Teething Bites.

Well… they’re here, at least two of them anyway.  Kendall cut his first two razor blades… I mean… teeth (center bottom) at the beginning of last week.  My boobs have been spared for the most part since his tounge covers them when he’s eating.  However, this isn’t going to last long.  He’s been working all week on getting a top tooth in and it’s killing us both (apparently, when he decided to get teeth, he decided to just get them all at once…joy).  He’s uncomfortable, I’m exhausted, my boobs want to grow a protective shell, and my husband has to deal with us both.  It’s not fun.

If I would let him, Kendall would sleep all night with my nipple comfortably (for him… not me) resting in his mouth against his gums.  It is the only way I can get him to nod off.  Then my attempts to do the old fake nipple switcheroo with many different brands of pacifiers end up resulting in a pissed off, wide awake, STILL uncomfortable baby.  Poor little guy : (  Of course, I have the whole aresenal of soothing agents and have tried them all.  I have the teething tablets, baby Motrin, frozen teethers, vibrating teethers, soft teethers, hard teethers, and, let us not forget, the farking teething necklace (which I have no idea if the thing actually works because I just can’t bring myself to leave a necklace on a sleeping infant).

Anyway, now I’m exhausted.  Did I mention that already?  Yeah… I’m exhausted.  I can’t even concentrate on typing right now.  I must get to sleep.  I’m sure  he will be awake as soon as the Motrin wears off.  Must. get. some. sleep.

I’m going to guess that Kendall is approaching the six month mark sometime in the not very distant future… will check calendar in the morning to confirm.

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  1. Ohh you poor things! Brock has still not cut his first tooth, but I swear the childs been teething for MONTHS. I just wish he would go ahead and cut one already!

  2. Poor things! (Kendall AND you!) I hope this stage passes quickly for you both….I’m not looking forward to it with Micah. Get some needed rest!

  3. oh, so sorry jill. porter’s been teething for a little while now too, though none have popped through. it’s his k-9s (ie the fangs that dh so sweety handed down to him). have you tried baby ambesol? i get a gag-are-you-trying-to-poison-me?-face at first, but he then turns from a screaming mess to a sweet little angle who can’t stop sucking his lips (i’m sure it a funny feeling to have a completely numb mounth) in like 10 seconds. of course, it does wear off… but it’s great for getting him to sleep when his teeth are preventing him from relaxing. gl, hope it gets better!

  4. The horror. I dread when Ella faces this. I’m praying she is as nonchalant about teething as she is about everything else. We’ll see.

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