Way to make momma proud, little Robble.

That’s right, folks. He officially used a plate tonight and it didn’t end up as a hat or a Frisbee. This is huge, really. The dogs are pissed, but my floor and table are a tad less filthy because of it. We are one step closer to raising a civilized little human.  Now, if I could just get him to stop grunting and pointing at things he wants, pooping in his pants, flinging himself at the refrigerator, peeing (and pooping) in the bath, putting tumbleweeds of dog hair in his mouth, and, in general, just pooping and peeing in places other than the toilet, I just might end up with a little man who I can send out into the world with pride.  I was going to add picking his nose in public to that list, but I’m not that ambitious.

Kendall is, like, about 13 and a half months old, I think… and he pooped in the hotel room last week… on the floor… sorry Embassy Suites… but HE EATS FROM A PLATE NOW!

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  1. Just wait! Eventually he’ll move from pooping in the hotel floor to pooping outside underneath a tree in your front yard while the neighbors are having a cookout because “that’s what the dogs do, mommy” like my nephew once did. I’m glad my son is too little to learn the ways of his older cousin.

    WTG, Kendall for using a plate!

  2. We got the plate, but it didn’t go so well. I’m jealous that he eats that much food! My kid would figure out a way to give all that to the dogs…plate or no plate! Maybe next month…

  3. You forgot to add that you’re raising a little man that eats his vegetables. That’s as huge as eating off a plate for some men.

  4. I’m just impressed that he’s eating broccoli. You don’t want to hear the screams of death that emanate from my kid whenever he’s forced to touch anything resembling a vegetable.

  5. I just found your blog and am going through the old posts, my DS is the same age as Kendall in this post. I should be going to sleep now but reading your posts is like therapy – I am not alone in how I think and feel! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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