Worst Parents of the Millennium

The story caught my attention first when I saw a random tweet, something along the lines of “A 6 year old flying away in a craft project??” Minutes later I read the story out of Fort Collins. I turned CNN on and couldn’t avert my eyes the rest of my son’s 2 hour nap. I sat on the couch, fists clenched, breath held, and watched in terror as this homemade flying saucer tore through the sky, and at the time it was believed a 6 year old boy was in it.

OMG. I could NOT imagine. That poor kid. THOSE POOR PARENTS. It looked so fragile and so high. What if it popped? What if it crashed? What if there was a plane? What if the bottom fell out? You want to talk about Mommy Visions, well I had a serious case of them. I wanted to hurl. I wanted to puke all over the place just thinking of that poor boy, so scared, crying, helpless, maybe deprived of oxygen, maybe passed out. I CRIED.  What a freak accident! What were the chances?!

Then they reported that he might have fallen out. WHAT? NO!! OMG. The visions, the visions were terrible, and the puking… it was in my throat… and I BAWLED. I did. I sobbed and I weeped and I cried my eyes out at the mere *thought* of that poor baby falling out. I prayed, which is something I, admittedly, do not do very often. I prayed the whole time I was watching it. I prayed out loud.

Then it landed. Oh, the landing was so nerve wracking, but I was so glad to see it come down so softly… but he wasn’t there. Then I cried some more. I cried off and on until I heard and interview with the Larimer County¬†Sherriff’s department saying they were pretty sure he’s just hiding somewhere, afraid of getting in trouble.

I wanted to believe that, so I did, and I felt better… just a little bit. I hoped with all I had that he was just so afraid of setting free daddy’s toy that he hid, oblivious that the world stopped for him.

Then I saw this video where he and his two little brothers rap about “pussification”, and it made me really question his parent’s sanity. Who in their right mind encourages their sons to behave this way and say these things, especially so much as to go and produce and star in a video for them on YouTube? But whatever… I just wanted him to be found… and he was… and I was SO HAPPY. So happy.

Then I saw this clip from CNN, and I heard the words come out of Falcon’s (Balloon Boy) mouth in response to his dad relaying Wolf’s question, “Falcon, did you hear us calling your name at any time? … Why didn’t you come out?” to which he replied, “Uh… you guys said…. that we did this for the show.” WHAT THE HELL?? NO, really, WHAT? I watched it over and over, and it’s so apparent to me by the way he says it and the way the parents try to cover it up that he just busted his parents on live TV.

And now I’m PISSED. I’m so pissed. I PRAYED for your son today. I CRIED for you and your family today. I almost PUKED. Screw you Richard and Mayumi Heene… no… take that back… FUCK YOU.

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  1. I did not know about this today. I was busy on cloud 9 after passing court today. I saw a few tweets about it and wondered what was up with the boy in the balloon but I was too happy to really think about. Yet, I am still pissed!!!! That is a terrible thing to do to the world. I am sorry you were so involved – emotionally I mean.

  2. I pray daily and try not to curse a lot, but I am with you on this one. These parents are FUCKED up. What this couple did to this boy in making him party to this type of scandal is nothing short of child abuse. Period. CPS should remove these boys before all hope of them learning any type of appropriate social behavior is gone.

  3. I am RIGHT WITH YOU JILL!!! I’m am SO pissed. I watched the whole thing on my computer at work today, my stomach turning every time that balloon did. I thought of my sweet little neighbor, Ashlyn. She’s so tiny. She was six just last year. She would have been so scared.

    And now? Now I’m thinking about all the people around the country like you and me who were so worried about this little boy that we wanted to puke. The people who missed their grandmother’s funeral because their flight was delayed. The people who might not have gotten an ambulance as fast because several were at the scene where the balloon came down.

    I hope those sons of bitches rot in prison for what they did.

  4. Parents who sacrifice their kids on the altar of their own narcissism should have the kids removed from their home and placed in homes of those loving adults who cry and pray daily for a child of their own.

  5. Wow. How sick. I heard briefly about this yesterday, but I didn’t investigate further. I am sure I would have had a similar reaction, which is why I just didn’t hear about it.

    That’s the funny thing about being a mother, it really colors everything. I read a really great piece in The Washington Post about a writer who overcame her lifelong depression by running. She talks about the depression starting when she was 6, but didn’t have the ability to articulate what was going on. I just thought of my own, sweet Ella and how I would do anything to spare her that and just started crying. I can’t even look at the A section of the paper anymore.

  6. OMGosh! I felt the same way as far as being so terribly scared for that poor little boy. I continued to check for updates ever since I first heard about the story and was literally in tears and my stomach in knots when the balloon landed and he was nowhere to be found. I feared the worst and that he had fallen from that balloon. I decided to convince myself that yes, he had instead gotten scared and hid in fear of getting into trouble and was elated when I heard that he was in fact never on the balloon and was safe and sound. HOWEVER, once I heard about the parents, who they were, about what Falcon said making it sound like a complete hoax planned out by the parents themselves, I was beside myself with pure anger and well, absolute disgust that such a thing might be possible. I don’t even know where to start on how horribly wrong and twisted that is and how it is so very apparent that these parents seem to be horrible role models at best. I feel really sorry for those poor boys.

  7. I had a feeling the kid wasn’t in the balloon when I heard about it, right before it landed. I really thought that maybe he was hiding and scared of getting in trouble but now I’m super pissed that his parents would do that. Why would you make your child lie? You’re supposed to be teaching your kids that lying isn’t right.

  8. AMEN!! What total SCUMBAGS they are. Really, if people have to take driver’s tests, why can’t we force them to take a parenting test??? This is awful for those children. Once you have one of your own, these things really affect you – I, too, get those MommyVIsions! Those belong on a deserted island with OctoMom and see who comes out alive….

  9. @Leah, I posted this last night when the news first broke about the CNN slip up and I was so angry. I wondered if I would regret it this morning, but I don’t. I watched the rest of the interview with Wolf Blitzer and saw the way the parents reacted (the dad calling the questions “appalling”) and then poor Falcon puking on TV today. The whole thing still reeked of hoax to me.

    But this is what really sealed the deal for me. Check out this video that was just released of the balloon actually taking off. Falcon is the one video taping it, nowhere NEAR the balloon.

  10. These parents are not right. Their sons will probably be the next Osama, Dahmer, McVeigh…….I’m pretty sure this one will just be known as Falcon…….

  11. I can’t believe those parents. I would NEVER exploit my children for the chance to get a “tv show”. Haven’t they seen Jon and Kate Plus 8? TV shows rip families apart, so do parents who care more about fame then they do their child’s well being.

    You are SO right, fuck them.

  12. You summed up my sentiments exactly on this– seriously i couldn’t have said it any better myself. As I’m watching (or reading) this bizarre story unfold, it makes me so sick to think that parents like that are able to exist and be responsible for anybody but themselves. How was a reality show even in their mind, with potential risk to the welfare of their child? I’m glad they are being prosecuted, because they certainly deserve it.

  13. I’m with you! I live in CO and am just sick at the amount of time and resources they wasted for our state. I feel that they owe the state for their trouble, and me (and everyone else like me, like you!) for my personal anguish over worrying about their child! What terrible, irresponsible, messed up people. They truly make me sick.

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