Dimples Cupcakes = not so sweet

My apologies in advance for the horrible formatting and the terrible length of this post. I’ve messed with it, but can’t get it right, and I’ve thought about editing out the email exchanges, but I want to provide you with all the information so you can make your own informed judgement.

(I wrote a shorter version of this sans the lengthy email exchanges. Read it here. Sorry, still can’t get that wall of text to look better with some freaking spaces.)

It took me half the day, a glass of wine and about 100 deep breaths to come to the point where I feel like I can blog about this in the most objective manner possible. I struggled with whether or not to write anything on here about my experience with Dimples Cupcakes all day, simply because of what I have already endured after merely posting one calmly worded negative review of my experience with them on a local message board. But to think a CEO of a local company believes he can get away with treating anyone like this, just ticks me off.  I refuse to be bullied. I refuse to be scared by his threats. Just as I would tell you all about a company or service that I love, and have many times before, I’m going to be upfront with you all about my unfortunate experiences with this company.

I reached out to Dimples a month or so ago after I saw that they planned to open a location in a local mall I sometimes take Kendall to for playdates.  I asked if they could donate a door prize and maybe even some goodie bag stuffers for a fundraiser this weekend that I’m co-hosting to raise money for my marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Here is what I wrote on the board.

Not so happy with this company

I’ve been looking forward to Dimples Cupcakes opening in Willow Bend for a while now. When Liz and I started planning our MNO fundraiser I contacted them to see if they would donate a door prize and maybe some goody bag stuffers. Obviously, it would benefit us, but it would also be a great way for them to get their info out there to a set of consumers in their target market.

The man I have dealt with from the beginning started out telling me it “shouldn’t be problem!” and that he just had to confirm some stuff. I sent him the info over a month ago, have followed up various times only to get the “I’ve been busy, still need to check” line from him. And each time he got increasingly more rude on the phone to me. Finally, I called today to see if he could finally confirm everything for this weekend and he was terribly rude. He went on and on about how they give so much and are so busy and acted as if he hadn’t even really considered our proposal at all.

Listen, I’m not mad about being told no. That’s understandable. What I am mad about was his attitude and that he wasted my time.

Don’t think I’ll be lining up for any of their cupcakes any time soon. Oh well.


As you can read, and what is hopefully evident, what I was upset about was the way I was treated by a representative of their company, NOT that I didn’t receive a donation.  I even reiterated that in a response later in the thread

I don’t get my feelings hurt when people tell me no. I realize that not everyone can give to everything. That’s life, that’s business. Just don’t waste my time. Ugh.

The thread, which you can read by going here, up until this morning had fewer than 170 views and only 5 responses. Was I annoyed with the way I was treated? Yes. Was I now considering not going to their grand opening? Certainly. Was I going to boycott their company forever? Probably not. Cupcakes usually win out. Was I encouraging anyone else to boycott their company forever? Definitely not. At least, not up until today.

This was an email I received from the CEO of Dimples Cupcakes this morning.

I was shocked today when I noticed that you had posted a very derogatory story on a blog about Dimples Cupcakes.  Dimples Cupcakes takes great pride in the fact that as a start-up company we donate to charitable causes on a weekly basis.  We spend more money on charitable donations then we do on our advertising budget.  I think it is terribly unfair that you would write a blog that is completely non reflective of the principals of Dimples Cupcakes.

We are very proud of the fact that we have NEVER had a negative article, review, or customer complaint every published on the Internet or any other media.  We have certainly never had someone that was not granted a request for a contribution/ advertising contract to conduct them self in such a reckless manner.  I am struggling to wrap my mind around the concept of someone participating in such a noble cause, as to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation and when your request was not granted you post blogs about that company.

Clearly I can not control what you choose to post on the Internet, however I hope you realize as one reads your post,  it totally diminishes your cause.  I would think that this is a terrible reflection on the charities that you represent. I would respectfully request you reconsider your actions and remove your posting or I will immediately response to your blog posting and fully disclose the full scope of this situation including your name and contact information along with any and all organizations whom you may represent. *

I certainly think that you should be very specific with your sales calls not to mix different events and different causes that gave the totally wrong appearance.  I await your response, as I have place a call to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation and TheBump.com.

Chad Sorrels
President/ CEO
Dimples Cupcakes

Bolding was done by me
*as a side note to the story, I had also sent a media kit to Dimples for a company that I occasionally freelance for.

This was my first email response back to the CEO:


I would love to speak with you further about this issue as I feel there are many miscommunications involved. Would you like to call me? I feel like it will be easier to openly communicate in a transparent manner over the phone versus email, which can get confusing. My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. I look forward to hearing from you.


After an hour and no phone call, I sent a second email.


I had hoped to get a call from you by now, but since I haven’t I will address some of your points in email while my son naps.

The message I posted on TheBump.com was an honest account of the way I was treated by (name removed) at your company.  The fact that the “story” that it told may be non-reflective of the principals of Dimples, is not my fault. I was treated unprofessionally by (name removed), and if that is not a manner in which you want your company to be known for conducting business, then, perhaps, that is something you need to take up with him, and not lash out at me for posting my honest account of the exchange of communication between us.

I will, again, reiterate that my disappointment did not result from anything to do with my relationship with (name removed) and I will forward you the email that I sent (name removed) this morning clarifying that.

I will also point out that my post did not even hint at me being upset with not receiving a donation. I think it’s wonderful that Dimples gives so much, and I commend you for that.  I mentioned in my post both here:

Listen, I’m not mad about being told no. That’s understandable. What I am mad about was his attitude and that he wasted my time.

And in my response here:

Exactly, Char. I don’t get my feelings hurt when people tell me no. I realize that not everyone can give to everything. That’s life, that’s business. Just don’t waste my time. Ugh.

I understand that companies can not always give to every organization that contacts them.  The only thing I said I was upset about in my post and in my reply was the way I was treated by a representative of your company. I felt (name removed) wasted my time and treated me disrespectfully. Honestly, had I had any idea how to contact a CEO, I would have asked to speak to you to express my disappointment before posting this message, but (name removed) was very evasive and would never tell me the names or contact information of any other “decision makers” at your company, leading me to believe he was in a leadership position. You can hopefully understand, then, how upsetting it was to feel like I had been treated so
poorly by such a person.

Also, my experiences with your company have NOTHING to do with the validity and honor of the charities I represent. I work hard to raise money for these valuable causes, dealing with companies dayin and day out who treat me kindly and professionally. Many of them are unable to help me by
donating, and they tell me so in a timely, professional matter, and I move on. If I was upset with every company who has denied my request for a donation and, as you have accused me of doing, posted derogatory stories about my dealings with them because of it, that board would have many, many more posts. But, as I have expressed time and time again, my disappointment does not come from being told no.

I do apologize for “mixing” my cause with business. I felt at the beginning that (name removed) and I had a casual dialogue, and I honestly just thought you all would be interested in what (name removed) had to offer. However,  I never meant for him to think that one had anything to do with the other, and I believe I was very clear about that in all my communication with him.

I have to say, I am upset that instead of reaching out to me to hear more of my side of the story, you have instead threatened me. I will tell you that TheBump.com will not  allow any sort of posting of any personal information, and if you do so, I will not hesitate to get a lawyer involved. What I have done is not at all against any sort of law, what you are threatening certainly is.

If you would like for me to remove the post, trying to scare me is not the way to go about it.  I truly hope you take me up on the offer to speak over the phone.  My son will be sleeping for a couple more hours and I will be free to talk with no interruptions.

After a couple hours, my phone rang. What I will tell you from here on will obviously be my take on the conversation. I will do my very best to remember what was said and give you an honest account. Obviously, you know that this is my side of the story.

The conversation started off with a series of apologies from Chad, but each was followed with an excuse. “I’m sorry you feel that way, but we’ve been under a lot of stress…” “I’m sorry you got that impression, but he’s a great guy and that’s not like him at all…” Not my ideas of sincere apologies, but whatever. I was open to hearing him out. I was open to communicating. I was, after all, the one who encouraged him to call me to discuss this matter.

Then he started telling me how my post was the only negative comment his company has ever received and it was irresponsible of me to post it just because I was mad I didn’t get a donation. I explained in very clear terms AGAIN that I was not upset that his company was unable to donate to my fundraiser. I was upset with the way my time was wasted and the way I was treated by his employee.  I asked how it would be any different if I was treated poorly by an employee while ordering cupcakes. He insisted it was very different because I was obviously just mad about the donation.
We went back and forth for a little bit, recounting each of our sides of the story. He kept trying to explain why this person may have treated me badly or, at least, why I would “feel” that he treated me badly.

Again, a couple “I’m sorry, but”s thrown in.  I tried to explain that this was merely a vent about poor customer service to a group of girls who I’m close with. Had this been five or ten years ago, I would have possibly vented about it to some friends over coffee or on the phone, but that, in this day and age, he has to accept that unfavorable reviews like this are going to pop up on the internet and he should be confident enough in his company to know that one bad review is not going to do a lot of damage if there are ten other positive ones that outweigh it. I also explained that if what he wanted me to do was to remove my post, he certainly wasn’t getting there by threatening me, like he did in his first email to me.

At another point in the conversation we had some sort of exchange about respecting customers, to which he told me that I “wasn’t a customer”. I explained that I was a potential customer and he retracted with, “Well *everyone’s* a potential customer and you’re not treating me with a lot of respect by posting that.” Confused, I moved on.  Then it was back to me being upset with them because I didn’t get the donation. Seriously. It did not compute. I can’t believe I had to do so much explaining. This is when I started to get really irritated. He again implied that my post was spurred by not getting the donation and I finally cut him off. I did raise my voice a  bit, because I was sick of being accused of something I clearly did not do.

I told him I would not allow him to tell me anymore that I was posting out of anger over the lack of donation. He then asked why I posted on the message board anonymously to which I had to LOL a bit, and then, possibly with a snarky tone, told him that he needed an education in the way the internet, blogs and message boards work.  Well, that set him off. He told me, (this is all paraphrased to the best of my memory) “No wonder he was rude to you if this is the way you act!… You are a piece of work… I know what type of person you are and I’m sure with your personality type you deal with this a lot… I’m done talking to you… You are irrational and can’t be spoken to… I don’t know where you are from, but if you plan on doing any fundraisers in this town you better watch out because it is a small world… I will ruin your reputation in this town (<<<THAT, I know he said word for word)”

I calmly said, “Chad, I apologize for raising my voice” and went on to tell him a little bit about how a message board works and how I wasn’t posting “anonymously”. I was posting under a screen name, and then told him all the reasons why it would be bad to post personal info there like my phone number and home address, like he implied he would do in his threat to me.  He expressed that he was upset that I didn’t sign that post with my first and last name (and now a roaring LOL from the internet community) or the companies I represent.

Well, last I checked, if a person works for, say, Dell and they write that they aren’t happy with the way the guy at Subway treated them, that doesn’t mean that Dell is now not happy with Subway, right? I mean, unless he was writing on Dell’s behalf, and I wasn’t writing on anyone’s behalf but my own. Okay, this is all obvious to everyone, right?  Then, at some point toward the end, he called me “Diabolical” more than once. I was so taken aback, I thought I heard him wrong. I asked him to repeat what he just called me and he said, “you are diabolical”. Then again threatened with the reputation thing. He told me to have my lawyers contact his because he was going to take further action.

There was some legal banter back and forth. I let him know that I had already notified TheBump.com and the LLS and forwarded all chains of communication to both of them. Then he floored me by asking what city I live in. I told him that’s none of his business and I wasn’t going to tell him. He then asked where my phone number was from. I told him that there was no way I was telling him anything about my location. Then I calmly said, “I’m done talking with you, Chad. Good bye,” and hung up.

I’m really, really trying to think if I called him any names, but I swear, I really don’t think I did. I’m trying to think if there was anything I said to him that was disrespectful other than the snarky internet education comment, but I truly don’t think I did. I really held my composure for the most part, except when I did raise my voice a little after getting so aggravated with the incessant accusations.  I am just… just… astounded by the way he treated me.

Prior to today I probably would have ended up purchasing a Dimple’s Cupcake at some point in the near future. And, had he emailed me with an open mind, asked to hear my side of the story, took at least partial responsibility for the way I was treated without making excuses, I would have at least considered posting an update to the original message board post saying that the company went out of their way to make things right. All would have been well, damage would have been controlled and I would not be blogging about this tonight for thousands to see.

But, no, Chad. I will not be bullied into removing a negative review of your company. And I really have to wonder if these scare tactics are the reason why you can say there are no negative reviews of your company out there. I stand behind what I said, but you should know that your actions today have eclipsed any negative experience I’ve had with your employees up to this point x 100.  You said you would “ruin my reputation” so consider this my preemptive strike.

Jill Krause
Associated with nobody except myself and this blog, which is read by hundreds, if not thousands of DFW area residents

Edited on December 11, 2009 to add this email I received from Chad on December 8, 2009


I would like to apologize for everything I have said to you or written in an email.  I am not attempting to make any excuses for the way I handled the situation and the tone I took.  I wanted to apologize immediately after this unfortunate event, however I did not want to appear insincere in light of your blog postings.  Again, I obviously handled myself in an inexcusable manner and upset you terribly.  I can only say I am sorry and would like to more than simply send an email.

Dimples Cupcakes would be very happy to make frequent donations to the charity of your choice.  We would also like to display your charity on our website to bring additional awareness to your cause.  I know how passionate you are about the cause you champion and together we could do great things to benefit it.  I hope you do not think of this as a way to encourage you to take down your blogs, as I am very aware they have been up for some time.  Please share your thoughts.

Chad Sorrells
Dimples Cupcakes

I’ve passed the information for the North Texas chapter of Team In Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on to him.

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  1. ::applause::

    Don’t mess with Jill.

    I can’t wrap my brain around how this guy sounds. Not using your “real” name on the interwebs, contacting thebump…I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you Dimples Cupcakes.

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  3. Wow. Seriously I can’t even imagine dealing with this – what a joke. I can say, I will never, ever give them my business. Ever.

    You rock, Jill – and clearly you have no need to worry about your “reputation” being ruined, lol.

    Hang in there! <3

  4. I’m not a big fan of cupcakes anyway. (That being said, my son’s 1st birthday party is going to be cupcake themed – go figure….I guess we wont be giving them our business.)

    Now I’m off to find some great cupcakes with matching customer service!

  5. oh wow – I don’t think I’ve ever commented before but I just HAD to say something here. I just CANNOT believe a) that they are so diligently trolling for reviews/criticism (since they are “so busy”) and b) that anyone in a service related field would EVER EVER let a situation like this get so escalated. The customer is always right and all that jazz. This guy sounds like he’s on drugs.

  6. I have been reading you blog forever, but I have never posted. However, after reading this post I just wanted to say YOU ROCK!

    I don’t live in Texas, but I have plenty of family and friends who do live in DFW. I will be sure to let them know what “lovely” people they are and not to give any business Dimples Cupcakes.

  7. Obviously Chad has now ruined the reputation of Dimples Cupcakes. It sounds like you have handled the situation correctly, don’t let him stress you out!

  8. Good for you Jill! It takes a lot of courage to standup to someone like him. He is obviously a moron, who’s “reputation” is far more ruined than yours. Thank you for posting this and showing us all that we don’t have to put up with people’s crap! 🙂

  9. really? we’re supposed to give out our full names on internet posts? Should I start including my SSN and bank account # as well? I’d like to give Chad a piece of my mind, he’s made me not want cupcakes…and that’s just wrong.

  10. Wow, just wow. I can’t believe that they would do something like this! I applaud you for speaking your mind & not allowing someone to bully you like that. I really can’t wrap my brain around his logic…Totally sounds like he knows they did you wrong & are acting incredibly defensive.

  11. What a jerk! I didn’t think cupcakes could ever become less appealing but he sure helped put them there for me! Good think I don’t live in DFW b/c he would have lost me as a customer too. Good for you for standing your ground!

  12. well at least now you know that the douche baggery extends to the top of the company. unbelievable! i hope his head explodes when he reads this! good for you for not being bullied.

  13. Good for you for not being bullied! If this is the way this guy runs a business, I’ll be shocked to see them last very long. He totally blew up a situation that could have VERY easily been resolved.

    Maybe after he’s done with Internet 101, he can hit up Business Sense for Dummies: How to Handle Yourself Professionally.

  14. What an ass! I am so sorry you had to deal with this ridiculous man. It is apparent that he is one of those bullying types that is not used to people that don’t instantaneously back down to his threats. When people start waving the lawyer card around, they are nervous and trying to get you to go away quickly. If I were you, I would track down a lawyer and give him a call if for no other reason that to make him shit his pants.

    Oh, and yes, Jill, by all means, you should attach your full name and address to EVERYTHING you post just in case some douchebag gets offended by something you say. That’s such a fabulous idea! That way, when an irate internet stalker comes across your info, they can come visit you whenever they like! I mean, honestly, how can ANYONE even think for a second that that’s a good idea??

    Chad deserves a swift kick in the balls, if you ask me.

  15. Wow. First of all, threatening to post your personal information as a retaliative measure is illegal. Is he aware of that, or will it take legal action to put him in the know? That was a huge PR fail. Why? Because no MOM, and let’s face it, they’re the target market, wants to be associated with any company (through their purchases or recommendations) which is run by someone who wants to maliciously violate the first rule of internet safety- never discolse your personal information in a public forum. That’s how teens end up missing and dead. As a mother, the fact that he would even think of posting the info of a private citizen in order to get back at them positively terrifies me. Sounds like the kind of jerk who writeas his girlfriend’s name and number in a bathroom stall when she becomes his ex girlfriend. Having lived in the DFW area, I’ll be sure to send my friends from the area this link, because I wold hate to think they’ll be spending their sweets money on a company which lacks ethical standards.

  16. Dear Chad,

    You’re a big, fat idiot who ruined your company’s reputation. This blog is read by THOUSANDS of people in the DFW area, plus it’s read by THOUSANDS more in Texas and all around the USA. And we (bloggers/internet people) will post this review, tweet about it and make you look even worse. You dug your own grave, now lie in it with your cupcakes.

    -Monica from Texas


    I think you handled this professionally and in an adult manner. I applaud you for it, and I am sure there are plenty of sane business owners who would love to help out your cause/fundraiser. Bravo for standing up to that moron!


  17. Wow, well I think it’s pretty clear that the CEO of Dimples Cupcakes didn’t need your help to drive away customers with that kind of attitude…but this will hurry it along 😉

  18. No one I come in contact with in Austin, Houston or SanAntonio will be eating Dimple’s Cupcakes, either. You deserve several glasses of wine after dealibg with this ass.

  19. This guy sounds deranged. I cannot believe the way he chose to play this. We won’t be purchasing any Dimples Cupcakes in this lifetime.

  20. Well, the very first thing that comes to mind is that this guy needs to get a handle on grammar. His poorly written email just about sent me over the edge.

    Second, good for you for standing up for yourself.

    Third, I wish I was in DFW area just so I could boycott Dimples.

  21. To be fair, I have always thought of you as “diabolical.” If there’s one word I would use to describe Jill, it would definitely be “diabolical.” You know those stay at home moms.


    You DEFINITELY have readers in the DFW who will NEVER be giving Dimples Cupcakes their business. I live/work close enough to them that I may have visited, but now? Not a chance. What kind of moron CEO would respond to a negative forum post like that!? Your answer should be “I’m so sorry to see that our employee treated you badly. Is there something we can do to make up for that?” Or at the very least, don’t say anything. Trust me, there are a LOT of pissed off bloggers out there now. And I will be sharing this on Facebook and quite possibly my blog with all my other DFW friends.

    Nice work, Dimples. You’ve just lost a lot of business from stressed out, PMSing, pregnant, or pissed off moms/women who need a cupcake.

    Frisco and Dallas.
    Amazing. Just saying.

  22. Good for you!! I don’t live anywhere near the DFW area, but if I’m ever visiting you can rest assured that I will not be purchasing a cupcake from this place.

  23. Good for you. All I can say is wow. Unbelievable that in this day and age you can’t even complain about crappy service without fear of getting lawyers involved. I’m going to totally sound like my mom right now- but in MY day customer service was king and going out of your way to secure the happiness of a customer wronged was the right way to handle business.

  24. Wow – that was a great post. I still can’t believe where customer service has gone in this country. You might expect it at the $7/hour level (I still don’t) but for a CEO to become so defensive is ridiculous. Maybe he knows how to make a cupcake but he certainly doesn’t know how to win over future customers. My personality sounds a lot like yours and everything you did sounded right on target to me.

  25. WOW. You handled that much better than I would have.

    I’m glad you posted about this. Now, instead of one negative review on a fairly obscure message board, there is a long, lengthy, very negative review of their customer service – involving their CEO, no less – on a much more popular forum read by many in their target market.

    Dimples Cupcakes PR= FAIL

  26. I live 2 miles from Willow Bend/Dimples. I will never, ever give them any business, and I will tell everyone I know this story!

  27. What an ass! I am so sorry Jill you are having to deal with this when both you and Liz are just trying to do something good for a great cause.

  28. Wow, go you! I would be LIVID at the way he treated you. I see they have two locations in FL so I will make sure neither I nor any of my friends use them ugh

  29. My husband told me about this. I can’t BELIEVE them. Were they hearing you in another language or something?

    When your company agrees to a VOLUNTARY donation of their product or services, it should then be treated in the way they handle it as a PAID ORDER. That’s essentially what it is when they offer to donate.

    I wonder if they harass their PAYING customers when they call to check in on their orders. Insane.

  30. Lynda, allow me to clarify that they never confirmed the donation more than saying, “Sure, that shouldn’t be a problem” or something to that effect. Of course, I believed that it wouldn’t be a problem and that they would come through, that’s why I continued to follow up. But, in the end, I’m not upset with them for not being able to donate, and that’s not the reason I chose to blog about this. Really, more than anything, it was the CEOs behavior that I find appalling.

  31. WOW. I cannot believe that a CEO of any company, but especially one in the hospitality industry would act in such a manner. I was in the restaurant industry for years and this just makes me so angry. If this is how they treat potential customers I don’t even want to know what they would do to actual customers that have issues. I think I’ll stay way from them. Sprinkles sounds really good right about now.

  32. And this ^ is exactly why businesses like “Dimples Cupcakes” will go bankrupt, and then blame someone else. The arrogance in which he addressed you is flabbergasting enough–but to use that kind of language with someone and then brush off the fact that you are a potential customer, who knows many other potential customers, amazes me. I don’t know Chad, but I’ve read your posts on thebump and here long enough to have a pretty good idea of the kind of person you are–and Chad is no match for you in either wit or class.

  33. The point about the original donation is clearly understood IMO–if the answer was going to be ‘no’ then he should have just said ‘no’. He created the problem by trying to appease you instead of using honesty as his policy. He probably found it annoying that you kept calling, but you WOULD HAVE STOPPED CALLING IF HE JUST SAID NO. End of story.

  34. Oh wow!! I had never even heard of Dimples before I read this but I have to say that I do not want anything to do with them now. And really I cannot believe her threatened you!!! I too have to wonder if there are no negative reviews of his company because of these scare tactics.

  35. Jill –
    It was so wonderful meeting you today and I hope the gift certificate and coupons will help out with your charity this weekend. Also, after reading your blog I can not help, but to comment about my strikingly similar experience with Dimples. Back in February, they chose me to be their Chief Pastry Chef. They strung me along claiming that they would be opening a location within a month (looks like they aren’t opening at all now, all the signs are down at Willowbend) =), but 5 months, several recipes which were created and baked in my own home, and 2 notable events that I made cupcakes for later, still nothing was even close to opening….and the promises continued. Then out of the blue, Chad sends me an email (not a phone call or a personal meeting), basically letting me go. That was just the beginning. I was never compensated for my time, knowledge or labor, and after confronting them with this, they threatened not only my business, but my husband and his job, with lies and accusations which were completely insane and unprofessional, very similar to your story which is to ruin my reputation, and of course, always threatening to contact my lawyer. (I don’t think they even have one). We decided not to pursue anything with them because we did not want to continue to deal with people who have no honor and cannot deal in a professional and businesslike manner. All I could hope for was karma. What goes around comes around, and that’s a beautiful thing.

  36. First of all, kudos to you for staying so composed whilst dealing with the scum of the Earth. He really stepped in it and I am floored that he would treat you that way. You have done the best thing that you can in this situation, letting others know about your experience.

  37. Oh Man Jill! What a crazy story. This company and this guy in particular sound absolutely insane. If we had Dimples Cupcakes in Oregon I’d totally be boycotting them right now. I can’t believe they would threaten to disclose your information like that. Unbelievable!

  38. Long time lurker, first time poster…
    This is nuts! Good for you for standing up for yourself! This has to be a small company. I can’t imagine that the CEO of a decent-sized professional organization would act with such disregard to someone. Talk about a PR nightmare…
    Way to go Jill!!

  39. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words.

    Kara, thank you so much for sharing your story. I really have to wonder now how many people he has threatened in the name of his “reputation”.

  40. Sareh from NYC on

    I would like you to know I just drug my butt OUT OF BED to write a response to this (yes, I was reading your blog via blackberry in bed, what?)!

    I’m so glad you stood up for yourself – how dare ANYONE make threats to that caliber. I mean, “I’ll ruin you” sounds like something a high school girl would say and it’s NOT professional in any capacity. Secondly, whatever happened to the customer is always right…or non-customer as you may be? It’s shocking really.

    I’ll tell you this, I had never heard of Dimples cupcakes until this debacle, but I certainly know it now and will steer clear!

  41. I live in the DFW area, and because of the way he treated you, you will never find me in a Dimples and Cupcakes. I DO NOT do bully tactics.

    I am proud of you for standing up for yourself and I hope he feels like a jerk right now.

  42. I can’t believe that any business that would pride themselves in being as squeaky clean as they are would go so far to threaten you. They obviously don’t know who they’re messing with, and they obviously don’t understand how big the mommy blogging community is – and how powerful it is. Karma will kick his ass.

  43. Jill, yours was not the first negative review of this company, believe me. For months they promised one of my good friends the senior baker job and reviewed her AMAZING recipies. Unfortunately she trusted them and several months down the line, after stringing her along, they let her go and said that she didn’t seem interested in the job. She had been working on countless mixes for them and had served her signiture designs at several events for them. They show absolutely no integrity, and I am pretty sure I won’t be suprised when my friends recipies end up on their menu.

    Thanks got your comments

  44. Try cupcakesbykara.com she is a wonderful person who is extremely tallented and would earn your buisness…and she delivers 🙂

  45. Well, it seems like you weren’t the first. Saw this on their facebook.

    Kasi Chaloupka
    What a bunch of schucks…a bunch of Sprinkles wanna-bees:

    Hmm I will be sure to POST your VERY RUDE email on Facebook…ASSHOLE!!!

    — On Thu, 9/10/09, info@dimplescupcakes.com wrote:

    From: info@dimplescupcakes.com
    To: “Kasi Chaloupka”
    Date: Thursday, September 10, 2009, 3:01 PM

    How might you be a client of mine? If you are I would much rather you be a FORMER client.
    Good Day
    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

    From: Kasi Chaloupka
    Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 08:26:33 -0700 (PDT)

    This is the THIRD time I have sent an email and have NOT recieved a response. I would like to know if the store is going to open in Willow Bend seeing as the sigRead More
    September 10 at 4:10pm · Report

  46. wow wow wow!!! I was excited to try them but now im over them! I will pay more if the customer service is awesome! I was at Neimans today at Willow bend and my son was asking for a treat, the man behind the counter said to bad the Cupcake place isnt opening anymore…interesting!!!
    Good for you for standing up for yourself! The CEO made himself look very ignorant

  47. Jill, You can let Chad know his wonderful business practices have made it all the way to Alabama. I may never be in DFW but rest assured if I am, Dimples will not be my choice for sweets.

  48. Wow, really this is how you act when you are opening a new location and want to attract customers? I love cupcakes and I can say that I will never ever take my son to this place.

    Good for you for keeping your composure through all of this. You have the patience of a Saint and should be given an award for your Customer Service!!

  49. Wow, this guy is insane! As a small business owner, I would never, ever treat a potential client that way, even after a negative review. Just goes to show you reap what you sow. This guy needs to go back to college & take marketing 101.

  50. I know of the wicked schemes that Dimples Cupcakes has left on DFW. They have already had a horrible reputation before any of this came about. Lets just say I know some people that potentially could have given this company a loan and didn’t because of the bad reviews and rep they have given people. What comes around goes around. I never wish bad among anyone but just pray for their ways to change.

    • I also know of their escapades and the sums of money they stole from people. It is amazing that they can do business in this town. They move from place to place and are snakes slithering trying to avoid getting caught but they will get caught and hopefully sooner than later. I really find the threats of legal issues quite funny considering they would never bring themselves to the surface for any kind of law suit fearing they would be found and put in jail. I tell everyone I know to stay as far away from Dimples as possible. As far as Chad’s status of CEO, that is funny considering there are only two people in their company.

    • I tried posting this but for some reason it did not show up – anyway, here it is again. These guys are NO GOOD. The shear fact that they threatened you with legalities is a joke. They would never do it because of the fear of having to resurface after hiding for so many months. There are warrants out for their arrests for the thousands of dollars they have taken from unsuspecting innocent people. I’ve been on the receiving end of some of their emails. They are white collar criminals – stay away!!! And Chad throwing around the title of CEO – that is a JOKE, there are only two people in the company. Chad and his lover Bryan.

  51. Good lord. I wish someone would round up all the crazies and ship them off to an island to live together. That way, they could all just be nutso to each other.

  52. WOW, after reading your post, all I can think is WTF is this guy thinking and HOW in the world did he ever get to be a CEO???

    You should totally post this on Yelp.com.

  53. If they didn’t want to donate a door prize, they could have just said “sorry, we can’t help at this time”. Why WOULDN’T you have called back to pick up the item?

  54. Cupcakes should NOT be evil.

    I cannot believe the threats or the name calling! Does the company know they have such an awful person as their PR person?? I mean, REALLY?!

  55. Thank you Jill,
    For exercising your courage and backbone. Too many times, companies/people think they can make threats or treat you in an unprofessional manner simply because they have no composure or self control. (better said…they simply cannot handle the truth.) As a company owner and business person, I have bent over backwards, even when the “customer was wrong” to resolve situations in a pleasant, professional manner. To be honest, I’m not shocked at all by your encounter. This type of thing is very common and I feel the more “honest” reviews, the merrier. It helps the rest of us stear clear of another pending issue just waiting to happen. I. for one, will NOT be purchasing anything from them. I feel that with today’s abundant choices of all things, I want to give my hard earned money to the most deserving, respectful, worthy companies and products. —(can you tell this struck a nerve?) LOL

  56. This is my first time visitng your site and I just came across this post. As a professional fundraiser I am tired of being treated like I am begging when asking for donations but I have learned to have a thick skin when hearing “no”, obviously you have too.

    Nothing makes me angrier than corporate suits who think that they are superior. Companies have to realize that with the internet it is even easier to share negative experiences. This is a great example of someone spreading the word about a poor customer service experience:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo over 5.7 million views – now that’s bad publicity!

  57. Wow… that makes me soo ANGRY!! Why are some people so rude? I can’t believe a CEO would act SO unprofessional. So very sad…

  58. Jesus, my blood pressure went THROUGH THE ROOF reading this post. I have had some seriously poor customer service in my time (about which I, too, blogged AND wrote letters to the companies’ home offices), but this story is seriously just nuts. There are no words! I’m just…this is crazy! I’ve never heard of Dimples before, but you can be sure this story will be passed around in the Twin Cities.

    Be careful though, girl. That Chad guy actually sounds a little dangerous…

  59. I’m chuckling right now thinking about how much work Chad will have to commit if he wants to contact each and every one of the commenters on this thread (myself included), tell us to lawyer-up, and pressing for our first and last names and companies.

    While I’m at it… Chad, if you’re reading this: “principal” is the head of a school. “principle” is an ideal or value.

  60. How long does this guy think he can go around stringing people along or theatening people for that matter? Internet is karma for a crook in sheeps clothing.

    I live in Houston now but have a lot of family and friends in DFW. Us women in DFW are cut from a thicker cloth you don’t want to mess with us.

  61. I just heard about dimples over the holidays and wanted to try them out. Your story is very unfortunate and did make me less intereted in visiting their store.
    I’m not sure which is sadder, the actual exchange between you and dimples or the fact that any mom poured so much time and effort into what boiled down to miscommunication and (possibly) disappointment in not having your request granted as you hoped.
    You’ve clearly moved on, so good for you!

    • Sara, while I have moved on, I will reiterate, once again, that this did not stem from disappointment that I didn’t receive a donation. I was denied by several companies for this fundraiser and others, and if that was the case, this blog would have a lot more similar entries.

      • Jill, I totally believe every word of what you wrote. My wife and I had an extremely bad experience with Chad Sorrells and his partner which in turn has developed into a legal battle with the owners of Frisco Square, which by the way choose to ignore any wrong doing by the Dimples owners. So much so that the construction mgr for Frisco Square is now working for Dimples. I am the contractor who completed all the finish out work for the Frisco Square location. We finished the work for Chad, but he felt that he did not need to pay me, which in turn has forced me to file a lien on the proerty owners. For anyone interested, I have lengthy documentation of scams these two guys have pulled on people from Florida to California. I will be willing to bet that as soon as Chad or his partner read this blog they will make threats towards me as they have already done with my wife and numerous others. If interested, I will be happy to forward any documentation to the curious. I will also be happy to detail the negative responses I have recieved from the financial backers of Frisco Square. It’s amazing to me the lengths that large companies will go to make sure the small business owner doesn’t recieve justice!

        • Scott…I’m so sorry to hear about your experience with Dimples and Chad. I nearly went to work for this guy, but Thank God I found out the truth about him before I did. He would tell me that his family had “lots of money because they own a pizza franchise in the Metroplex” and then would make up statistics to put on his Website (ie., 2 days after the Taste of Dallas last year he put on his site that Dimples was voted best at the festival). When I asked him about the claim, he said he made it up, but figured no one would notice or ask about it. Then he would brag about running Fortune 500 companies. All BS. This guy is a low-life and I hope he gets everything he deserves. Now I know why he never wanted his name on anything. And if you’re reading this Chad, you know who I am and you know I’m telling the truth. I have your hateful emails as documentation to prove it.

        • Karen, I can tell my wife and I would like you! I’m glad you did not go to work with these idiots! My wife and I are in the process of giving interviews with some people from a local company that covers scams. Sooner than later,you will probably be seeing Dimples on the news. And it will not be because their glutencakes are good!

        • Scott, Karen, et. al: I hope you have all been able to connect some how/way. Chad and Bryan have been scamming people for years. Chad used to own a property management company and would “manage” investment properties by taking rent and never paying the owners. AMAZING. Thousand and thousands of dollars in scamming. Then they went to Thailand and tried to recreate this and ended up in Florida with a jet ski business. One of their cohorts has just landed himself in jail for not paying contractors (several times over) on their build out – Scott you may know whom I speak of. Chad and Bryan better beware – too many people know where they are and soon enough they are not going to be able to run – the power of the internet is going to hurt them.

        • Scott…please keep me posted about your interviews and let me know when they will air. I’d love to see them.

        • Karen, Found out something very interesting today. I know one of the guys who developed the high rise condos where Chad lived. He informed me that when they went in to clean out the condo, there were hundreds of receipts from Walmart and various other super markets for boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix! Not surprised

        • I failed to mention that Chad and his partner were kicked out of the highrise and the kitchen was a mess from them cooking the cupcakes in the condo.

        • Scott…I’m not surprised at all. So much for the “secret recipe!” What a joke. I thank God every day that I didn’t get involved with these lunatics.

        • Former Cupcaker on

          I unfortunately worked for them for awhile. They use Betty Crocker mix. I’m pretty sure they get the recipes from the book called “the cake mix doctor returns”. Definately not homemade. What a joke these guys are. Scott – I have my fingers crossed that they get exposed on the news!

        • OMG!!! These guys are a JOKE!!! This is crazy. I cannot wait to see this fall out first hand.


        • Scott…thought you might be interested to know that Dimples Uptown location is “closed for remodeling.” They’ve been open for 6 months…why remodel? I’ll be surprised if they reopen. If they are indeed remodeling, that’s another contractor they’ll screw out of his hard-earned money. 🙁

        • Interesting. I hear they only baked at the uptown store – they never baked at the Frisco location. I wonder where they are making these Betty Crocker cupcakes?

        • I just read the ‘D Magazine” article… I can only assume that you were the contractor that they discussed in the article and that your wife is the Realtor that worked with them for months and months!

          These guys leased a property for their “home offices” and bakery only to skip out on the lease and to paint a very small portion of a wall a putrescent shade of pink!

          I can absolutely attest to the fact that these two are pieces of work and are RUDE (to say the least).

          Normally, when people are of this “ilk” I would ask if they kissed their mothers with the mouths that the unkind and crude words came; however, I’m fairly certain that these two probably remain “unclaimed” on Mother’s Day.

          I can honestly say that I’ve never posted about someone/organization like I have this one!

          My incidents occurred at the beginning of 2010. I literally thought that it was probably just me, but, given the “D Magazine” article and the posts that I’ve read thus far, I feel able to finally come forward and tell the truth.

          I too have kept a backup of the vitriol that Chad Sorrellls sent to my e-mail and phone via text!

          If my broker felt that these guys were anything more then con artists, he would have filed suit.

          To Dimples Cupcakes, all I have to say is: Good luck… Karma will surely catch up with you two.

  62. I went to the Dimples in Tyler at Broadway square mall. The girl who works there is very sweet.However, they did not have cupcakes, and still do not to the best of my knowledge.

    The coffee is good though.

  63. My husband and I met the owners today. You have never met two guys more full of sh__ than them. And by the way, ANYONE can clearly use the CEO title. Just because you’re the CEO of a little cupcake company doesn’t mean you’re anything. These two are trying to fabricate something out of nothing, and I’d put my $500 per hour lawyer up against these losers any day.

    These guys are NOT who they say they are, so don’t be afraid to take them on. There is a man behind the curtain and he’s wearing a tutu…..

  64. After reading this blog, my first thought was,”Wow, this girl spent a lot of time and energy debating a company that was not interested in helping her cause.” It seemed that it became less about the cause and more about being right for both of you. Good luck with your run.

  65. Wow. I wish I would have found this before I stopped into the Frisco Store this weekend. If I had, I would not have gone in. On Sunday afternoon, they only had one choice left. Good for them I guess, but after being open for a while, you would hope they would be better at forecasting demand.

    In the end, I felt like the treat was good, but it was more expensive than any of the competition. I like supporting small business, but geez – the feeling that we overpaid and now knowing that this is the guy I was supporting – NO THANKS!

  66. Marci –
    Are you implying that the owners are gay? Is that what you meant with your homophobic tutu comment? I love people like you who make these types of uneducated comments. The best part is karma. I wish I knew you so that I could be around when your child comes out of the closet.

    Wake up sister… it’s 2010 and gay people rule the planet.

    • James, I don’t know if Marci is homophobic or not but the owners of Dimples are a gay couple – Chad and Bryan. They are two of the shadiest people I have ever had the misfortune to meet.

      • you picked a time when this man was stressed out …i have dealt with this company and they havebeen kind and professional… business is business and you are not knowing the facts of his so called rudeness .. im sure you have had days when if one more person calls you you want to shoot them with your words. if not you have not lived long enough.. he is and repeat is a nice guy and the product speaks for itself or you would have not calle them in the first place

    • James-
      I find it interesting to read that you are insulting this woman for her ignorant comment yet, here you type that having a gay child is a punishment to all straight couples. If you are going to accuse others of ignorant comments than you should be ten times more careful not to make them yourself.

  67. CupcakeLover on

    OMG…I have had a similar experience with this man, although not for a charitible donation. He is rude, unprofessional and downright ugly. I thought it was me and felt really bad, but now I know the truth…he’s just a jerk plain and simple!! I’m so glad I found your post.

  68. Great job standing up for yourself. I guess I will be walking on past Dimples cupcakes…would probably put to many dimples on behind anyway!!!

  69. I have another story to add about these idiots. A friend told me that D Magazine legal department went to them as soon as they heard that Dimples had claimed on their website and facebook page that they were “The Official Cupcake Providers for D Magazine”. D Magazine does not do this. Just because you sold one cupcake or probably gave one away to a D employee or to their dog does not make you an “Official Provider” of anything. Well maybe “Official Provider of a bunch of lies, deceipt and crap” – they seem to be good at that.

  70. We sold coffee to Dimples in Frisco and Tyler. We were able to recover our equipment in Frisco but they left the mall in Tyler before we could get it. We are looking for Chad to file a claim against him for conversion of an asset. Since he was locked out of the high rise, he has gone underground. If anyone knows of his wear-abouts, please post it.

    • FormerCupcaker on

      Jerry, When I worked for them Chad and Bryan spent most of their time at the West Village store

      • Thank you. Do you happen to know where Chad moved? Also, do you know the managers full name at the West Village store?

        • If you need to serve the Dimples people with papers, I think I know where to find them. Don’t like criminals myself.

  71. Get this. My neighbor’s daughter works there…and not been paid in three weeks! Apparantly they do not take out taxes either. She siad the first time they did not pay her that she was cool with it…but the next time she said that is unacceptable. She was planning to call the better business bureau. She confronted the manager, was immediately terminated, and received an email from the owner, whom she has never met, and was told that if she calls the better business buruea, they will file a lawsuit against her claiming that she made terroristic threats about burning down the building. The only way she can prevent him from filing this type of suit would be if she never contacted them about being paid again. Lovely group of guys here. The good part, is the Departmet of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service has been contacted and they indicated that not paying employees is probably one of the biggest offenses outside of not paying taxes or withholding for their employees. Stealing from their employees and the government, priceless. Charma will catch up with these people. I bet their parent are so proud!

    • John…I am not surprised that this has happened. She should absolutely contact the Better Business Bureau along with the EEOC and file complaints. They have no proof that she threatened them. They are trying to intimidate her and this is their way of trying to shut her up. They won’t file any lawsuits because they can’t afford to out themselves. They owe alot of people money and they’re hiding. Tell her to complain to anyone and everyone. These guys are scum…the lowest of the low.

    • John, I was never paid either. After I quit they told me I could get my money if I signed confidentiality papers but I refused. I hope she makes some kind of complaint. There is no way they will file a lawsuit against her. She didn’t get a paycheck because they don’t have the money. If they can’t afford to pay her minimum wage they can’t afford a lawyer. Besides, Karen is right, they won’t expose themselves like that.

    • well that’s truth only the people who work there know how they are, I was one of them and I received threats from him, and I did not receive my payment,and I’m not the only one there are more people. SO make your conclusion about this people.

  72. I don’t know anyone from Dimples but Jerry sounds like the guy From Globex? Jerry you POS if thats you why don’t you stop looking for other people and go pay attention to the people who roast your Cavelli coffee and dump expired coffee Grinds from old can and bags in your mix. You Cavelli is nothing more than a mix of expired coffee grinds from lavazza and your preaching your a victim? You scumbag you know exactly what is happening at your company

    • Sounds like someone from Dimples finally found this post. Really? All you can do is point fingers and curse others? How about taking a little responsibility for your shady business…

    • I do not know who you are TJ but it sounds like you are an angry person who knows nothing about coffee. You cannot even get the name right but that figures. I would say that your animosity and anger gets you into a lot of trouble. Yes, I do know what is happening and I also know we are the oldest gourmet coffee roaster in Dallas. What might your claim to fame be?
      ps…if you have the courage to put your name on the thread, that would be nice.

  73. These people are insane. I was going to give them $4000 worth of corporate business (delivering cupcakes to our employees on their birthdays). I dealt with Marie and Giovana – two female managers. They were incompetent and flat out liars. I called one day and they told me Marie was fired. Then the next day she was back at work and said she had been in ER the day before. None of this made sense and I pulled our account with them before first order was delivered. Thank GOD! I came across this website and am so glad i never met the owners. I give them 4-6 weeks…seems like they are running a sinking ship.

  74. Brad Griggsby on

    I am amazed that not more people are speaking out yet about these guys. Now they have a link on their website for franchises, and on their franchise app they ask for your social security # along with your net worth. http://www.dimplescupcakes.com/FranshiseApp.html

    I hope no one is stupid enough to share their personal info with these guys.

    • My husband and I had been in contact with Dimples for the past month trying to see about a franchise – and no we did not fill out the paperwork, Thank God. I sent him one email which he polity replied to but then I sent 2 more emails requesting a meeing with no reply. My husband then sent an email asking again for a meeting to discuss the business only to get a rude response that they have 16 other franchise applications in varies stages of completion and that he should keep his snide remarks out of an email for a business because the business starts with good relationships between the parties. After reading all the above, I am SO glad we did not complete the franchise agreement! Thank you Lord for watching out for us!! Amen

  75. Wow- I thought it was just me that had a horrible experience with these owners! I worked for them when they 1st started out, before they had a store. After maybe a month I never heard from them again and of course was never paid.
    Karma is something, huh? haha
    It was a blessing though because now I work for a great company in Frisco

  76. Here is the latest rumor these Dimples folks are spreading, – That the Dallas location of Sprinkles is looking to move to a smaller space, and they (Dimples) are wanting to take over their building.
    This excerpt is taken from the Dimples FaceBook page, posted on 8-24-10, 12:19 pm:

    Dimples Cupcakes Mark sorry…..as you saw there was major outside construction going on… we were either behind the Yellow Tape of behind the Orange Barricade Fence. It is my understanding they will have the sidewalks will be replace today..

    Linda….we are looking at spaces in the N. Dallas area…. We are trying to lease the Sprinkles Location… I hear they might be moving into a much smaller space 🙂

    • Their franchise page also says you will need a “Degree in Baking Knowledge” because their cupcakes are so complex to make. BAHAHAHAHA! A seven year old can follow the directions of a box of betty crocker! Even if these were made from scratch (which I know they aren’t) there is no way anyone would need a degree in “Baking Knowledge” to make cupcakes.

  77. Friend told me their friend from church was working for Dimples and I said – ask them if they have been paid. She came in today and said that her friend said they paid in the beginning but the last few weeks/months have not paid him. And he told her he replaced a guy that never got paid (who was Hispanic) and that this guy kept coming to the shop looking for his money – so Dimples called ICE/ Immigration Agency on him. These people are criminals.

  78. another neighbor on

    well here is more dirt on 2 despicable, dare i say humans! my neighbors daughter and her friends worked @ dimples in uptown and they too were paid on time for about 6 to 8 weeks. mind you they are all seniors in high school(at the time) 1st jobs 4 many getting paid $10.s an hour. yeeha, fantastic. then checks were a couple of days late and they were required to sign a nondisclosure form, which my neighbors daughter was not there to sign. also a couple people were given a bad personal checks and a they were paying w/o taxes, fica or social security taken out. they were underage at the time and in school, they required them to work full time + and never paid overtime which they made them work. they were told work or loose your job, often. then checks paid later and later until this last time 3 weeks + late. in the mean time they opened the 1 arts shop, get this they were made to clock in @ uptown and drive to 1 arts to work! the mismanagement was infuriating to me ,i was in the food service bis 30 years, manager of many employees. they’re ignoring the federal labor , irs, social security laws and imagration laws too. i don’t have a word bad enough for these 2. when they opened uptown they purposly hired an illegal man that they knew had a wife and kids. he worked before opening to after closing 7 days a week. then firing him on a pretence, and would not pay him the$ 4000. they owed him. he came back day after day after day until they had him DEPORTED! no matter how you feel about immigration this is an inhuman and unamerican way to treat a person. it is slavery. then they hired another mexican man and did the same thing to him only he was too afraid to do anything about the nonpayment. they are trying to make her quit because she told them she wouldn’t take a drug test before she got paid, not refusing but wanting to finally get paid she and everyone else also. they were paid partially. they removed her from the schedule. she and 1 other employee were the only 2 that asked to take a test, a hair sample test. these test are expensive. they forced him out and he quit. she forced the hand and said she had no problem taking it.” the guys ” said they texted her that they would make an appt. {she showed a manager it} but said they were to busy. her mother went with her today to find out just what was going on, was she fired or what. the afore mentioned managers said they couldn’t do anything and didn’t know if she was. she was going to leave but not before reminding that by law she had to be written up 3 times to be fired and that she had been a very good employee,they agreed. interestingly they just asked her to stay and could she work tonight w/o having to take the drug test? what do you think did they come to they’re senses or just covering there collective asses?

    • I am curious – where are they baking the cupcakes? In prior comments there was mention about baking out of their condo, but they no longer live there. I have visited the Uptown shop twice in July and August but there is never the smell of cupcakes baking which if they are made on-site every hour like they claim; 1) you would never run out and 2) you could smell them baking. The Dallas Health Department takes cooking in your home for a business very seriously – just saying….

    • Well, I have been watching these guys’ website and FaceBook, and I just don’t understand how long they can keep up the charade. I never see the shops busy, they have employees they have not paid, and they are somehow continuing to grow the shops they have, http://www.dimplescupcakes.com/dimplescupcakeslocationsandfuturestores.html
      Are there still enough people out there that are willing to hand over money to people like this?
      I guess time will tell……

      • Well – if you read notes on facebook, they have quite a following, why I don’t know. Like you, I have not seen the store be busy the couple of times I have been there. I think they are feeding the franchisee’s a line of bull, of course, assuming that the three new stores are franchised. If you run the numbers with what they tell you as a franchisee then it would seem you have the opportunity to make a lot of money. Hopefully, those people are not putting in their life savings only to be disappointed. Wonder when this will end?? To many good people are being hurt unfairly!

  79. neighbor's friend on

    For what it’s worth, the Dimples Van is parked outside daily at a house on the corner of Morningside and Glencoe. The house was for rent for 4000.00 until they moved in a few weeks ago. They seem to be conducting business there. White BMW SUV and a bunch of small cars always there during the pow wows. Eye sore to the neighborhood. Guess they have money for 4000.00 rent but not the poor father and husband they had deported or their other employees and contractors they don’t pay.

  80. Former employee on

    I worked for dimples for awhile, these comments do not suprise me! I can’t believe no one has done anything! They don’t even pay their employees on time ever! They also don’t donate to anyone, that was a lie Chad. I still hear they aren’t paying there employees! Some body please do something!

  81. Former cupcaker on

    I worked their also, it is a fact they don’t pay their employees on time for sure! For awhile they paid no one! A month to be exact! I can’t believe no one has caught them yet. Some one please something! It’s not fair. And all the people defending Chad and Bryan don’t know how we feel. They get thier pay checks on time. I had bills to pay too. How can people only think of themselves? Dimples would not exist with out their employees, that is a PRACTICAL fact! Why do you guys even want a company?! It wont last any way, people aren’t that stupid!


  83. I am sorry you had a bad experience. That really stinks and it sounds like they have a lot of work to do on their HR policies and marketing. However, I will say that their cupcakes blow every other cupcake place out of the water… especially Sprinkles (dry and waxy in my opinion). And no, I do not work there … I am, ironically, a Human Resources attorney …

  84. Just caught onto this because I googled Dimples seeing if there were other bad experiences out there! Hard to believe this string of posts has been active for a year, with very little positive feedback. My bad experience was with management to which I saw the name “Marie” mentioned, who is the same person who contributed to the screwed birthday cupcakes I purchased. I was originally going to bake a birthday cake for a party I was hosting when I realized I was out of time and needed emergency cupcakes. Knowing it was short notice (~24 hrs) I called Dimples seeing if they could accomodate. After getting a “well, we really need 3 days notice, but I suppose we can make it happen. I’ll leave a note for the bakers in the morning to do this special for you. [insert negative tone and several sighs for an idiot customer]” This negative vibe should have been my warning sign to hang up and call Sprinkles, Cupcakery, anywhere else! But, I followed through with an order to be picked up by noon the next day. At 10 a.m., I got one of those strange feelings and decided to call, when I got Marie who informed me there was no sign of an order anywhere. And, that came with a free attitude and again, the “you idiot” tone for ordering on such short notice. Marie said she’d put something together, but it wouldn’t be the flavors I had ordered the day before. Again, should have been my out, but I proceeded with the order. Upon arriving at noon, the cupcakes took an additional 20 minutes to box up. Frustrated, I paid my dues both literally and figuratively. To further disappoint, the cupcakes were very average and indeed tasted store bought cake-mix like. Also, they were so greasy, you could taste the oil over the flavor of the cupcakes. Awesome. Now that I know more of the back story, I’m even more furious that I contributed my money to these crooks’ operation.

  85. Thanks for saving me some money. I noticed on their website that they are opening up a store in Arlington.

    I would be SO SO SO Pissed if I bought a dozen cupcakes from them only to discover they are made from Betty Crocker or any other boxed cake mix.

    $4 for a freakin Cupcake???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

    Once again MANY thanks for saving me from spending my hard earned money on two crooks.

  86. patrice says:

    well dude, you have done it. made your self look like a fool. all you had to do was answer mrs.Jill with a simple yes or no donation. How hard was that? That is damn bad customer service and to threaten her, oh hell no! Now you have messed up. Get your act together or close your dimples cupcakes doors. It’ sad, because you really have a good cupcake and beautiful stores.

  87. Did anyone see that their uptown location is now closed because, to my knowledge, the sign on the door interprets that they failed to pay rent on the location?

    Also – does anyone who worked there know how many cupcakes they sold per day?? It didn’t look like there were ever many customers there. Maybe they survived from big orders..?

    It’s so unbelievable that they would use betty crocker mix!! How is that possible – did they own “their recipe?” or license it from someone else who originally developed the mix? does anyone know anything about that??

    • When I drove by yesterday and saw the place shut down, I was sad because I hadn’t gotten to try one of their “amazing” cupcakes…. now I’m glad I never tried one.

  88. I am just 10 years old and I see this wickedness in Dimples.They abused my loved one like a dog.His service was good to them but they were just the opposite.Chad has his little “crew” working for him and they are just as wicked as him.They owe my loved one the money that he can’t afford.They are cruel and wicked creatures that no one can trust.Chad and his company are going to reap what they sow.

  89. Iam 8 years old.Chad verbally abused my dearest one. He was a vendor for Dimples. Chad is evil and his manager’s are as he is.Dimples didn’t pay the fee they owed to him and it hurt finacially because it is a new business.Chad and his managers are very wicked people. They can’t go on like that and expect to be blessed.

  90. Jill you are awesome!! It’s funny because I just discovered Dimples this summer while working a basketball camp in Frisco! Even though the cupcakes are 4.25 I was hooked. I thought they tasted way better than dimples. I’m very picky about my food and I even asked if the cupcakes were made in the shop or shipped in. They told me all cupcakes were made in store! Well my mom wanted a cupcake last week and I never got around to getting her any. So just now I was trying to find the dimples website so I could see the flavor of the day and I see all these different links and reviews about Dimples. The first one to catch my eye was the review from D magazine. I was shocked!! As in I told my mom I wouldn’t be able to pick up any cup-cakes due to that review. Then I scroll down and I see your posting!! HORRIBLE. Excuses, all they needed to do was give you a SORRY and send you cupcakes for all the DRAMA they caused. In the D magazine article which i will post at the end of this, it talked about how it’s impossible to get a hold of the two guys who own Dimples..LOL I guess after Jill told Chad off he ended all communication to the public!!! Also Now that I think about it the flavor of the cupcakes did have a familar taste. As stated in the D magazine they found boxes and boxes of betty c. mix!! Thanks Jill for not being bullied out of doing what was right. Freedom of speech baby!!


  91. well you all, just put some imagination in the mix boxes and you get your recipe and cookie you don’t see too much people because one costumer takes sometimes 5 or 10 cupcakes so do the math every day they make + o – 700 to 900 cupcakes at day x $4.00

  92. What are these two smoking?????? Read the latest BS they are touting on thier website:


    I particularly love this statement “It is comforting for us to
    believe that good will always triumph evil and that perpetrators will be brought to justice”. H-E-L-L-O is anyone home!!! You, Chad (real name Jonathan) and Bryan are the perpetrators stealing thousands and thousands of dollars from people. Please GO AWAY!!!!

  93. do you realize both dallas locations are closed? these guys are so so horrible. the doors were lock up because lack of payment of rent. stupid. the employees had just gotten payed and the checks bounced. one person had given notice was to pick up the check but they kept blowing her off over a week and then the doors were locked up. these college and high school kids have learned an expensive lesson, there are unethical lying selfserving narsisitic jerks that will manipulate you for no more reason than that they can, not to mention to steal your labor and hand you a rubber checks. i believe in what goes around comes around and theses guys better watch out because the back lash of there disloyal deseptive ways will be a tornado of pain! send me a ticket, i’d like a front row seat!

  94. OMg this company is insane!! I just hope they get busted big time. We went there a few days ago and had a bad vibe. The cupcakes were just like a mix. The icing was really good but our vibe was right. Why can these criminals get away with this?! Not good.

  95. I read the comments below about the locations in dallas being closed and I decided to type in dimples to see if there was anything about it on the website. I a page they made saying they were forced to ALL locations because the landlords forced the closure of the stores!! HA all stores at all locations were closed due to the fact the landlord told them so!! B.S. Karma is all I have to say!! I also saw in some comments below about them paying the workers and then checks bouncing! I hope they are getting an attorney and fighting for what is theres!! Here is the link to the website of them saying the landlord forced them out!!


  96. Just a heads up to bakeries in town – Chad and his partner are going around and questioning bakeries about their businesses trying to get info. I think it’s a little late to start researching how to run a bakery!

  97. Has anyone seen any of these scum-bags? The Morningside/Glencoe intersection is devoid of their vehicle. Of course, their phone number 972-cup-cake is useless! I have a judgment I would love to have served on them!

  98. They Open again the online store, they are selling a cupcake mix kit, so they just change the box for a can, after this what else?…….

    • Confused – if they are using the same size can, why do they make different amounts? IE Red Velvet – 15-18 standard cupcakes, wedding cake makes 12-14 cupcakes. Seems a little strange plus at $18.99 a can – think I will get a cake mix, doctor it up and make my own for $4!

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