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This will be a quick and dirty post about feeding a toddler. Specifically, feeding a toddler who’s going to some sort of daycare/Mother’s Day Out thingamajig in which you are required to provide healthy nourishment that doesn’t need to be heated and will not make the providers think you are a lazy mom.

Here are a few recipes I tried out this week that were awesome. As I’ve said before, we seem to be in a bit of a rut post purees. It’s been a little hard for me going from kicking ass at making all his food from scratch (purees… breastmilk) to resorting to the freezer, cans of spaghetti and meatballs, and turkey sausages.  The good thing is there are tons of moms out there who are doing it well…feeding a toddler, that is.  They are getting creative, fighting the urge to make Tyson’s Chicken Strips for the 4th night in a row, but not getting wildly complicated at the same time.

First up, these super awesome Green Chicken Nuggets from the lovely Kali at Toddler Treats and More (  Yes, I know what you are thinking. They are STILL chicken nuggets…. but wait, THERE’S MORE! You are controlling what’s going into them, you are adding veggies, and they are a heck of a lot cheaper than buying all those pre-made bags of nuggets, especially if you get your chicken breast on sale. They are ridiculously easy to make with very few ingredients and easy to change up (we used broccolli and shredded cheddar since that’s what we had on hand). For those of you who need to avoid eggs for allergy reasons, you can substitute tomato paste, adding even more veggie goodness to the mix!  I doubled this recipe and used 2 chicken breasts to make a ton of nuggets that I threw in the freezer. I’ve been able to take a few out at a time for lunch and even sent some to Mother’s Day Out with Kendall this week. His end of the day report said he “gobbled” them right up. There’s no need to heat them as long as they are defrosted. Taste good to me hot or cold.

Next in line are these Sweet Potato Quesadillas (scroll down for the recipe) from Sabrina at Adventures in Babyfood (  I’ve been buying frozen sweet potato patties for myself as a breakfast treat for a while, and was able to heat one up in the microwave while the tortilla was warming on the skillet. I spread half of it on the tortilla and topped with cheese (we skipped the chicken since I didn’t have any cooked up) and Kendall devoured it. I even snuck a few bites myself and will be smart enough to make one for myself next time. I’ve sent quesadillas to school with Kendall before, but never one like this.

Finally, a bit of a confession. I am addicted to Martha Stewart Radio on Sirius. I have the call in number memorized and have dialed in for quite a few shows. This week the topic was school lunches so I called in to see what Everyday Food host Betsy Karetnick suggested I send with my 15 month old to Mother’s Day Out that didn’t need to be heated. She suggested a simple frittata. Now, “frittata” to me sounds fancy and difficult and not at all like something I would aim to feed a toddler, but really, it’s just and open faced omelet! She walked me through the steps of how to make one, and my version that I made later that day is something like this:

Pour a little olive oil in a pan on medium heat

Beat two eggs and add to the pan

Do not stir, just cook the eggs like a pancake for a few minutes until they just start to set a little

Add some veggies (I put some frozen peas in the microwave while the eggs were setting so they were ready to go)

After a few more minutes, when the eggs are starting to look done, add some cheese on top

Let it cook just until the cheese melts then slide it out of the pan (I did this in a small skillet)

I was able to cut this one in half and save part of it for the next day. Kendall LOVED it. It wasn’t hard or fancy at all.

Okay, it’s crazy late here. I must go check on Scott. He just had his wisdom teeth removed today. Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Even though this one isn’t all that comedic, I hope it’s at least helpful.

Kendall is nearly 16 months old

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  1. These recipes are great Jill. I am in a rut too. I am often pulling out of the fridge whatever I can find-a piece of cheese, half a tortilla, cold green beans-and end up feeling like I really shorted Abby in the effort department (and variety department). I’ll try these!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to have to try some of these. Brady went from eating a lot of everything to barely anything. Can’t wait to try the frittata and sweet potato quesadilla.

  3. Love these ideas!!! I’ve been in a rut but just haven’t had the energy to care as I’m trying to pack her lunch for daycare without her hovering around trying to eat it all. Dad tries to distract her while I do but food is more intriguing than anything else.

  4. Another quick trick for frittatas – make a larger batch but pour the mixture into cupcake pans and bake, you can make all diff. veggie ones in one cooking session and they keep well in the fridge.

  5. So glad to know I’m not the only one. (MDO, cold food – don’t want to seem lazy…on top of that dealing with a picky eater!) I caved! I sent a lunchable jr, box of raisins and a naked juice in on Monday. I’ve been browing the web trying to find cold items that I know he’ll eat. Nonetheless, since your one of my VMBs (Valuable Mommy Bloggers) I want you to know about the blog giveaway I’m hosting this week. Lots of goodies in there!

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