Bag with a place for everything, but everything must be in it’s place.

I have a bit of a problem.  I’m a tad addicted to diaper bags.  Guess you could say I’m a bit of a diaper bag whore.  Weird, really, because I was never like that with purses.  I mean, I had nice purses, but not one for every outfit.  I didn’t intend to be this way with diaper bags.  It started out innocently, but before I knew it, I’d gathered a lovely collection consisting of a Petunia Pickle Bottom (purchased for a steal from last year), a Coach messenger style diaper bag (a super awesome baby shower gift from two of my very best gal pals), a “daddy” bag from the Gap (which “Daddy” never uses), and I recently won a Fleurville from a Best and Hottest event with Metroplex Baby and Kids.  

They each serve their own purpose.  The PPB is my everyday bag because it’s really spacious and lightweight.  The Coach is our long daytrip bag, because it’s even more spacious, but a tad heavy.  The daddy bag makes a lovely dust collector in the closet, and the Fleurville is a quick out and about bag since there is only room for one Bum Genius in there when I add all the other baby crapola to the mix.

So I sorta think I need another diaper bag like a hole in the head, but I don’t think I’ll have any problems making room in the collection for the Baggino Combination Diaper Bag-N-Changing Belt.  We had the chance to take it with us on our road trip to Houston last weekend and it didn’t fail to impress.

Admittedly, I was a tad hesitant to use it since it seems a little too organized for me.  I’m so used to having a giant bag/black hole that I just stuff all the crap into. The Baggino has no such black hole.  Instead it has pockets, pockets and more pockets!  There are pockets for everything, and just when I thought there were no more places to put the baby crap, I found more pockets.  

I was able to put 2 Bum Genius diapers and a wet bag in the spacious diaper compartment,  about 10 cloth wipes folded up in the instant access wipe compartment, and a tube of diaper cream in the removable pocket.  I loaded the third spacious compartment with a burp cloth and extra outfit, and then filled the baby food compartment with our Tiny Diner placemat, sippy cup and Snack Trap.  The pockets on the outside held Motrin, squirt bottle for the wipes, Hooter Hider, Boogie Wipes, my cell and my wallet.  It was a bit of a tight fit, but it worked!  And I KNEW where everything was.  No fishing around in the giant black hole to find the bottle of Motrin amidst the stray, stale Puffs scattered on the bottom.

Another *great* feature of this bag is the changing belt.  Basically, you can unzip the bag and wrap it around your waist, like a super duper fanny pack, and you’ve got all your diaper changing supplies right there. Wahlah!  It’s like you morph into a diaper changing super hero!  Best part is, it never once has to sit atop a nasty changing table or sink.  It stays on you the whole time.  This totally appealed to my husband’s germaphobe nature.  In addition, the changing pad that comes with it is pretty large.  You can watch a video and see it in action here.

I now deem this bag our “Travel w/stops at dirty truck stops and filthy airports and visits to Ikea” bag.  My only hesitation with using it as an everyday bag is that I just don’t trust myself to be so organized and I’m a tad bit attached to my black hole. However, for those of you who *are* organized and cringe at the thought of a massive expanse of unorganized mess in a bag, this could very well make a great every day bag for you. 

It’s for sale at for $149.  (This is also the company that makes the super cool Learner’s Bib!)

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  1. Oh, you HAVE to check out Ju Ju Be Diaper bags. Their quality is matchless! They started my diaper bag obsession!

  2. Tiffany (**sissy**) on

    I second the Ju Ju Be bags! You will become seriously addicted. I have a problem that my husband doesn’t appreciate. They have so many different types of bags in so many different prints, and they are GREAT quality bags. I bought one full price @ Nordstrom and then discovered the world of Ju Ju Be’s on ebay, that is where I got in trouble! 🙂

  3. This is a great find and the changing belt idea is awesome! We travel a lot and this Baggino bag would be extremely helpful! It is sooo disgusting to have to put a diaper bag down in an airplane restroom…

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