“I don’t have breasts!”

Since I’m up and rarely have the time or energy to blog, I thought I’d take a few precious minutes to blog a funny niece story. Since she’s moved in with us we’ve gone to great lengths to make her feel involved in this baby process. She is beyond excited to be the big “cousin sister” and can’t wait to help out with everything. I got her a book from the writers of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It’s a children’s book called What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home. It’s probably her favorite book and I can’t count how many times we’ve read it. A section of the book talks about how some babies drink from bottles and some babies drink milk from breasts (and yes, we call them breasts…I’m not about to have her tell someone I’m “boobie feeding” the baby). We’ve even talked about how bottles and breasts have nipples. She’s quite educated on the process.

Flash forward to a few nights ago… our childbirth class instructor let us borrow a breastfeeding DVD. We popped it in while Hailey happened to be in the room. She sat down and watched it with us. She was quiet at first, seemed intrigued, then she piped up, “that’s a breast!” We applauded her correct identification. Then she paused and thought for a moment and said…”I don’t have breasts” to which my husband awkwardly said, “Well..no…you don’t…uh…not yet,” and she proudly responded, “but I have nipples!” Okay, that was pretty funny, but not even the best part of this story.

We had to return the DVD that night and on the car ride over there she kept saying, quite adamantly, “YOU can’t feed your baby like that….YOU can’t breastfeed.” I told her that I indeed could and really hope to do so for at least a little while. The more I responded to her this way, the angrier she got until she damn near threw a temper tantrum over it. I could not understand what her problem was. She had no problem talking about breastfeeding before. Finally my husband turned around and point blank asked what her problem was with me breastfeeding. Her response – “That will make ME and baby VERY unhappy….I don’t have BREASTS!” Hahahahahahahahaha!! That cracked me up.

33 weeks 3 days

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