Babies: Tiny drunk people

A friend pointed out to me a few years ago how much babies and toddlers can resemble tiny little drunk people.  This was at a wedding as we were watching the ring bearer and flower girl precariously teetering around the dance floor with cups of punch spilling over their chubby little hands.  They were babbling incoherently and then began dancing spasticly with smiles plastered from ear to ear – very much like the guys who always seemed to hit on me back in my college clubbing days.  Well, Kendall had his first “tiny drunk person” moment today when I gave him a teething ring.  He managed to grasp it without a problem and you could tell he really wanted to get it in his mouth.  He sat there in his Bumbo (aka – foam chair that I shove my kids chunky ass in and then have to peel him out of five minutes later) and first decided to bring his head to his hand, not realizing he would never quite reach if he didn’t bend his elbow.  Then he finally figured out he had to bring the ring to his face, and with all the concentration of a wasted person trying to act completely sober, he proceeded to smack his eyes, ears and nose with the ring… never quite getting it to his mouth.

13 weeks 1 day (or exactly 3 months old)

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