Doing my part for the cloth diaper revolution!

This is a post that’s been months in the making and I’m so freaking happy to finally be able to publish it. It all began after the two posts I made on our cloth diapering experience (here and here). I was amazed at the response and interest, and have used those posts many times since then to help explain to others why and how we cloth diaper. In all the conversations about cloth diapers that I have read and heard, the most common hurdle keeping people from making the switch and trying cloth isn’t the washing or the poop, it’s the cost. Even though you will most likely save a substantial amount of money over the long run, it is pretty steep to get started.

Thus, the idea for my first ever blog giveaway was born. I hit up vendors who I have personally worked with and know provide excellent cloth diapering products and services, and was overwhelmed by their generosity. The sentiment seems to be the same. We all love cloth diapering so much and think if more people could try it, it would certainly become a more popular choice among the modern parent. It was this desire for cloth diaper advocacy that lead the following companies to participate in the Baby Rabies Cloth Diaper Giveaway.

Our featured sponsor is Sunshine Diapers. This is the company that does the oh-so convenient Kissaluv newborn rental package! The rental package was our first experience with cloth diapers and it went so smoothly that I now recommend it to anyone who will listen, and have remained a loyal customer of Sunshine Diapers since. Rhea is amazing to work with. They are responsive and always available to answer any questions, and their website is very helpful.

Modern Diapers has such a wonderful selection of accessories and diapers. I especially LOVE this “Skin Deep” tattoo diaper cover! As soon as Kendall is ready for a size large (which won’t be too long!) this is the first thing I’m getting. Lillian is sweet as can be and very educated on the whole cloth diaper process. Plus, she is always running great sales!

Baby Belle has a wonderful Etsy store with everything from fun and funky fleece pants, which work great over fitted diapers in the place of a cover, to fabulous diapers and customizable covers. This girl can put just about anything on your baby’s bum! This site is the perfect example of how much fun you can really have with cloth diapers.

Artsy Fartsy Foo Foo is an Etsy seller, as well, and a truly talented seamstress. Not only has she made me some luxurious, yet still very functional nursing pads, but she’s also made Kendall a green and tan plaid KCK One pocket diaper with minky on the inside! It’s one of our favorites. She specializes in custom orders and always comes through with an awesome product.

Shortly after moving to the Dallas area, I was delighted to learn that there is a brick and mortar store not too far from me that sells cloth diapers and accessories! In fact, I bought all but one of our Bum Genius 3.0s from Peppermint, along with my wet bag and some other fun items. Currently, I’ve got my eye on a new carrier for Kendall. He’s a tad too big for the Moby now, so I’m going to have Marni help me pick something else out after we get our tax return. If you live in the Dallas area, I strongly recommend stopping by sometime and checking out what they have to offer.

Crunchy Clean is the most delightful thing to ever happen to my laundry room, which just so happens to also be home to the cat litter box. In fact, my husband has begged me not to use up all the Crunchy Clean diaper detergent (in Crisp and Candied) because he prefers this smell over that of the cat’s ass. I assured him I have no problem keeping a steady rotation of Crunchy Clean around and am already trying to figure out which scent I want next.

Now, for the part you are all waiting for… to find out more details and to ENTER TO WIN, click here!

Kendall is 7 months and 1 week old (and loves his cloth diapers!)

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  1. For your next crunchy clean sent I highly recommend monkey farts! Its wonderful.
    I am SO excited for this contest! Can your enter your e-mail more than once?

  2. do you mind posting about cleaning them? I didn’t read fully about that in your old posts… do you dump the poo in the toilet and then toss it in a laundry pail? I would LOVE to convince my DH that this is a great investment 🙂

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