my toddler to do it…it is def. closer to his level! A girl can dream!

  272. Once upon a time I had a Dyson. Then it broke. Then I cheated on my Dyson and tried some other craptastic brand. It sucked. Or, to say it was lacking in the suckage.

    I miss my Dyson and want another one. Please help me reconcile my love affair with Dyson!

    May the force be with me.

  273. Hosting a food drive playdate to donate canned goods to our local food bank before the holidays.

  274. I would honestly love to win this new Dyson, because I currently own a dyson and it’s falling apart. I really need a new one. With a toddler and 3 dogs, I have a ton of vacuuming to do! Eeek!

  275. Cindy Davidson on

    With 4 kids, 2 dogs and a cat, a vacuum with more suction would make my day. Right now I vacuum once a day or more. all I have been able to afford is a cheap upright.
    have a great day

  276. Oh how I’ve dreamed of owning a dyson. We have 3 dogs, one that sheds enough to make an entire years worth of a wardrobe for a small village. Those 3 dogs and all that fur combined with my almost mobile baby equals yuck. Oh how I dream of owning a dyson.

  277. I would love this new vacuum because it seems my floor just never gets clean enough. I have a baby that will soon be crawling, and I would love for my floor to be clean enough for him to crawl on!

  278. I would love to win this vacuum. My old one just died and the dog is not doing as good a job getting all the crumbs off the floor šŸ™‚

  279. If any vacuum could hold its own against the floors of this working ranch house and the cowboy boot traffic it would be a Dyson

  280. I want a Dyson because no matter what vaccum we try, they always leave behind dog fur and we have 3 dogs! They’re big time shedders too. We also have our baby girl coming in March and with my nesting tendencies, winning a Dyson would send me over the moon to be able to really deep-clean our house.

  281. I wasn’t going to enter because I have one but my mom’s vacuum is CRAP, so if I win it’s going to be going to her, she needs it, they have a dog and a cat inside.

    I love Dyson!! best thing to ever come into my life, I hope I can get to share the love of it with my mom

  282. I also must say how awesome it is to have donating to the food bank as an extra entry!! Just this morning we dropped off a few cans of soup, formula and baby food šŸ™‚

  283. I definitely want this vacuum. My sister-in-law & I kept checking black friday ads and I almost went out and bought one, but I can’t seem to justify spending that much money. I have two kinds under the age of 3 & they sure know how to make a mess!!

  284. My golden sheds enough to make a wardrobe for my 7 month old daughter, when she rolls around in the living room, it looks as though she has a golden parka on!

  285. I have a house full of carpet, a furry shedding dog, a toddler with toys all over the floor and a husband that works in construction…with a vacuum cleaner that died on me. I need it!

  286. My husband and I just bought our first home and our vacuum, well, DOESN’T suck!!! Cleaning an apartment with our piece of crap never seemed like a big deal. Now that we have enough floor space that it’s not covered with furniture or some other random piece of crap I forced into our tiny apartment, it’s painfully obvious how disgusting my vacuum leaves our floors. A new Dyson would be a Christmas miracle!!! šŸ™‚

  287. Cheryl Brandmeir on

    Pick me, Pick me!! I would totally love this vaccuum….my son LOVES that vaccuum and points to it everytime he sees it in the store. Looks/sounds fantastic, but out of the budget right now.

  288. Five grandchildren in the house with #6 on it’s way makes my house in desperate need. Plesae pick me!!

  289. I need a Dyson because I have a cat, a dog that NEVER stops shedding and a toddler that thinks anything on the floor, including dog hair, is something she needs to put in her mouth!

  290. I need a Dyson because my dog and my baby are filthy monsters. I say that in the nicest way possible…well, for the baby anyways.


  291. I want a Dyson b/c my husband and I are expecting and I need something that will get rid of all this dog hair! I’ve been asking for a Dyson for 2 years now, but they are just so expensive.

  292. I need a new dyson my current vacuum is over 30 years old and I need a new one to replace it since it is on its last leg

  293. That looks like such a wonderful vacuum cleaner. Mine is not very good at picking up all the dirt and mess of my husband, infant son and our two cats. We definitely need something to help!

  294. I am a “lazy housekeeper” and my vacuum is only about 2 yrs old yet the belt on it has broken 2x already and its pretty heavy to maneuver around the townhouse.

  295. I’d LOVE a new vacuum because, well, I honestly can’t remember the last time I vacuumed the bedrooms. I’m afraid I might kill my current vacuum when I finally muster up the courage to try it. In which case, I’ll need a new one.

  296. I really love Dyson and could really use a vacuum for my upstairs since I have a hard time lugging ours up and down the steps while carrying a toddler!

  297. I donated to the food bank, and I love that this was one way to enter. What a great way to give back to the community.

  298. Would so love this vaccum! Just bought Brookelyn a fully functional kid’s mini-Dyson (from Pottery Barn Kids), and we could MATCH!!

  299. I Need this vacuum b/c mine is about 6 years old and last night I went over a leaf about 10 times before it got sucked up….

  300. I have a central vac system that does the job, but it’s a HUGE pain to lug the long hose up and down the stairs. This vacuum sounds awesome!

  301. I’ve been wanting a Dyson for a while now because of DH and DD’s allergies, but the price tag is the only thing holding me back!

  302. I need a new vacuum because my old one broke and I have been using my stick vacuum and it doesn’t work all that well. I usually end up using a real broom. I will get one after the holidays but would be nice to get a dyson. Thanks for the chance.

  303. I would love to win a Dyson because my vacuum is over 6 years old and doesn’t do well anymore, not much suction, and it smells old and dusty..blah. This Dyson looks so powerful! Our noses would be so happy to have uber clean carpets again!

  304. Hubs and I and all 5 kids actually volunteered on Nov 22, 2009 for the National Family Volunteer Day Volunteer (Hampton Roads– Virginia Beach),benefiting our local Foodbank of SouthEastern Virginia. There were 220 awesome vounteers that day that helped box up canned food for 9 local shelters! W00t!

  305. We have a Golden Retriever and just had a baby a few months ago. Yes, hair is all around us! We find hair on our baby’s clothes and even his pacifier!

  306. I have 3 cats, 2 dogs and a 18 mnth old who grinds cheerios into the carpet. I could really really use this!!

  307. I always have wanted a Dyson but as you mentioned they are pretty pricey. One of those would save lots of time cleaning up my house. I have a 1 year old baby girl who needs me CONSTANTLY! and I have no time to waste vaccuming with my old vaccum.

  308. We have two cats. both are crazy shedders. One is long haired & one is short haired. We have the little hairs that scatter on the floor & stick to things that hair doesn’t belong on Plus we have the long hairs that roll like tumbleweeds across the hardwood & get ground between the fibers in the carpet upstairs!

  309. We adopted a family from our church angel tree and as part of thier gifts, gave them some food for dinner.

  310. I want a Dyson to help with the dog hair! We have three dogs that are constantly shedding and a black rug that needs to be vaccumed daily. With older kids and twins on the way, the Dyson could really make a dent in our household. My hubby is currently in Grad school so he has reduced his hours and money is tight. The Dyson would be a really great present!

  311. Hi Jill! Love your blog! I’m subscribed to your feed.

    We need a new vacuum and I have been dying for a Dyson!! A 105+ year old house, one long haired cat, one rowdy dog, one messy husband and of course, myself, really create some filth that just isn’t “sucked up” by any vaccum we’ve had.

  312. Great review! Love the pics. I just moved into a new townhouse, and I really could use a new vacuum. Thanks so much! šŸ™‚ Happy holidays!

  313. I gave to $$ to the Salvation Army, food to a random homeless man on the intersection at a highway, and a gift to Toys for Tots. Does that count? šŸ™‚ If so, count this for another extra entry. Thanks lady!

  314. I would love to have a new vacuum…one that didn’t mean cutting off an arm and a leg to pay for it. One that didn’t force me to usher my kids into another room and keep a wall between them and the vacuum while using it. My current vacuum is nearly 15 years old, and makes a horrible noise when in use, and the suction is so poor that I have to go over the same area many times, before it’s close enough to consider clean. I vacuum cautiously, for fear that it will just explode on me one day, and leave me in a cloud of dust and smoke.

  315. I would love a new Dyson, because I have had mine for about 5 yrs and got it while living in the UK. Right now I have to lug a huge transformer box around everywhere with mine and it is being held together by tape. I have used the heck out of it as I have 3 kids, a cat, a dog and a husband šŸ™‚ Would so love to be considered for it. Thanks!

  316. I would love a DYSON D25 because my current vacuum SUCKS (pun intended)!!! It has one job, to suck up dust/hair/dirt on the ground/carpet and it doesn’t do a very good job at it. I’ve been wanting a Dyson FOREVER, but can’t put out that kind of cash. Let’s hope the give-away Gods are in my favor!!! šŸ™‚

  317. my bulldog sheds like nothing you have ever seen before and it makes my boyfriend and i nuts. clearly there is no other vacuum that can compete with the dyson, so i think it would be the best xmas gift ever! loved the review…

    oh, and i follow you on twitter of course…

  318. I have two cats and a 17 month old who loves to throw food on the ground. A Dyson would make cleaning up some of those messes so much easier. Especially because we could move from linoleum to tile to hardwood and then carpets – we have all of the above-mentioned surfaces on the first floor of our house!

  319. Lauren on