I’m actually a little afraid to mention anything

for fear I may jinx it, but I feel like I need to record this historic event in the life of me and my little boy so that I may refer to it in the future to reassure myself that my child, indeed, does have the capacity to sleep for more than 5 hours straight.  KENDALL SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT!! ::knocking on every piece of wood in sight::

I put him down at 7:30, fed him once at midnight, per our usual routine, then headed off to bed with three Advil and a big cup of water because I was feeling like ass.  I guess it’s a head cold or something.  I was exhausted and already dreading the inevitable trudge across the house in a few hours for the second nighttime feeding, and fearing any additional feedings that seem to be coming with this whole new world of solids introductions (because saying a baby will sleep through the night once they start solids is such a fucking lie, people!…. more on that in another post).  I made sure to turn the monitor up louder than usual because I knew how hard it was going to be to get out of bed.  Plus, Scott was out of town for the night and he’s usually the first to wake up when Kendall starts crying.  In fact, my lovely husband who I love oh so dearly is the one to go get Kendall 90% of the time and bring him to me to nurse him in bed in the middle of the night.  Then, only partly because he loves me so much and mainly because he’s afraid I am going to drop the baby in my sleep-walk haze, he is the one to take him back.  It’s things like that that really make up for the fact that he has no ability to control the volume of his voice while I am trying to get Kendall down for a nap.

Now, I’m really hoping that the reason why I didn’t wake up to feed him last night is because he really did sleep through the night, not because I was so incredibly exhausted that I slept right through his cries and my husband wasn’t there to rescue the baby. Ugh… the mommy guilt, it’s trying to take away my joy.  It’s trying to ruin this wonderful night of sleep for me!

Well, when I awoke this morning to, not the sound of a squawking/screaming baby, but to the sound of the school buses behind our house, I laid in bed for a minute or two wondering, “Why do I feel so…. so … rested?  So… refreshed?  Why do I not hear Kendall?  How many times did he wake last night?  Oh….my… God….  HE’S DEAD!!  HE MUST BE!!!”  I then leap out of bed, dart toward his room, fling his door open, and am greeted by my smiling baby, happily playing with his lovey.  If my boobs weren’t about to explode, I would have tried the duck and roll before he saw me so that I could get some more sleep.  I picked him up to bring him back to bed with me and reflected on a bit of advice my brother in law told me this summer.  It went something like this:

“There will be a morning when  you will wake up and not hear the baby crying, and you will  be tempted to run to their room to check on them because  you think they are dead.  The way I see it is just enjoy the extra sleep.  Chances are they are fine, and if they are dead, what are you going to do?”

Morbid.  I know.  It makes me chuckle every time.  I should have listened to his advice.

So we all know that since I’ve blogged about this wondrous event Kendall will wake 4 or 5 times tonight, just to prove it was a fluke.  Annnnnd… right on cue, like a scene from a movie, I hear him crying right now – 1 hour earlier than his usual first nighttime feeding, and this is actually the second feeding of the night already because he woke at 9:30.  Yeah…  it’s going to be a long night.  Damn.  I knew I shouldn’t have blogged about this.  I’m off.

Kendall is 6 and a half months old

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  1. I admit it… I have had your brother-in-law’s thought a number of times. I always figure, if he were dead, it will be a LONG time before I’ll sleep well again; might as well get all I can now. Oh my god, I feel sooo guilty just typing that!

    Good luck tonight! Oh, and my son was born May 2, 2008 too! He’s not sleeping through the night either… seriously, ANY day now, kid!!

  2. Congrats !! Wonderful feeling right ? Just to know that they are capable of it and that there will be full nights of sleep in the future. James was exactly 6 ane a half months when he did that for the first time too. Try to enjoy it when you get it !!

  3. Here’s more food for thought…even if he did wake up and cry and you didn’t hear him, he lived didn’t he? And you feel better don’t you? Just sayin’… 🙂

  4. I wanted to add this comment to the past post about Starbucks bathrooms not having changing stations… But I’m not doing well finding that post… so I’ll put it here…

    I wasn’t sure if you followed through with doing anything about it – emails, letters or something. But I wanted to share what I found online today – Sam’s Club sells changing stations… they are less than $200.


  5. Your blog is entertaining. Cuuuuute header. You probably don’t want to hear this but we have been STTN since 2 months (yay). Sending some more STTN dust your way.

  6. I know when my lil Ian STTN, I’ll have the same reaction. I’ve even told myself the same thing your brother in law said when DS doesn’t wake up at his normal time – amusing, even if it is depressingly morbid.

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