Memos From Mommy 5.18.09

I am so excited to bring you this week’s Memos From Mommy, sponsored by Digi Time Capsule. Momprenuer Sherri Morris has created pretty much the coolest thing I have ever seen for keeping track of all those pregnancy memories and moments.  My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule is a portable USB device that allows you to upload photos, videos and music, and also provides plenty of journaling opportunities.  It’s the memory book of the future!  I love that it’s easy to access at any time.  Just keep the USB with you in your purse and you can work on preserving all the joys and funny moments of pregnancy whenever you have access to a computer.  

I wish I would have known about this when I was pregnant, and now I can’t WAIT for the release of the My Baby Book Digi Time Capsule.  I keep saying that the reason I am slacking on the paper baby book is because the digital one will be so much cooler anyway.  I can also say that on a personal level Sherri is a really awesome person, and I’m so happy for her escalating success! If you are on Twitter, follow her! @DigiTimeCapsule  She’s bound to end up on Oprah any day now.

You can purchase My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule on for $49.95.

As with every Memo From Mommy Monday, you can enter to win just by simply entering your own memo below.  I will draw a random winner on Tuesday. 

And pregnant gals, since this prize is perfect for you, don’t forget to enter your own memos to your current uterus tenant!

It’s Memo time.

Dear Kendall,

I know I’m not all toned up and buff, despite the handful of pushups I’ve done in the last month.  However, let me make this perfectly clear, the chub on the back of my arms is not, under any circumstance, a handle for you to grab on to and pinch anytime I hoist you on to my hip.  It hurts like hell and you are leaving bruises.  No amount of chub pinching is going to keep you from falling anyway.  You know who keeps you from falling?  ME.  The person you are abusing.  Let’s just think about that for a moment.



Kendall is 1 year, 2 weeks and 2 days old


Congrats to Amy!  She is this week’s randomly chosen winner of Memos From Mommy and will get a My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule.  Here’s her MFM:

Dear G,

You are amazing! Your adventurous attitude toward food is awesome and I love the foodie in you. The fact that you dig through your veggies to get at all the lima beans is a bit odd, but I’ll take it. Way to go!


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  1. Dearest Andrew,

    Mommy is so proud of how you are handling this whole teething thing. I’m sorry I didn’t see the signs until you grabbed my hand and stuck it on the tooth to show me yourself. It’s just that 3.5 months is a littl early so I wasn’t expecting it.

    Please know that the teething rings and washrags I’m trying to give you will help with the pain. I am not trying to kill you, and you should not react as such.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Dear E,
    You are the sweetest baby.. err.. toddler (so weird!) in the entire world! That being said I know you’re teething, again.. and that you don’t feel well BUT that is no reason to rub your snot rockets all over me ALL the time. I spend half my day cleaning you up and the other half cleaning me. I’m exhausted. Oh and this waking up at the ass crack of dawn all of a sudden?? Stop. Thanks!
    Love, Mom

  3. Dear G,

    You are amazing! Your adventurous attitude toward food is awesome and I love the foodie in you. The fact that you dig through your veggies to get at all the lima beans is a bit odd, but I’ll take it. Way to go!


  4. Dear T:

    I promise you that getting dressed is not some form of cruel and unusual punishment that I enjoy inflicting on three or so times a day. You do not need to scream and try to grab on to anything in site in order to get away from the pants I am trying to put on you (I feel like when you start crawling that this is going to turn into an even more interesting process!). You do, however, need to wear clothes as it is inappropriate to attend church or go to the store in just a diaper. You need to realize that clothes are good and to help mommy get the vision of you attending your first day of school in nothing but a pair of underware (because you better be out of a diaper by then!) out of her head.
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Dear Bo,

    You know those top 4 teeth of yours that we can see so perfectly well under your gums for the last two months? Well if you just want to pop those suckers through any time now, Mommy would much appreciate it. After all, you are a year old and we are just delaying the inevitable, aren’t we? I think we would all be happier if this process would speed up a bit.


  6. K Girl,
    I know you like to play with cups; normally, I find it very amusing. However, when you take my almost, but not quite empty cup of lemonade and dump it on me at my boss’ party- well, I’m a little less inclined to laugh. Looking back was rather funny. 🙂

  7. To: Joseph
    From: Mommy

    Re: Grown up food

    In the past couple of weeks, you have progressed from stage 1 baby foods (oatmeal, fruits and veggies) to stage 2 baby foods (fruit blends and meat/veggie blends). Mommy is trying to take baby steps with this eating thing since we are already miles ahead of where your pediatrician says we should be. That said, it would be lovely if you could stop salivating every time anyone around you is eating something. You most likely cannot have a taste of it, so you might as well stop begging. Your time for big people food will come soon enough.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

  8. Dearest Lilian,

    Mommy is thoroughly delighted that you have been waking only 2-3 times a night as opposed to the 8-10 times you were waking. But this whole sleeping in the car seat thing has got to end. You’re 7 months old now, and will be sleeping in the crib within the next month whether you like it or not. So please, for all of our sakes (and the neighbors who must be ready to call CYS on me for all the screaming you do!) do not scream bloody murder when I even place you near the crib – it won’t eat you alive, I promise!

    All our love,
    Mommy and Daddy

  9. Dear Z,

    I love that you enjoy talking to me, I really do… but it is rude to talk to somebody when you are eating. Especially when you are breastfeeding. Most of the time you just end up spitting on me and sounding really funny. Our intense conversations can probably wait until after you are done with your snack.

    Your momma

  10. Dear Jack,

    I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you. You have gone from sleeping three or four hours a night to sleeping eight in less than a week! Also, yesterday you signed “mommy” back to me and that made my day.

    Thanks for your hard work in learning and growing!

    I love you to pieces!

  11. Dear Cade,

    It’s all fun and games until you start throwing your Thomas trains everywhere. I understand that you might become frustrated when Thomas takes a corner too fast and derails from the the track but picking him up and throwing him across the room and nearly missing my cute face doesn’t solve anything. Let’s take a deep breath next time.


  12. K-
    Is it bad that I am slightly amused that you’re waking up early on Daddy’s days to take care of you yesterday and today? He’s not enjoying the 6:15 wake up calls. Daddy likes to sleep in! Of course, tomorrow, on Mommy’s days, feel free to sleep in as long as you want 🙂

  13. Dear W,

    NO. MORE. HICKIES! Pretty, pretty please? It’s embarassing to try to explain those at work. I’m pretty sure no one believes they’re not really from Daddy.

    Thanks a million!



  14. Dear Anthony,

    Is there anyway you could like, not throw your food all over the floor? I know it’s fun to watch everyone’s reactions when you do it, but it’s seriously annoying. There was already an ant problem in this house before we lived here, and this really isn’t making it any better. I realize it’s also fun to watch Mommy get on her hands and knees to clean up your mess, and even more fun to throw food onto Mommy’s head from that angle, but it’s actually not so fun for Mommy. While I love to make you laugh, I’d rather we find other ways to do that…Thanks Bud!


  15. Dear Caroline,

    Tomorrow is a big day; we will finally take your one year pictures after being rained out not once but twice. I would really appreciate it if you would cooperate and smile pretty. You’ve been getting pretty good at throwing temper tantrums. Tomorrow is not a day to try out any new back arching or screeching techniques. Thank you in advance for humoring me.


  16. Dear Caroline,

    You’ve been an Angel Baby on this vacation! Please keep it up tomorrow on the flight home and adjust back to Texas time easily!



  17. Dear Sebastian,

    I love you to death, really, but I would be very happy if you would stop fighting your daytime naps. It makes it very hard to get any work done. I realize it is hard to nap while at work, but you didn’t have any problems the first 4 months of your life, so it would make me super happy if you would revert back to those naps in regards to daytime sleep.


  18. Dear W,

    I know you love me and I love you too, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could learn to kiss some other part of my face than my nose. Since you are now teething it is getting quite sore.


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