Memos From Mommy 05.04.09

This week’s Memos From Mommy is brought to you by Boogie Wipes.  Funny name, but seriously great little wipes made specifically for snotty noses.  

We’ve been lucky enough to only have to deal with a few nasty colds in Kendall’s first year, but each one of those turned him into a little crusty booger and snot monster.  The first time around, I just wiped his nose with a wet washcloth or a tissue, but each and every time I came at him a battle ensued.  I felt like I needed a straight jacket to hold him down just so I could clean the layer of mucus that was covering his face and plugging up his nose.  And it didn’t matter if I came at him with something as soft as a cloud, he was having none of it.

Then I noticed Boogie Wipes at my local megamart.  Figuring they couldn’t be any worse than the box of tissues I intended to buy, I bought them instead.  They worked so well! Kendall doesn’t fight them.  In fact, he sits still and seems to almost enjoy them. Now, I’m not one to really buy a lot of unnecessary paper products.  We don’t use paper towels or napkins, but washable rags and napkins instead. This is one place I make an exception.  One pack of Boogie Wipes lasts through more than one cold, and one Boogie Wipe can be folded and used more than once. Plus, they are phthalate and paraben free, made from natural saline, hypoallergenic and alcohol free.

The winner of this weeks MFM, drawn at random sometime tomorrow, Tuesday, May 5th, will win two 30 count packs of Boogie Wipes in Grape and Fresh scent, courtesy of the Boogie Moms at Boogie Wipes.

Good luck and have fun!


OH!  And Kendall is ONE YEAR and 2 days old!  I will have more on that later 🙂

Congrats to Ariana from!  Random Number Generator chose #6, so you win the Boogie Wipes!  Here’s Ariana’s Memo:

Dear Jasper,
Please stop babbling while you eat.. it’s cute at all other times, but not so much when carrot puree flies everywhere.


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  1. Dear Caroline, WHAT have you done to my hair? It seems that, along with 11 months worth of breastmilk, you’ve sucked all nutrients outta my hair. I’d like some good hair Ju-Ju back, please!

    Love, Mama

  2. Dear Ben,

    Please stop feeding your lunch to the dog. I never should have laughed the first time you did it. It’s not really that funny anymore.

    Love, Mum

  3. Dear Stinks,

    For the love of jeebus, please eat when Mommy’s away. I know my boobs are magical–believe me, you’re not the first man to notice–but the bottle is also your friend. It will keep you nourished and content while I’m at work and will keep your daytime caregivers from losing their minds.

    I’m not above bribery, so name your price.


  4. Dear Mason,

    Thank you for giving daddy as much grief as you give me when having your diaper changed! I thought it was soooo funny that while I was out with my friends that you decided to smear poop all over you and daddy!!!! Way to go Little Man!!!



  5. To: Joseph
    From: Mommy

    Re: Being Held

    While I realize that your grandmother is willing to hold you ALL DAY LONG while you’re with her, this is a service that Mommy is unable to provide for you. There are things to be done (dishes, cleaning, laundry) that prevent me from having you sitting on my lap twenty-four hours a day. I will continue to make every effort to hold you whenever possible if you could just cut me some slack now and then. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

  6. Princess,

    Until I had you, I believed postpartum hair loss meant clumps of hair randomly falling out in the weeks or months after birth. But then I realized that it actually takes place when your baby turns five months old and begins to pull fist-fulls of hair right out of your head with a squeal of delight. Please stop… it really hurts.


  7. To: Kian
    From: Mum

    4am is not considered play time, and the high pitched screaching that you oh so love to do when excited is not very cute at said time.
    Please try and remember this tonight,

    Love Mum

  8. To: Bo
    From: Mommy

    Re: Your changing table

    I know you are a boy on the go, but the changing table is not your enemy. Mommy tries to make changing your diaper/getting you dressed/drying you off as fun as possible but you seem to think its torture. I promise if you would lie still for just 2 minutes, it would all be over with. Instead, you contort and twist yourself that makes it almost impossible to get anything accomplished and it ends up taking twice as long.

    Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Love you bunches!

  9. Dear Cade,

    I promise you that the entire movie of Madagascar 2 is very entertaining…. not just the part where they sing “I like to move it, move it”.

    Love you,

  10. Dear Joey,
    Please keep your hands and teeth to yourself. Emergency exits are located at the front and the rear of the household. If you continue to use me as your punching bag and your teething ring, you will calmly and quietly be booted out of said emergency exits.

    Not really… I love and adore your smooshy little head, but I really REALLY REALLY want you to stop hitting and biting me. I recognize that you can’t TELL me what you want (although you do tell me with your eyes)… but hitting and biting will only land your scrawny (yet cute) little butt in time out.

    Thank you so much my squish monster! I love you!

  11. Dear Baby Sister,

    If you lunge at your brothers ice cream cone and fall head first on the floor you are likely to be hurt. Especially if you do this outside where you will hit the concrete ground. Then I will have to take you to the hospital. And you will not get teh ice cream you so desperately wanted. So CHILL OUT!!!

    Love you,

  12. Jenner,
    I know you are enjoying your new found freedom now that you can climb out of your crib, but pouring a glass of water over mommies head is not the best way to get her attention at 3 am.


  13. Dear E,
    Stop scratching behind your ears, they are about to damn near fall off! Seriously, they look awful. Your birthday is next week and I’d like to get you looking like you weren’t mauled by a cougar before people start to wonder ‘what happens behind closed doors’ you at your party, we’re already getting funny stares. So cut it out will ya??

  14. Dear C,
    If you wear a bag on your head you will run into things. Please keep this in mind. I will continue to kiss your head after you run into the wall once again but I’m kind of getting tired of it. I will also continue to laugh because it is funny. Love ya, Mom

  15. To: Ella
    From: Mommy

    Since packing and moving with a toddler is quite challenging in iteself we’d appreciate it if you could adhere to the following guidelines:

    While rummaging through and pulling out anything and everything that mommy has packed in those intriguing brown cardboard boxes is certainly more exciting and entertaining than playing with any and all toys of yours, it simply isn’t cool and must end before mommy blows a coronary.

    Yes I know, what toddler wouldn’t enjoy looking for and finding small, sharp, and dangerous objects that one could possibly swallow, choke on, or impale oneself with, but the reality is the kitchen is not your playroom.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

  16. To: Jude
    From: Mom

    Re: Guard Rails

    Please be aware that mommy’s nipples do feel pain. I am uncertain as to why you have chosen such a small region to be your guard rail. it makes no sense, really. While it is almost magical that you are able to simultaneously pinch both of my nipples to steady yourself, even though I’m fully clothed and have an entire body to grab on to, the pain is unbearable. It’s great you can walk and all, but if the nipple pinching continues I will be forced to cease crawling around on the floor with you, so as to keep my nipples from your tiny yet powerful grasp. You have been forewarned.

  17. Dear Ethan,

    I know you love to spend time with Mommy and Daddy. I know it is more fun to be at home than at daycare. But ear infections are NOT the appropriate way to get a day at home!! One more and we get to visit the ENT and get you some brand-new, shiny ear tubes. Just hang in there for a few more weeks and Mommy will be done with teaching for the summer. Then we can spend lots of antibiotic-free time together!


  18. To: W
    From: Mommy
    Re: Poopy diapers

    I fully realize that changing your nasty, poopy diapers is part of the territory, and I really don’t mind doing it every so often. However, I’m getting just a bit sick of you saving up all your excrement for me. Daddy needs to share in that joy. So if you could drop a load or two on his time, I would appreciate it.

  19. James,

    It truly is wonderful that you are so smart, but that should not be interpreted to mean that Daddy and I want you to be a smartass. Making fun of people, even when it’s just Mommy taking vitamins, is not nice.


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