When good words sound bad

Two nights ago at dinner Kendall signs that he’s all done and wants down and then starts saying “Ass” over and over again.

Scott and I exchange glances and I begin listing off things he *might* be saying.







We are both laughing so hard after a few minutes of this, especially since he is enunciating it with so much passion, looking at us as he slowly says the word, as if to say “You freaking idiots. Read my lips. AHHSSSSSS.  I said AH-SSSSS.”

So, dying of laughter at this point, we put him down and just hope he will show us what the hell he is referring to. He runs straight to the door and begs to go “Ass, ass, ASS, ASS-A!” We finally realize he must mean “outside”.

Of course, this is the most video worthy thing to ever leave his mouth so I’ve tried desperately to catch him saying it with camera in hand. I had to work hard for it, but I FINALLY got him on video tonight at dinner (because apparently all he wants after he fills his tummy every night is to go “ass” and play with his bubbles).

Kendall is 16 months and one week old and I’m so glad he’s not saying “fuck”

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  1. So funny! “Outside” was one of my son’s first words, too, only he said it as “ass-eye.” He’s 19 months old now, and he says “shit” for “sit.” The worst word he says right now is “crap”, for which I am thankful.

  2. This is hilarious! My son loves going outside too and I have recently been wondering what it will sound like when he vocalizes it – it’s such a big word! I’ll be on the lookout for “ass” 🙂

  3. I’ve never commented before but just had to after reading this blog… LOL. I have a 2.5 year old that used to say the same thing for outside. He also says “shush-up” to the dog when he is barking… but it sounds like “shut-up”. His new one is “Jingle Butt… Jingle Butt”… of course he is singing “Jingle Bells”… but for some reason he says butt instead. Oh the joy of parenting 🙂

  4. i have a potty mouth and i live in fear of the first day my child says the ‘f’ word. (which is fuck. cause i can type that word. cause i’m, uh, a mature adult.)

  5. HAHAHA! The only thing better than him saying ASS in the video? The clear frustration on his face, because WE DID THIS LAST NIGHT LADY! He knows you know what ASS means, so why, sweet Jesus, why, must you taunt him?!? If only he knew it was for the good of the interwebz, maybe he would understand.
    And I love you giggling in the background, too 🙂
    Sarah used to walk around the house saying, “Shit, shit, shit” Luckily, she got over it 🙂
    He is a handsome man, for sure.

  6. LOL! I love how he’s so determined to get his point across.

    Yea, mine repeated the word fuck one time when he was about two. I blurted it out after I dropped something on my foot and he thought it was hilarious to start yelling, “fuck fuck fuck” over and over. Thankfully, it passed very quickly!

    I love reading your blog!

  7. When I was a baby my family would try and get me to say “fork” b/c I would pronounce it as “fuck.” Of course, they all laughed so hard every time that I would keep repeating it. I’m just waiting for my daughter, Lizzy, to say “fork” one day.

  8. By the way, I referenced your blog (and linked to it) in a post I did on cloth diapering. We’re planning to use cloth, and your blog is where I learned all of the details and began to get really interested in CDing. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due!

  9. hi jill its me i decided to get on your website i love the one wher kendal is trying to say outside well email me anytime bye.

  10. Okay… I know this is years past when you posted it… but I just discovered your site, and this had me spitting water all over my laptop.

    Had to share… my daughter’s ‘word’ is Clark. (For superman. She’s almost as obsessed with the show/movie/etc as my husband.) Except she can’t say the ‘l’. And she doesn’t ennunciate. So it sounds like cock.

    And she’s recently grasped the concept of adding ‘more’ to the front to make a sentence.

    So it’s ‘more cock, more cock’ around my house all day long… Lord help me if my parents decide to visit soon…

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