This is a test…

No, really, it is.  I seem to be having some issues with my RSS feed updating.  So that means that the people who subscribe to my blog via things like Google Reader haven’t received an update from me since the switch over.  It is pissing me off beyond belief.  Trying to figure this out on my own is like trying to teach myself how to install plumbing or someting equally confusing and over my head.  Sooo… I just tried  something that’s supposed to fix it.  If it did, and you are finally getting updates, can you let me know?  Thanks.  Until then, I will continue banging my head on my desk.

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  1. I didn’t realize I wasn’t getting updates, but I suddenly have 8 updates on my Google Reader! So apparently your fix worked!

  2. Question for you all – right now the new feed is set up to only send out excerpts of posts and then you have to click through to my actual blog to read the entire content. Honestly, does this bother you? I’m thinking I will switch it back to where you can read the full post wherever you receive your feed at (like Google Reader).

  3. Some of the time I wish I could read the whole thing on the Google Reader, but I don’t really mind clicking to your site that much. I never would’ve realized you changed it up if I didn’t have to come here to read. I like the new layout.

  4. I could never read your whole post in my reader, I have always clicked through to the site. But if you wanted to change it… that would be awesome. Doesn’t keep me from reading, though, your posts are great!

  5. I would *love* it if you let us read the whole thing in the Google Reader. I often ignore things in my google reader for a while when I know I have to click through – it just annoys me to open another window. Silly, I know, but true.

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