How motherhood has changed me

I am a gift giver.  I live to find the perfect gift, wrap it up in the most adorable/creative wrapping, and pair it with the perfect card that I found after flipping through nearly every single one at Hallmark. It used to almost be a hobby for me.  If we were celebrating my husband’s first Father’s Day without all this hassle of being new parents (I know…but stay with me here…), I would have undoubtedly spent more than 5 minutes picking out his card.  I wouldn’t have just grabbed the first semi-funny one in the Shoebox section.  And I certainly would have wrapped his power tool set in something appropriate, perhaps some brown paper with a satin blue ribbon tied around it.  I may have even had Hailey help me draw tools all over it with crayon.  Instead, since I am so ridiculously tired and used every ounce of energy I have for the week schlepping Hailey and Kendall into Home Depot yesterday amidst the other frantic last minute shoppers and in the middle of a torrential downpour, this is how I presented my husband’s first Father’s Day gift –

I threw the boxes in Hailey’s room, topped them with the cards, covered them with a blanket the dogs have obviously been lounging on, and had Scott do the “grand unveiling” this morning.  The old me would have been appalled.  The new me is thankful I didn’t have to look for the Scotch Tape.

6 weeks 2 days old

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  1. Lol… hey, it all works out the same in the end… but without the paper to throw out. 🙂 Happy first father’s day, Mr. BabyRabies!

  2. you have me beat. I am still working on Matt’s Father’s Week cards & gifts. I got him some lame ones Saturday night, “wrapped” in the Best Buy bag. I’m trying to buy a better something on eBay today.

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