Happiness is the need for a tampon

This is an entry I wrote a couple days ago, not really to share it with you, but more so to get some nervous energy out because I was FREAKING out. Freaking. And now, since it’s been a couple days and I’ve had a couple glasses of wine I feel like sharing so you can all laugh at me.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Oh, and three hours after I wrote this I got my period. My muse is laughing at me, too.

I am terrified I am pregnant. I just got back from Target with an HPT and I’m chugging water now so I can take the damn thing. By my best calculations, my period is two or three days late. My nipples have been sensitive and my boobs sore for the last week. I can not tell if what I’m feeling is PMS or not. I mean, it probably is. I probably ovulated later than usual. I’m probably incredibly exhausted because I’m training for a marathon. I’m probably light headed because… well, I’m training for a marathon. My boobs are probably sore because… errr…  I’m training for a marathon?

I’m not writing this right now with the intention of publishing it. If that test is positive, then I will have to tell some people first. I’m sure my husband would like to hear the word in person and not on my blog. Hell, I don’t even know how long it would be until I share the news….. cart before horse. Okay. I just need to test. I really hope that this is a post I CAN publish this week so you all can laugh your asses off at me for being so worked up over nothing.

Then I hope after I publish it I can make an appt. with my OB to get the Mirena put in.

Whew…. just took the test. Negative. Somebody get this girl a drink…. and an IUD.


Kendall is not nearly old enough to have a little brother or sister.

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  1. I’m not laughing because I’ve done it the past two months. Apparently my cycles are longer now than they used to be. Like a week longer. Which is scary to someone who is never, ever, ever having another baby ever. Ever. I need to get me a Mirena. Too bad my insurance won’t cover a penny of it, and those things are pricey. They will cover a vasectomy for the hubby, though. If only I could talk him into it…

  2. Here’s a fun one – irregular periods and the inability to take conventional forms of birth control because of the high risk of blood clots. There’s a thrill for you every month.

  3. Whew! I know the feeling, and glad you got the outcome you were looking for.

    On another COMPLETELY SELFISH note, I’m kinda sad! I would love to hear your pregnancy escapades again, now that you have experience on your side.

  4. I’ve had many an “oh shit” scare myself. I think getting pregnant once means that any time you have sex you automatically assume you’re pregnant again. At least, that’s how it is for me.

  5. OMGoodness…I’ve sooooooo been there – several times over! I really should just buy the economy box of EPT’s because at least, if anything, they’re good for inducing AF!
    I have had HORRID luck with any normal BC out there – the Mirena was highly discouraged by my OB, therefore leaving the ParaGuard…scares the crap out of me to get it because of the cost to put it in and then there’s the fear something bad will happend and I’ll have to have it removed only months later.
    For now…we go on bd’ing with a raincoat and the occasional irresponsible moment that leads me to the moment with an EPT you just had!

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