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This week’s Memos are coming at you thanks to Rhea over at Sunshine Diapers. That name may ring a bell if you have been following my cloth diapering experiences.  This is the company that does the awesome Newborn Kissaluv Rental Package that worked so well for us.  They were also the Featured Sponsor of my first ever Cloth Diaper giveaway.  Rhea has been super helpful over the last year, always very quick to return an email or phone call when I had questions.  

They sell more than just cloth diaper stuff, as well, including Charlie’s Soap, which is a great detergent that you can use on all your laundry (although it happens to be excellent for cloth diapers, too).  We’ve been using this as our main detergent for nearly a year now and have loved it.  It’s also really cost effective, especially when you buy 4 bags and get free shipping. We bought 4 bags about 9 months back and I don’t think we will need to buy more until close to the end of the year.  That says a lot considering the massive quantities of laundry we are doing around here.

The winner of this weeks MFM will win a Sunshine Diapers Green Pack, including lots of “green” goodies, like a canvas bag, a reusable Iplay water bottle, a Charlie’s Soap and Charlie’s Soap To Go sample, a Baby Bits sample and some reusable wipes (which have many purposes, even if you don’t cloth diaper), a keychain and a free shipping coupon.

Just post your own Memo in the comments section below.  Memo to your child, twinkle in your eye, lol cat, whatever.  Winner will be drawn by Random.Org next Monday.  Have fun!

Dear Kendall,

You are not yet two. You are, in fact, nowhere near turning two. You are merely one and some very small change. So this whole crying for no apparent reason, throwing yourself on the floor, turning to jelly anytime we try to remove you from a dangerous situation that all just smacks of the Terrible TWOS can stop. Right. Now.  Oh, and those 2 year old molars? They better wait a good 10 months, too. I am so over teething and looking forward to a break now that you’ve got a full set of chompers. Seriously, overachievement isn’t always a good thing.


Kendall is 3 days shy of 14 months and a VERY long way from TWO

***This week’s MFM is now closed. The winner, drawn randomly by, was commenter #21, Jill. Congrats Jill! Awesome name ; )****

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  1. Dear Mom,

    I know you enjoy having your only grandchild here visiting your for an entire month, but I feel I need to remind you of a few things(again):

    1.Emma cannot, under any circumstances have a fudge pop! She’s only 9 months old!

    2.Going up to Emma’s bed and taking her out of it after I put her down…ever!

    3.While she cannot eat fudge pop, she CAN eat diced, steamed fruit/veggies. You do not need to mash them to smithereens the second I turn my back. 5-year-olds eating purees is weird.

    That is all. I love you.


  2. Dearest daughter,
    I love you very, very much and miss you every minute I am away from you at work. That being said, Mommy has to work for her sanity and to help keep clothes on your back so you have to get used to me being away. Please keep eating out of the bottle, even though it’s not the same and please – for the love of all that’s holy – start napping during the day. I enjoy our evenings together but they will be so much more fun if you are not over-exhausted and crying!

    Love you Bunny,

  3. Dear Lillian,

    I tried to think of something witty to write here, but all I could think of was how great you’ve been lately! Sleeping again (knock on wood), smiling, laughing, happy baby that you are. I currently have nothing witty to say, so I’ll leave it at “I Love You little girl”.



  4. Dear Jack,

    You are the happiest baby I have ever met. Maybe I am just saying this becuase your brother is a (lovely) holy terror. Keep up the smiles every time you see my face.
    The milk wagon

  5. Dear Nate,

    Please, please, please be a happy boy on the flight to Seattle! And please stay happy for the duration of our trip. I’d love to have a great vacation and I think it pretty much is going to be dependent on your mood. No pressure or anything.

    Love you!


  6. Dear Relatives,

    My child, while preternaturally large, is only five months old. He does not need your table scraps. Unless our dinner time conversations immediately cease to center around how much his eyes long for mashed potatoes, we will be forced to dine elsewhere. (This is especially directed towards you, “Give him an onion to chew on” Grandma.)


  7. Dear Louie:

    See that dish on the floor. It has water in it. Water for you to drink. No need to hop into the sink, tub and toilet when you are thirsty.

    ^^^^ Louie is a cat. Not a baby.

  8. Dear Macy,
    Please stop climbing up on the couch. It’s not funny, it’s annoying. I can’t even leave the room for two seconds. I didn’t think it was funny when you poured a Dr. Pepper all over the couch or when you grabbed a pen and sucked on it, there is a reason the side table is extra tall. Please stop now. Thanks. I greatly appreciate it.

  9. Dear Inside Baby,

    I know you are running out of room, as mommy has a very short torso….but PLEASE precious one, remove yourself from my ribs and get off that nerve! I love you and will see you in approximately 10 weeks!



  10. Dearest James,

    While you are ever so adorable, the cold you have given Mommy and Daddy is anything but. Please don’t give us anything this nasty again.

    Thank you!

  11. Shawnna Householder on

    Dear Love,

    We both know you are capable of sleeping though the night. How ’bout you try to be consistant with it??
    Also, I know you think it is emensly funny for the dog to lick you in the face, but it is not OK.


  12. Dear B,

    Sleep is not your enemy. Lack of sleep however is mine. If you could go back to loving sleep that would be fantastic.

    Overly Mommy

    Dear Fetus,

    Please be ok and growing wonderful in there. We all already love you and we pray over you every night. Can’t wait to “see” you during the ultra sound.

    Anxious Mommy

  13. Dear Lily,

    I know it might seem confusing, but teeth are to use to grind food. Not my boobs. I understand that boobs = food, but really, chomping down on them will not produce food. Please cease and desist immediately.

    Thank you,

    Your mommy that has teeth imprints on her boobs and is not happy about it

  14. Dear Arusha,

    You are a really great cat but I think it is high time you stop waking me up in the early morning hours so I can pet you. Yes, I know you have to share evening time with your brother but waking me up in the morning will not help the situation. If you are unable to cooperative fully, please at least try waking up the other human in the bed first before coming to me.

    Big Hug,
    Your human mom

  15. Dear Z,

    I know that you are a little bit freaked out by the fans in our house, but they are not robots or aliens. Growling at them will do no good!

    Your rude mommy who won’t stop laughing at you!

  16. Dear boys,
    Today made all the dirty diapers, temper tantrums, and sleepless nights worth it. The look on your faces when I came to pick you up was amazing and melted my hearts.
    Thank you so much!

  17. Dearest G,

    5am is TOO EARLY and will always be too early…until you are older and then it’s WAY past curfew!

    ’nuff said.

  18. Sarah Brennan on

    Dear Water Snakes,
    While I understand that you are as excited as I to see the sun, could you please not scare the ever-living daylights out of me by hiding in ambush next to the pool and then slithering away the second I am about to step on you? I don;t love you but I wish no harm to you either — if you could afford me the same courtesy that would be great!

    Thank you,
    The Homeowner

  19. Dear Husband,

    Please trust my advice on what products to add to our registry. While you may think that Internet is full of reviews and advice that is meaningless, I know it is not. I will win these battles. Please surrender now, as you know I am always right when it comes to these things.

    Your Internet review reading and researching Wife who trusts the judgment of friends and family who have kids already

  20. Dear KJ,

    Thank you for being such a patient and good baby in public. Everyone says how good you are, and maybe it is true, at least for them. Please keep up the charade well into your teens, will you?


  21. Dear Riley,
    Thanks for all the spit up. Especially when you have such good aim that it goes down the front of my shirt and pools in my bra. I love that and I love you!

  22. Dear son,

    Your hands while tasty looking are NOT food. If you continue to try and eat them while I am trying to actually feed you good stuff then the mittens will have to go back on…and we both know how much you loathe those mini torture devices. Please bear this in mind the next time you see a bottle coming near your face.

  23. Dear Annabelle,

    I know you are getting big. I know there is not much more room left in my short cramped abdomen. But PLEASE child, PLEASE stop kicking the top of my cervix!! Look, you’ve got to be headed out that direction anyway in several weeks – wouldn’t it be easier just to flip over and get that whole positioning thing taken care of now? Don’t you remember how much fun it was last week to kick me continuously in the ribs? While that was no fun for Mommy, it was certainly preferable to having my delicate lady parts bruised and battered 9 weeks too soon, and no outside baby to show for it. So, do us both a favor and hang out upside down from here on out, mmmkay? Thanks, and love you!!


  24. Dear Jace,

    I know it’s my fault that I’ve made you so rotten, but work with me here!

    That said, I love you very much! I’m so glad I have my summer off to spend with you!


  25. Dear Eve,
    If you could be so kind as to not have a meltdown every time we try to feed you something besides ham or chicken nuggets for dinner. We will never discover what else you like to eat if you don’t try new foods. You are 4 years old and I would like to be able to enjoy a nice relaxing dinner with you and your father. Sometimes I think you are more of a baby than your little baby brother. I love you to pieces but this is getting old already.

  26. Teddy,
    Thank you for saving that massive poopie diaper for daddy this morning, your timing was impeccable!
    Love ya,

  27. Dear Unborn Child,
    I am very excited about your upcoming arrival. That said, I could live without the horrible, crippling gas pain of late pregnancy – and the fact that it seems to spurn even greater activity than your already acrobatic routines. Your poor Dad would appreciate it if you could help things along in there instead of just making it worse, as he misses his formerly cheerful wife who thought pregnancy was a breeze…until now.
    Thanks and can’t wait to meet you

  28. Dear Little Man,
    I understand your desire to be up with the birds – I really don’t mind it, but please for the love of mommy’s sanity will you refrain from flipping the lights on and waking your sister. She’s not a morning person like you and her screaming from your light show is worse than any alarm clock going off during the dead of sleep!
    Thank you, mommy

  29. Dear Adelynn,

    I would appreciate it if you would stop hanging from the bottom support bar of your swing. While it may be fun for you, my little monkey girl, it freaks mommy the hell out!


  30. Dear Cade,

    There is more to eat in the household than just Peanut Butter and Jelly and blueberry muffin tops. We have fresh fruit and veggies, milk, cheese, yogurt, crackers, meat, soup, cereal, raisins.

    I know PB&J is yummy but really, everyday? Tonight let’s try noodles and chicken…. you wanna?

    Love you!

  31. My dear sunshine,

    I get it. You would rather sleep cuddled next to Momma than any other place in the land. It’s nice and cozy there and honestly it is the only place you have slept for the past seven months. But and I hate to have to break it to you, Momma is not sleeping so well anymore. You just move and kick too much. Besides the middle of the night munchies are a real interruption to my sleep and I think you are doing it merely for comfort. So your crib is calling you. Big time and we gotta figure out a way for you to answer.
    Who do you think the transition will be harder on?

    I love you too much!!

  32. Dear Maggie (the dog),

    It has become clear to me at this point that you are quite the idiot, aren’t you? Why else would you lay directly under where I will put my feet when I get out of my chair, or, even worse, under the foot rest on Jack’s recliner? Jumping up with that look of terror every time I move really wouldn’t be necessary if you had the sense to move over about 2 feet in the first place. I guess you’re busy just being happy that natural selection hasn’t run its course with you yet.


  33. Dear Future Father of My Child (aka my husband),

    I’m not ready for kids. Rubbing my belly and saying how cute I’ll be when there’s a baby in there freaks me out! The way you ohh and ahh over my friends newborns is disconcerting. Play hard-to-get for awhile. Maybe when I’m not having baby shoved down my throat, my maternal instinct will kick in, after all, I do follow the Baby Rabies blog for a reason.

    Love, Childless For Now.

  34. Dear T,

    While I know that teenagehood is a hard time (yes, believe it or not, I was there once a long time ago), it still does not mean you can act like a 2 year old. So, with that in mind, please:

    * Do your homework for your summer class
    * Follow directions
    * Stop talking back

    Also, if you are going to procrastinate, please wipe down the baseboards. They are dirty and since your looking for something to do other than you class this summer, they could use a good scrubbing!

    It might also be good to note that when you say you would rather do manual labor instead of getting a degree, that might be a little hard when you insist on sitting in a nice air conditioned house every day and doing as little movement as possible. Well, unless it is to eat or play video games. So, 100 degree heat and manual labor – Yeah, I think you best just keep working on that class.

    Love You!


  35. Dearest Isabel,
    I love you more than anything in the world, but PLEASE PLEASE let me cook dinner in peace. I would appreciate nothing more than to not have you screaming at my leg and chasing me around the kitchen.

    Love, Mommy

    P.S. If you could eat the said dinner, that would really be appreciated too.

  36. Dear Little Buddy,
    I love that you love eating shredded cheese. I do not love that you keep trying to feed it to the cat. Mama does not need to have two 20-lb cats and a 20-lb baby boy.


  37. We are on our first TTC journey and I had my first “baby” dream last night… let me share.

    I knew I was pregnant and I was laying on the couch when suddenly I felt some movement. Oh, it’s the baby’s first movement! I thought to myself. I called my husband over and as he’s walking to me an egg (think chicken egg) pops out. Guess I’m not pregnant anymore… I have strange dreams.

  38. Dear William,

    I am so very honored to be the recipient of your undying love. There is nothing sweeter than a hug from my 8-month-old son. However I must assure you that your world will not come to a crashing halt if you happen to venture further than a foot from my side. Making a frantic u-turn when you’re crawling after a toy is funny, but crying when I am not touching you at all times quickly becomes old.

    Your loving, but suffocating,

  39. Kristi Peshke on

    Dearest 4wk 4day old embryo,

    I hope that you grow and grow and become a full baby soon. Your daddy and I already love you and are anxiously awaiting your arrival in March. Please be healthy and happy. We promise to love and care for you dearly!

    Your loving mother.

  40. Dear Bo,

    Thank you for being the sweet, loving boy that you are. Mommy loves your kisses. If you could, please just stay little and sweet. You’re growing up way too fast.

    Love you,

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