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All that luxuriously thick and shiny hair you accumulate while pregnant… yeah…. you don’t get to keep that.  Around the time your kid turns 3 months old it plans a mass exodus from your scalp and begins coming out in (and I am in NO way exaggerating here)  CLUMPS!  I’m talking about at least 20 strands at a time coming out each and every time I run my hands through my hair.  I’m constantly detangling Kendall’s fingers and toes and there are hair balls in every corner of my house no matter how frequently I vacuum.  Seriously, it could be very profitable for a rug company to set  up shop on my bathroom floor.

13 weeks 5 days

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  1. Ugh – I’m in the same boat! (I delivered a week before you.) The shower floor looks like a salon floor, and the poor, poor drain – my husband plunged up a small rat sized thing yesterday morning.

  2. And it will keep happening as long as you breastfeed. I’m almost 14 months postpartum and I’m still losing it. My stylist assures me I will until I wean. Sigh.

  3. Oh great. My husband already says I shed like a wild animal…always has. He has no idea what he’s in store for, then. 🙂

  4. Same boat here, I already shed horribly, bleh 🙁 On a serious note: (I know I don’t want to scare but at the same time this instantly came to mind and feel I should warn) I’ve seen two babies come into the ER with a single hair wrapped around their toes. It causes a turniquet and it’s not so good. I was amazed that a single strand of hair could do that

  5. With my first I thought I had escaped the mass exodus of hair because I thought it happened right away but was immensly surprised when it happened exactly as you are describing. I delivered on April 21 and this started for me about a week ago again. I hate hate hate it. It is everywhere all the time. I soooo sympathize with you.

  6. So funny that you wrote about this. I just posted on the nest about this. (I refuse to call it the bump.) It’s driiving me crazy!

  7. My friend warned me about this. Her husband made her some inside-out-tape shoes to pick up hair so it wouldn’t mess up the vaccum

  8. Bad news girls – my hair started falling out in clumps when my little one was 13 weeks old. She will be 21 weeks tomorrow and it hasn’t stopped. It is so gross, and I swear I must be going bald…

  9. I know everyone is different, but my hair did fall out — I had some sort of bald patches when my daughter was 3 or 4 months old. But it stopped — and it has grown back enough to look pretty much normal now, and she’s 9 months and still nursing. I’m sure by the time it looks totally normal I’ll be ready to get pregnant with another one and start this whole thing all over again.

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