Just wanted to take a minute to show you all how much Kendall really has grown, and of course to show off my handsome little man. That’s what moms are supposed to do anyway, right? Here are some recent pictures of him taken on Father’s Day.

These were taken when he was about a month old on our trip back home to Texas.

Yes..that’s the same outfit. I spent $25 on it at Baby Gap. He’s going to get some use out of the damn thing!

And just to really show you how much he’s grown, compare this picture from the day we took him home from the hospital…

to this one taken on Father’s Day at six weeks and two days old.

I can’t believe we spent so much money on a carseat the kid will probably outgrow by the end of summer!

Six weeks 5 days old

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  1. What a beautiful boy! He certainly has grown! Enjoy this time with your little man — and good luck with your move!

  2. that third photo is hilarious! you need to save it and get one like it when he’s older and starts to go through a leave-me-alone-mama-don’t-embarass-me phase 😉

  3. He is too cute!! He makes my little Grace look like a newborn! lol…she’s 8 wks and I’m guessing still just over 8lbs!

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