I give you our new glass canvas!

Yes, I may be asking for it, encouraging my child to draw on windows with markers. Yes, I understand that at this age there’s no difference between windows and walls to him. Yes, it’s possible that very shortly I will be bemoaning his newly found Picasso skills after he decorates the oven. I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to try out some super cool new art supplies with him, though, and this was PERFECT. After learning about Crayola’s Window Markers on Twitter this week, I had to try them. Check it out:

How cool is that?? It’s possible that *I* had more fun than he did. It’s possible that he thought it would make more sense to eat the markers, but I have high hopes for this fun little activity. We have these giant windows in the “room we know not what to do with” that I’m in the process (very slow process) of turning into an office/play area where we can all exercise our creative freedoms (or just pay the bills). I’m officially deeming them a glass canvas. Why the hell not? The only people from the outside that can see them are our neighbors when they take out the trash, and think of all the trees we’re saving.

I’m even thinking of picking these vinyl decal frames up next time I’m in Target and sticking a few of them on the windows so I have he has some “frames” to draw in (not that I discourage coloring outside the lines!).

Of course, I supervised Kendall the entire time and then put the markers up in a very high, remote, dusty corner of the house while he wasn’t looking in hopes of keeping him from scaling various chairs and tables to get to them. He did get quite a bit on his face and his hands and the window sills, but it all wiped off really, really well, better than the dog slobber for sure. We did a mural yesterday that I let sit overnight and I wiped it off the windows this morning with no problems with just a little vinegar and water. Also found some marks on the window sills that I missed yesterday and they came right off, too. Crayola also makes Window Crayons that we will, undoubtedly, be adding to the arts and crafts box soon.

This was Kendall’s first real experience with coloring. Although he didn’t do much more than a few scribbles, he sure liked sitting in my lap and watching me draw ducks and dogs and stick figures as I pointed out what color I was using.  It was a nice indoor activity that let us take in a little bit of sun without having to subject ourselves to the oven that is known as Texas.

(And for those of you wondering, this post is not a sponsored review of any sort. I sought out the markers, gave them a shot, and decided I needed to tell you all about them.)

Kendall is about 15 months and 2 weeks old

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  1. very cool! thanks for posting this. we have sliding glass doors that thomas loves to pound on, these markers will be great for there!

  2. AH the first coloring experience!! How fun!! I may have to get some of these markers for Big Brother and Big Sister. We can color all over our glass sliding doors. Notice I said we. 🙂

  3. Love it! My parents encouraged our creativity and let us doodle on our bedroom walls. They figured it was just paint and they could easily fix it after we moved out. Come to think of it, our doodles are still there. It’s cool to go back and see them.

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