“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

That quote is displayed boldly on a large wall in our home in giant letters, above pictures that have carved out a special place in our hearts. It’s a quote I’ve referenced on here before, and it’s one that I recite to myself daily, sometimes multiple times.  I can’t recall where I first read it or heard it, but I know that it etched itself in my memory somewhere around the time Kendall was exiting the colicky newborn stage, the stage that I had to work so hard at not wishing away.

At that point in life, I found myself saying in my head, and even out loud, things like, “Ugh. I can not WAIT until you sleep through the night! I am so over this newborn business. When will you stop crying so much? When are you going to be more independent?! I’m soooooo tired.” And then, like a punch to the gut, I would feel sick for thinking and saying such things each time I went to put him in a favorite onesie that suddenly was too small, or when, out of nowhere, he would master a huge milestone, like rolling over.

Yes, it’s so true. They DO grow too fast. Life DOES go by in the blink of an eye. People say these things to you when you are pregnant or toting around the tiny two week old in his infant seat at the restaurant. They tell you, “Enjoy it! He will be big before you know it,” and all you can really think is “Ugh. If one more person tells me that.. seriously. I HOPE it goes by fast. I need some sleep!” It’s one of those things in life that you will never understand the true meaning of until you’ve witnessed it with your own two eyes, and maybe by telling others to take it all in and enjoy it, you are reminding yourself to do the same. Clearly, it’s not that life is literally moving faster when you are a parent, but the transformation a baby can make over the course of a month, week, or even day is so unfathomable and truly awe inspiring it’s impossible to wrap your head around.

If there is one thing I have learned (okay, obviously outside of how to swaddle, make purees, and sing Elmo’s Song) since having Kendall, it’s how to live for the moment and be grateful for what you have right now. I’m not going to say I’ve mastered it. I’ve always held myself to such a level of perfection in so many aspects of my life.  I’ve always been very driven to have MORE, to accomplish more, to be more. But, now it seems gratitude and patience are coming to me more naturally. I’m able to look around and be thankful for THIS- this moment, this age, this challenge, these things we have worked hard for, this amazing husband, this ball of love I call my son.

I write this after an inspiring phone conversation with one of my very best friends today. She, too, is a stay at home mom to a little boy, a driven perfectionist, always holding herself to a higher standard than anyone else. We chatted for over an hour, and a good part of that conversation was about how great it felt to just finally accept and be happy with who and what we are at this very moment. It’s a peace we never really felt before. And does that mean we are now slacker moms, lacking in motivation, eating Cheetos in our sweatpants in line for daycare pickup? Uhhmm.. no. There is a balance that you have to strike, a fine line between ambition and acceptance.  We may teeter totter on it, but we are swinging closer to the middle, finding our place, and learning that it’s much easier to move forward when you’re comfortable with where you are at right now.

Kendall is 16 and a half months old

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  1. wait, cheetos and sweat pants are bad??? crap! 😉

    awesome post, Noah and Kendall share a birthday and I definitely try to live in the moment. I can’t believe how quickly he changes, I feel like if I blink I’m going to miss a skill.

  2. Oh dear…I now have tears rolling down my fresh coat of makeup. This is so very true and I also feel guilty for wishing the time away when Luke was little and not sleeping. In fact, at 4am when 1-year old Luke wanted to nurse this morning (UGH!!!), I reminded myself that this wouldn’t be forever and someday I would miss that precious time with him. I always tell new parents, “You cannot ever get that time back. Try to enjoy it.” I enjoy reading your blog!!!

  3. As I sit here in the living room floor at 7:00am (after having been up since 5:30…after having gotten up for a 2:00am feeding…after…you get my point, right?) I needed this post. I needed the reminder that this will pass faster than I realize and before I know it, Joshua will be heading off to college for keggers and sorority girls. (I shudder to think, really…) Even though I’m sleep deprived and I pray every night for that night to be the night he starts sleeping all night, I’m reminded this morning that I love my son and that I should cherish these moments. Thanks, Jill.

  4. I second this entire entry. I used to roll my eyes every time someone told me how quickly they grow up and how fast time will fly. I now find myself being the person telling this to pregnant women and new parents. We’re going through a particularly trying time as Aidan begins his “terrible twos” about 8 months early, but I still try to live in the moment because before I know it I’ll be sending him off to school and I’ll be longing for these long (often VERY LONG)days together.

  5. I haven’t even given birth yet, but I know how true this is. I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has already flown by, and I know it will go by that much faster when he’s here.

  6. Bravo. I could have written this myself. Word for word. I’m turning 30 this year and for a lot of people, it’s a big milestone. A time to get all your things in order and evaluate your life…where you’ve been and where you are going. For me, it’s been more of an internal evaluation. I finally feel like I’m finding my balance as a mom, as a career woman, as a wife, as a person. It feels so wonderful to enjoy my blessings as opposed to always striving for the next goal. Kudos to you!

  7. I can’t WAIT to “not wish time away” when we are one day, blessed with a new little one of our own 🙂 Such great advice and such a great thing to think about while we are enjoying this “chapter” BEFORE a new little friend enters into our family! Each day is a blessing and one to be thankful for AND to enjoy “the Cheetos!”

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  9. Yeah! I loved your blog. My favorite line, which should be published was, “There is a balance that you have to strike, a fine line between ambition and acceptance.” You hit the nail right on the head. Verbalized perfectly. I am completely happy with my life right now. In this moment. I am right where I want to be. We are lucky, lucky!!
    Love ‘ya!!

  10. Great post! It’s true, I think, by telling other people to take things one step at a time and enjoy the present moment, we are also trying to remind ourselves. Nothing can illustrate the quick pace of time like a newborn!

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