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OMG!  I’m never going to be able to leave this house!  I am sick and tired of being stuck here, but Kendall merely needs to brush against the fabric of the infant car seat to be set off into a complete wail.  He HATES it.  Granted, he has spent an extreme amount of time in there the last couple months with all the cross country driving we’ve been doing.  I don’t blame him.  I want to cry when we get in the car too sometimes.  But this just SUCKS!  I feel like I can’t go anywhere because who really wants to be toting around a screaming baby? I had to shout out my order three times today in the Starbucks drive through to be heard over his hysterical fit.

If he is not screaming, he’s sleeping, and the only way to get him to go to sleep is to jiggle the car seat.  I have to crane my arm behind my back and VIGOROUSLY jiggle the carseat until he dozes off.  Actually, jiggling is the only way to get this kid to sleep anywhere these days.  Screw “calming” and “soothing” vibrations!  I need bouncy seats that sh….errrr…jiggle my kid(don’t want to get reported to CPS by mentioning the “sh…” word).  And someone seriously needs to invent a jiggling infant car seat.  When Scott is driving it’s not so bad since we can take turns (just like we take turns jiggling him in the bouncy seat as he lays in it in between us in bed at night…sometimes I try to get him to sleep in the pack and play by our bed, but I think it’s going to fall apart if I jiggle it anymore….as I type this, I have him in the bouncy seat on the floor with one foot jiggling him), but when it’s just me with Hailey and Kendall in the car I get exhausted after one block.  And I’m sure you can imagine just how unsafe this scenario is.  Not only are carseats not supposed to jiggled for a reason, but I’m fighting veering all over the road while doing it.  Meanwhile, Hailey is yelling “KenDALL!  What is your PROBLEM?!”  Instantly, my supposed exciting escape from this box filled, Easter colored house turns into a giant headache.  I dread putting him in the car as much as I used to dread breastfeeding him.  I know it’s necessary, but I don’t have to be happy about it. The icing on the cake is even if I do succeed at getting him to fall asleep, he awakes the moment my speedometer goes below 40.

The worst thing is now he associates getting into anything with a harness (like his extremely cute/cool/expensive Quinny Buzz stroller) with whatever sort of disdain he has for his carseat.  That means that this pricey stroller that I HAD to have has basically become worthless at this point.  I have hope for when he gets a little bigger and can ride face forward in the stroller seat, but snapping his infant seat into the frame right now is out of the question.  The only way I get this kid around now is in my supercalifreakingfanfukcingtastic Moby Wrap.  I never thought a piece of fabric the length of Interstate 35 could bring me such happiness, or that I would be so willing to spend an additional $40 on another long ass strip of fabric.  I realize my mistake.  I should have skipped the expensive stroller and just gone for lots of super cute wraps – one to match every outfit!  I only have a black one now, but I covet this one on Etsy by seller Loveyduds.  (And now I realize I’m going to have to buy it soon before one of you gets to it first!)

Hmm…this just made me think of another entry I need to write…

10 weeks old

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  1. I feel your pain ~ we moved about two months after my daughters birth and she had the same dislike for the car seat – specifically the infant car seat. We ended up purchasing the convertible car seat in hopes that it would make the experience more tolerable for her and it did. I think what she really didn’t like about the infant seat was the feeling of being sunken into a seat, unable to see what was going on around her. She would scream and scream in that seat. I think we switched her out of it around 5 months. Her crying ended and all was happy again.

  2. Ok, so the past few days Brock has started the really “cool” screaming as soon as he gets into his car too! Maybe its an age thing…luckily he quiets down when gets his pacifier.

  3. We’ve gone through the screaming stage too – oh so fun when you’re in a drivethrough…I feel like the ultimate disfunctional family at that point! Does he happen to take a pacifier?? Pretty sure the pacifier SAVES us on all road trips with Grace – if the car is going less than 30 she’s having a fit and our 2 year old is screaming back at her – almost as if he is antagonizing her! aAHHHHH

  4. I found your site from Sarah Adkison. Anyway, I just wanted to say. My daughter SCREAMED in the car like that too. My chiropractor said sometimes the infant seat doesn’t have enough padding. So we took the fabric cover off and sure enough…The padding only went about halfway down so we added more padding the rest of the way down. My son was a different kid in the SAME seat. So you might check your seat. The padding stopped at about the lower back and it made a world of difference to fix it.

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  6. I love you. I suddenly don’t feel so bad. I’m so frustrated, I can’t even jiggle my son because I’m fairly certain it will progress to the sh word. It’s 1:30 am and I’m letting him wail just so I can pump.

  7. My two month daughter is a jiggaholic as well. At home i use the bouncer to work out – knee lifts for quads and dips for hamstrings. I have an older swing that really cranks in the bathroom so i can shower. But in the car… I often wonder how other drivers feel when they glance over and see me ‘having a seizure’.

  8. Jamshley Chisum on

    This could have been written by me! This is my baby boy to the T… and thank goodness for the moby (and figuring out how to nurse in it) or I’d never ever be able to leave the house…even for a walk around the block! I drool over baby wraps now instead of cute clothes….they get covered anyway!

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