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Memos from Mommy is back! And this time it’s sponsored by Twist Organics Water, which is USDA Certified organic, less than ten calories, non carbonated, preservative free, all natural water flavored with a “twist” of fruit flavor and organic agave nectar. They sent me six bottles to try and I’ve sucked them down all weekend, starting with Saturday morning after my long training run (9 miles!).  My favorite is West Indies Lime …mmmm…tropical.

I look at Twist as not an alternative to bottled water, but an alternative to drinks like sports drinks, juice and vitamin enriched waters because I can’t get behind buying bottled water. I’m a firm believer in buying a good re-usable bottle (like a Sigg) and getting water from your own tap, even if you have to filter that water with one of the many inexpensive at home filters for your tap. However, if I am thirsty for something with a little bit of flavor, maybe reaching for a calorie and sugar loaded bottle of juice to pack for a picnic, I would be happy to reach for a bottle of Twist instead, and then I would be sure to RECYCLE that bottle when I’m done.

And I have to say, it gets Kendall’s stamp of approval. I split my strawberry flavored bottle with him yesterday and he couldn’t get enough. (I finally broke down and poured half in his sippy because he kept getting all his goldfish backwash in my drink. Blech!) I normally water down some juice for him a few times a week as a treat, but this was a nice substitute. It’s less calories, just as much flavor and organic. Totally helped me gain some Mother of the Year points.

(Click on “Find Us” to see where you can pick up Twist. Retails for 1.29-1.49/bottle)

There will be three winners this week and each winner will get to try two flavors of Twist. To enter MFM just submit your own open letter to your child/ovaries/bellybutton lent/pool boy in the comment section. The three winners will be chosen randomly by next Monday. Anyone can play, but only posters with US mailing addresses are eligible for a prize this time.

Memo time…

Dear Kendall,

You are amazing. Your brain must be busting at the seams with all the cool things you are learning. Seriously. I love you in all your toddler-ness. You are so much cooler than you were a year ago with colic. You make me terrified of newborns. You make me want to gestate the next one for 24 months so that I can birth a babbling, baby signing, happy, belly laughing, book reading, watermelon loving little person.

Perhaps I am feeling this way because you are at “school” right now and I’m not the one chasing you or feeding your massive quantities of messy food. Perhaps I will long for the days that you didn’t move from the spot I left you when you return home later today and I have to save your life, AGAIN, by catching you before you fling yourself from the top of the couch onto the fireplace hearth. But, for this moment, as I look around the tidy living room just waiting for your return so you may tear through it like a F5 Tornado, I am loving toddlerhood.


Kendall is almost 15 months old


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  1. Dear husband,

    I am sick, but I do not have leprosy. You are probably already immune to what I have since we live in the same house. Rubbing my back will not give you the flu (and refusing to do so really pisses me off), and you don’t need to walk around the perimeter of the living room on your way to your chair to avoid walking near the couch, where I am sitting.

    Remember the thousands of pounds of mashed potatoes I’ve made for you over the years when you were sick? The waiting on you hand and foot? The throwing away the germy tissues for you? The putting movies in the DVD player for you over and over? If you need a lesson in how to take care of someone, maybe reflect on the care you’ve received over the last six years.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go make myself some soup. No, honey, don’t get up. I’ve got it.


    Sick wife

  2. Dear Colin,

    You are amazing and quickly approaching the big 01. But please dude relax! Napping will not make you miss anything, mommmy will take lots of notes of what happened and fully feel you in when you wake up.


  3. Dear Eleanor,

    You have been such a little trooper these past 2 weeks on our vacation. I am amazed at how well you did for the two 9 hour trips in the car. Thank you for being such a good baby. Daddy misses you and can’t wait to see your 2 teeth and watch you roll over!

    I love you punky!


  4. Dear Jake,

    You are 9 months old, not a terrible 2. Please cease and desist the flinging back, full on wailing temper tantrums, and return to your lovely innocent baby self.

    Love Mommy

  5. Dear Nate,

    I know that you only have a few words right now, but biting your mommy is not the best way to let me know that you would like to nurse. Mommy looks like she is being abused with all the bruises and red marks on her arms and legs. It was bad when you only had 2 teeth, but now that you have 4 you do serious damage.

    your bruised and bitten mommy

  6. Dear Z,

    Thank you for finally cutting that tooth. I was really worried that you were some strange alien that would never get teeth and just have swollen gums forever. Now I can move on to being paranoid about something else totally unreasonable. 🙂


  7. Dear N,

    Thank you for being your awesome self on our plane ride today. You were just great. Yeah, I know it wasn’t our first flight but it was my first flight with a super active, mobile baby. Please keep up the good work on the next couple of trips we have planned this summer.

    Love always,

  8. Dear Brock,

    Oh sweet boy I love you. Answer me this though…why does Dada get his name said all sweetly and lovingly and I get the most evil “MaMa” I have ever heard?? I grew you, birthed you, fed you from my body, and am home with you 24 hours a day, but I get the evil MaMa! Ever.
    It’s ok. Your cute enough I’ll forgive you for it.

  9. Dear W,

    I love that you’re finally saying mama, but you really need to learn dada soon. Daddy’s feelings were already hurt by your obvious preference for me, and I think saying mama first just made things worse. So throw Dad a bone and call him dada sometime soon. He needs it.



  10. Jules,
    Apparently you don’t like for me to smell clean because inevitably you spit up all over me whenever I get out of the shower. I don’t mind it when we are staying at home, but when we are going out can you aim for the burp cloth? Thanks love!

  11. Dear Ezra,
    I am glad you are at Grandma and Grandpa’s. I hope you and Matthias have a great time and I look forward to your return home on Saturday.
    But, Ezra, please, please, do NOT take your first steps at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I will be very sad if I miss them. So, in order to preserve my viewing of your first steps I have hired your older brother to push you down whenever you show the slightest sign of taking a step on your own. I’m sorry for any discomfort this may cause you and I promise I will tell him to stop as soon as you are back home.

  12. Dear D,
    Please stop the squealing. I know you learned it from a boy at the Mexican restaurant the other day, but it’s very annoying to Mommy and Daddy. And I’m fairly sure the dogs hold issue to the squealing as well. Thanks for taking this into consideration!

  13. Dear Brady,
    You are nearly 8 months old and I can not believe how much you have changed in the past 4 weeks. From rolling over occasionaly to full on army crawling, from no teeth to two, from let me chew this book to ohhhh look at the pictures… you are such a pleasure to be with these days that it makes me feel guilty for not really liking you in the beginning. Let me re-prase that..I loved you..I didn’t like who acid reflux made you into.

    Also I love that you are now waking up at 5:30 instead of 3:00. Daddy loves being able to feed you before he goes to work…keep up the good work.


  14. Dear Angelica,
    Yesterday your teacher sent home a note that said, “Angelica is speaking so much! We are so proud!” My heart swelled with pride reading that. You are the most amazing 14 month old I have ever known. I just wanted you to know that.


  15. Dear Fisher Price swing,

    Holy crap. Where have you been the last seven weeks when Charlie has been screaming and won’t let me wear him around the house to get things done? All of a sudden, as of yesterday, I can do things again. You are my hero.

    AND you plug in. I love that you’re not a battery eater.


  16. Dear ovaries,

    It has been 8 long months since I’ve been off the birth control. I would really appreciate it if you would start working properly again. I do not wish to have the hormones of a post menapausal woman at the ripe old age of 25. Help me out here…please!

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