I really do love this…

My little boys feet are always positioned just below my ribs these days, and while I suffer frequent kicks to the ribs and lungs, I absolutely LOVE being able to clearly feel and make out two tiny little feet.  I love poking them and massaging them and feeling them run up and down.  I’m sure that baby isn’t loving this type of interaction so much, especially if he’s inherited my super ticklish gene, but it really makes this whole baby thing feel so real.  It’s taken a long time to feel that way.

36 weeks 3 days

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  1. Huh. I didn’t know you’d be able to actually feel and make out individual baby body parts. Forgive my pregnancy ignorance. You learn something new every day…

  2. aaw, it is so sweet…My husband was telling me he read somewhere that any tactile stimulus you give the baby when they’re still inside you is a good thing for them (even if they are ticklish, hee hee).

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