Tiny Paparazzi – I haz one.

Modesty? What’s modesty? I lost that the minute I striped naked in front of a room full of people and began writhing around in a bathtub, moaning in pain and then screaming from the torture of back labor in bed.  I’m pretty sure I pushed it right out of me, along with Kendall and whatever else I pooped out in front of everyone.

So, it should be no surprise that when I am at home with Kendall during the day, going to the bathroom is not a solitary thing.  I have to keep an eye and ear out for him somehow, so the door stays open.  He follows me in.  I try to make it an educational thing, talking about how mommy is going potty like a big girl and that one day, hopefully very, very soon, he will be a big boy and go potty on the real potty.  He plays with things in the bathroom like his bath toys and razors that I forgot to put out of reach.  I’ve become pretty good at turning into Stretch Armstrong from the confines of the toilet seat.  

Today he toddles in behind me with a disposable camera in hand.  It was one I took with me on the lovely bachelorette party on the river to take pictures at times when I did not trust myself with an expensive camera, like in a body of water and after 4 juice boxes of wine (did I tell you all about these wine juice boxes???). He is inspecting the camera, engrossed with it’s inner workings, the noise the wheel makes when you push it into position for the next picture.  Oh, and then his chubby fingers found their way onto the button. As I sit there, slow motion trying to stretch out to grab it from him, it clicks.  It is a picture I am sure would be TMZ worthy if I was any sort of celebrity.  Kendall could sell it for a hefty college fund.

Guess I’m not developing those pictures…

Kendall is 6 days away from 14 months old

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  1. OHHH you so need to develop those! What a memory! 😉
    PS…I want to hear all about the juice boxes for adults!

  2. LOL! Great post. First, please tell me about the juice boxes of wine. I also end up bringing my baby in with me to the bathroom. This is normal right?

  3. Ha! Some days I feel like I will never pee alone again. My little guy now likes to pull himself to standing using my knees while I am peeing. Nice view dude, nice view.

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