The Phantom Baby Kick Phenomenon

Let it be known that after you have a baby (long after the life that grew inside of you and kicked your ass from the inside has left the comfort of your warm, swimmy womb), you will catch yourself reaching to pat your tummy after what feels like an adorable little baby kick to the belly button (or anywhere in the general abdomen area).

It may happen at night, as you are drifting off to sleep. You will be in such an in and out state of consciousness that you will believe, momentarily, that your hand will land on a swollen belly, and then you will startle yourself awake and laugh your freaking ass off… or just be weirded out.

I used to think I was alone in this, but then, like many pointless thoughts I ponder, I tweeted about it. Turns out I AM NOT ALONE!


@babyrabies that happens to me too! Gas is so much less cute then baby


@babyrabies LOL. That happens to me more than I’d care to admit.


@babyrabies Whoa. I have that same experience too. Thought it was just me.


@babyrabies it happens to me too!


@babyrabies dude, that happens to me all the time!!


@babyrabies isnt it the most bizarre? i call them phantom baby kicks

So, just thought I’d put this out there for those of you yet to experience such a strange sensation, more commonly known as GAS.

It really makes me wonder how many of those sweet little moments during pregnancy, where I reached down and lovingly rubbed my expanding belly after feeling what I believed to be my future soccer player practicing for the big game on the walls of my uterus, were actually that night’s dinner, making it’s way through my intestines.

I’m going to be such a skeptic the second time around.

Kendall is 18 and a half months old, and now I put him in timeout when he kicks me.

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  1. Yeah, saw ur tweet but not til several hours after so didn’t respond. But this definitely happens to me. It’s very weird… =)

  2. I talked about this a few weeks ago on Twitter too. They really do feel like baby kicks. I swear if I wasn’t absolutely positive I’m not pregnant, I would assume I’m 20 weeks pregnant. Such a weird feeling.

    Lends a bit of credibility to those “I didn’t know I was pregnant” people though? Doesn’t it? Apparently our stomachs can be that deceiving.

  3. I totally thought I was alone in this!! I’m ashamed to admit…I’ve actually POAS twice thinking that I was!! LOL…..good to know I’m not imagining things.

  4. I POAS on a stick today because after feeling it a few times I was terrified it wasn’t the IUD causing my monthly friend to go missing but a baby instead. You are so not alone.

  5. Happens all. the. time. Now when I tell my husband that the baby in my belly is really kicking hard tonight, he should watch out…

  6. OMG! I thought I was the only one!! I had a baby 9 months ago and when I first felt it I totally panicked thinking I was pregnant!!!

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  8. You all will probably get a kick out of this (no pun intended). My “baby” is 30 years old and I STILL get these feelings from time to time. Mine don’t feel like “little kicks” but as if she’s rolling around in there still. LOL It is the strangest thing! I’ve had them ever since I gave birth to her and even menopause hasn’t ended them! Weird, huh?

  9. Simba C. Pinto on

    My baby is eight years old and I feel Phantom baby kicks. I haven’t been sexually active in almost 2 yrs…..imagine, I had to Google it and here we are…thank you women for sharing.

  10. Simba C. Pinto on

    So sorry this is not simba, it’s her mother I didn’t know I was posting on her account….she had my phone, you know teenagers.

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