Yeah, I’m pretty sure.

Just got back from Home Depot, which I have visited twice a day nearly every day since we got here, and had the strangest conversation with a lady at customer service.

Me- “I’d like to return this dimmer switch.”

Her – “Awww, what a cute baby!  How many months?”

Me- “Thanks!  He’s two months old.”

Her- “What?!  No way.  He’s too big to be two months old.  Really?”

Me- “Uhm…yes, really.  I mean, technically he’s a little over nine weeks.”

Her- (in all seriousness) “Are you sure?  I mean, he’s REALLY big for two months old.”

Me- (starting to doubt myself for a split second, doing the math in my head, stopping myself because I KNOW my son is 9 weeks old)  “Yeah.  I’m pretty sure.  I was there when he came out.  I vividly remember it.  It was 9 weeks and 5 days ago.”

Her- ::blank stare::  “Wow.”

Me- “So… the dimmer switch.  It doesn’t work right.”

Yes, I gave birth to the next Incredible Hulk.

9 weeks 5 days old (I’m sure of that!)

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  1. people! =) and seriously – the first week in the house we went at least twice a day. people started recognizing us and making comments like ‘oh back again?’ haha.

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