Yay! Errr…kinda. (Starbucks progress report)

Got an email last week from Dottie, the District Manager I’ve been dealing with to get the changing tables installed in my local Starbucks. She informed me that three locations near me should have them installed by the end of the week! So we took a little family trip up the road tonight to see the goodies in person. We all three marched in, camera in hand, back to the bathrooms.  To say there were eyebrows being raised is an understatement.  

I shouted in glee as I saw the little Koala Care sign, newly smooshed onto the wall, just a tad crooked, next to the bathroom doors.  However, my happy face quickly turned into a “Ugh, come ON. Are you kidding me?!” face when I discovered that there was only a changing table in the women’s restroom, and I confirmed with the barista that they had no intention of installing one in the men’s. Arrrghhhgghhh!!  Daddies do diapers, too!

Being the optimist I am, I decided to be happy, for the moment, for the one changing table, telling myself a guy could always commandeer the women’s room in the name of poopy diapers if need be.  I wiped my WTF face off, replaced it with the gleeful face, and Kendall and I struck a pose.  I’m fairly certain we were the very first ones to place a butt upon that changing table, but I’m positive we won’t be the last…. and that makes me happy.

I’m hoping to check out the rest of the locations next week, and will definitely be firing off some emails about why they can’t provide them in the men’s rooms, as well.  So… you know I’m going to ask. Have YOU contacted your local Starbucks District Manager to get changing tables installed in your local coffee house?

Kendall is 13 and a half months old and might have a crazy mom, but this crazy mom gets shit done.

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  1. YAY!! I agree they need the darn things in mens rooms as well…it’s so frustrating when I send my husband to change a diaper and he comes back saying there’s no table for him to do it on. Luckily our almost 3 year old can be changed standing up in a pinch…

    So did the barista’s think you were crazy for going in the restroom and taking a picture with the changing table? lol

  2. Off the topic – Are you thinner now than you were pre-Kendall? If not, you really look like you are and I would like pointers on how to have a baby and look thinner in pictures.

  3. Molly, they were pretty suspicious 🙂 I explained what was going on, but I think that made them think I was even more crazy.

    Melissa, my body is so different. I’m thinner in some areas and wider in others. Yes, I think I weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant, but I’m also training for a marathon and don’t drink or have happy hour appetizers nearly as much. Also, it is always key to pose with the baby in front of your midsection, so as to hide muffin top and tummy bulge ; )

  4. Ever since your first post about the subject I would find myself popping in the restrooms and glancing over to the wall. Happy to report that I’ve not yet seen one without a table. Give up for the east coast Starbucks!

  5. Good job girl! I can’t believe they only put one in the women’s restroom though, that is totally wrong. In fact, most often when we are out my husband is the one who changes Hudson because he is less likely to struggle or fight off getting his diaper changed with him then he is with me. So, it can definitely be really annoying when my hubby goes to change him and comes back out defeated because there isn’t even an area provided for him to do so. They really need to think about this and hello, what about single fathers???

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