Reporting from the trenches

It’s been a week, and the war trudges on.  It’s hard to tell who’s winning.  If we go by who’s getting better sleep, then Kendall is kicking my ass in that department.  I am exhausted.  Walking 30 yards to his room three times a night seems about as dreadful as crossing the Sahara.  Luckily, no stubbed toes yet.  However, if I trip on a dog ONE MORE TIME!!  And my days are pretty useless since I nap about as much as Kendall does just to try to catch up on sleep.  On the other hand, I like to remind myself that the original intent of this fight was to get Kendall to sleep in his own room, and I’m happy to report that for the last week he has done just that.  Granted, he’s still waking up one to three times a night to eat (and that’s what’s killing me) but he goes to sleep after minimal fussing and spends a grand total of about 12 hours in there before he wakes for good the next day.  Soooo…. I say I WIN!

Well, maybe not completely.  I kind of threw that whole cry  it out thing out the window the first night.  I think I’m going to listen to the advice of some loyal readers and check out some other options, including The No Cry Sleep Solution.  The first night I let him cry for five minutes at about 1 in the morning, since I had just fed him a few  hours before, hoping he would just go back to sleep.  Well, after the fussing turning into crying and that turned into wailing, I couldn’t hold out any longer.  I went to check on him and he would not calm down with the pats on the back and the shush noises.  I finally picked him up and he practically unhooked my bra for me.  Poor guy 🙁  He was so hungry.  Soooo…. yeah… that made me feel like an ass.

I have to say, all in all and exhaustion included, I am so happy we moved him to his room.  I think Scott misses him more than I do.  It was nice to snuggle with him at times and to always have him an arm’s reach away, but I’m starting to feel like this one GIANT step has given me just the tiniest bit of my sanity back.  We’ve learned to turn the monitor way down and I no longer wait up to see if I can feed him just once before I go to sleep (the first night I stayed up until 1:30 and the second night I didn’t hit the sack until 2:45).  Now, if I can just figure out how to comfortably nod off in that rocking chair….

Oh, and thanks for the compliments on the room!  For those who asked, the crib is from Babies R Us and it’s the Tampa Lifetime Crib by Baby Cache.  The dresser is actually from, but it doesn’t look like they sell it anymore.  I wanted a real dresser, not some ridiculous looking thing with a cabinet in it.  I do not understand just what the hell you are supposed to use that cabinet for.  I know that, inevitably, when Kendall is 5, the only thing that cabinet will be good for is hiding/stuffing things he’s not supposed to have.  And then when he gets even older it will be a jumbled mess of clothes shoved in, not folded, spewing out the sides, the door unable to close.  The rocker is again from Babies R Us (Wendy Bellisimo) and the ottoman was a great deal from Overstock.

Kendall is days shy of 5 months old

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  1. Awesome!!! So glad it’s working, at least in some regards. Well, you feel like you have some extra sanity, so that is a HUGE VICTORY!

    It’s funny, I cannot even imagine not having Ella right next to me (in her own crib) so that I just have to either lean over and pop in her pacifier or if she’s truly hungry, feed her without having to really get out of bed.

    But I’m at work during the day and am actually enjoying it. Ideally, I’d love to work less than 8 hours a day. Maybe 4-6 but still, I’m glad I’m back at the office. It’s easier than being home. I imagine if I were still home full-time, I’d probably be craving a little separation, instead of craving the closeness. Funny how that works out, huh?

    And I remember when you were feeling all sad back when you were still back East, and didn’t have his own special room waiting for Kendall when he came home. I’m happy for you that you were finally able to give it to him and that he is enjoying it!

  2. awww…it will get easier, I promise you !! Its a tough transition to move a baby into their own room. You are doing better than I did. I should have moved him in sooner and I didnt because I was terrified of getting up and walking into his room 3 times a night ! I think you are doing great, hang in there !

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