Happy Halloween!

Kendall is the most happy Halloween is finally here because that means I will stop dressing him up in this cumbersome get up.  We started the festivities this week at the neighborhood Fall Fest where he seemed to at least tolerate the costume.  The next time he sported it was at Gymboree and he was starting to get visibly annoyed by it.  By the time I slipped it on him at our mom’s group, he was completely and utterly disgusted with me.  He reminded me of our dog when we have to put the lamp shade thing around his head to keep him from chewing his ass sometimes.  He just sat there, wouldn’t move a muscle.  Honestly, it was pretty freaking funny.  However, since he’s been such a good sport this week and clearly is not loving the costume, I don’t think we will be subjecting him to the embarrasing ensemble again tonight.  Hopefully he will love me just enough for that to not bite my nipple again.  I hope you and all your little monsters have a safe and happy Halloween!

Kendall will be 6 months old in 2 days!

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  1. Oh.my.goodness! How cute! I love the shark costume! Micah is going to be a puppy tonight…he loves his costume almost as much as Kendall loves his!!!! Happy Halloween! p.s….6 months around the bend?!?!? Time to start some cereal soon? (My b-day is November 2nd too!!!!)

  2. Thanks! Jess, you must send me pictures, and happy early birthday! Yes, solids are very much in our immediate future. I’m sure that will be a very fun thing to blog about 🙂

  3. So cute! My husband wants to dress Kadence up like animals all the time. This year, I picked her costume (so she was batgirl), but I’m sure she’ll be a cat or a monkey next year- or as soon as he finds a costume!! I’m glad he tolerated his awesome costume- not sure I would’ve, haha.

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