Check out the Chub!!

A quick drive by post to pimp out Kendall’s new pictures, done by the lovely Mollie of Photography in Bloom down in Austin, TX.  Check out her blog to see a few pics.  Sorry there’s not much hillarity in this post, but I promise to be back soon with some good stuff.  And thanks again to Mollie for such good work!

16 weeks 3 days

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  1. Jill and Scott we are so happy to see some new photos of Kendall oh my goodness, for sure we have to plan now to be there in the summer. Look how happy Scott looks as a daddy, makes me think about all the great times that we had with ours when they were that tiny! Oh goodness could it be that you are giving me babyrabies! RUN!!!

    All Our Love,
    Amy and Srinu Regeti

  2. Oh my, I love mollie’s work. I was just looking at these pics yesterday and I had no idea they were you. They came out great.

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