Sometimes you just have to laugh at your own stupidity

Ever since locking Kendall in the house on accident I’ve been playing various scenarios in my mind over and over, trying to preemptively solve them in case they were to happen.  Yesterday, while Kendall was napping, I took some stuff out to the garage.  As I walked in and closed the door behind me I was overcome by how effing HOT it was in there at only 10 in the morning, and then I had a vivid flash of a mommy vision.

HOLY CRAP. What if one day I accidentally lock myself in the garage??!! Oh MY GOD. I could, like, die!  And what if I had Kendall with me?! Would the neighbors hear me if I pounded hard enough on the garage doors? How long would we make it in there? 

It consumed my mind and sent me into a panic. We have to hide an extra house key in there! I even mentally added “make extra house key” to my to do list for the day.

Then, 4 HOURS LATER, after I had replayed the awful vision of dying in the garage over and over again in my head it occurred to me that I could OPEN THE GARAGE DOORS FROM THE INSIDE, thus escaping my impending death! Thank God I figured that little scenario out before I managed to lock myself in there and freak out, screaming for help and pounding on the doors that can be opened with the mere press of a button only steps away.  

My brain cells are dying off at an alarming rate. Send backups please.

Kendall is 14 and a half months old… to my knowledge…could be wrong… intelligence level is not what it used to be

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  1. ahh, yes, but can you manually lift the door in case you get locked in there AND the power is out? LOL. You can really drive yourself nuts when you’re a mom.

  2. True story, when I was about 9 years old I got locked in my garage and I couldn’t reach the button to open the door or it wasn’t working. Don’t remember, but I ended up grabbing a hammer and I made a hole in the garage door so that way someone could help me out.

  3. Too funny! The whole time I was reading I was thinking, “That’s odd. Who doesn’t have a garage door that opens?”

  4. Do you share a brain with my wife? I could imagine getting that phone call. “I’m locked in the garage! What do I do?” BTW My wife loves your blog. She usually posts as Taraleann

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