My first Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day began with a trip to the ER. Poor Kendall cried from 7 pm until 3 am last night. It was one of those experiences you hear all new moms describe as “terrible”. The crying wouldn’t stop. We had NO idea what was wrong. He was fed, changed, burped, clean, good temp, peeing, pooping….still crying. We tried the “magic potion” of Mylicon drops. They conked him out for 5 minutes. That was a cruel joke. He woke up with even more ferocity in his screams. We finally decided I should head to the ER with him at 12:30.

Turns out Kendall has a case of Acid Reflux. Yeah…the stuff I suffered from all through the last two trimesters. Looks like he took it with him. Since we can’t give him Tums (although I did briefly contemplate crushing some up for him and rubbing them inside his mouth until I came to my senses) we ended up with a prescription for liquid baby Zantac. We were also sent home with a list of preventative measures…including a list of foods I’m not supposed to be eating now that I’m breastfeeding.

Okay, how UNFAIR is this? Included on this list are chocolate, ice cream, dairy products, oranges, fruit juice, pizza, and various vegetables. So, like every freaking thing I’ve craved and eaten for the last nine months….yeah…. I have to give it up. I am warning all you pregnant ladies – don’t think just because you are going to breastfeed that you can continue your pregnancy diet after the baby is born. I thought I had at least another six months to indulge! Wrong. And to top it off, I feel like an asshole mother for making my baby sick just because I was craving some chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream.

The good news is the Zantac seems to do the trick. He’s been quite happy this morning. Meanwhile, I’m off to make myself a bland lunch consisting of a baked potato and a banana. And I promise I’m working on my birth story! I have a small portion of it finished and hopefully will be able to post it later tonight, assuming Kendall’s medicine keeps working and I can get a few minutes to sit down later tonight.

9 days old

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  1. Bella also as AR – she got put on Zantac first (which didn’t help) and then Prilosec – the latter has been a MIRACLE drug. Things *will* get better, I promise!

  2. Oh, you poor thing! Glad it was just AR and not something more serious. Hang in there and Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Oh god not the acid reflux. We had to deal with that too. Fortunately around 3 months it got better as her tummy got more mature. Just wait till you get to enjoy the fun of projectile vomit!

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