Random Vents

1. Someone pop me please.  Stick a pen in my belly and deflate me.  I am so freaking bloated and full of gas that it is painful to even sit up.  I am hunched over as I type this.

2.  I thought I had an OB appointment this morning.  Yes, I thought it was weird to go in for a 15 week instead of a 16 week appointment, but I could swear that at my last appointment today was the date they told me to come in next.  I got my ass out of bed way earlier than I wanted to this morning, put myself through the anxiety of worrying about how the appointment would go, sit in the waiting room for 15 minutes, only to have the not so sweet receptionist tell me that I’m basically a moron and that I am not scheduled until next Monday.

3.  I guess the baby must be doing a lot of growing and requiring a lot of food because if I go more than a few hours without something significant to eat, my freaking body shuts down.  I get really tired, shaky, start burping (of course, that is the soundtrack of my life right now) and am taken over by this uncontrollable urge to EAT!  God help any small animal in my way.  Not to mention it makes me incredibly bitchy.

4.  I am sick and tired of sounding like a 400 pounder trying to run a marathon anytime I even *slightly* exert myself.  My husband was actually concerned for me when I got to the top of a hill this weekend and had to stop and catch my breath.  It was a HILL, not even a steep one.  It nearly killed me.  Oh, and my favorite pastime – window shopping – not even fun anymore.  Two stores and I’m done…that sucks.

5.  I must sleep with my mouth open now because my nose is constantly stuffed up no matter how much I blow it before I go to sleep.  I hate sleeping with my mouth open.  I’m always afraid spiders will crawl in it.

15 weeks

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  1. I feel for you…I’m just a tad bit ahead of you…due April 25th (I must admit I can’t keep track of what week I’m in anymore because I have a 16 month old at my beck and call) – anyways, I feel like I look about 7 months preggo because of the gas bloat I have going on! I keep having these moments where I “think” I’m actually feeling the baby and then I realize that it really is “just gas.”
    As far as the eating…I live on bran crackers at work because unless I pack a grocery store and bring it to work I don’t have the opportunity to run and get something to eat every 2 hours – it really sucks when you’re craving a fruit smoothie and a bagel!
    Just try to think of the spiders as a little extra protein for the baby…just kidding of course! Try some saline spray before bed…it may help with the stuffiness!
    Keep the good work up on the blog – makes me feel as though there are other “real” preggo women out there!

  2. I’m 14 weeks and some change and I though that I must horrifically out of shape when I walk upstairs in my house and am out of breath. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not the only one who can’t breath after walking up a hill. 🙂

  3. You haven’t mentioned yet if you have broken the news to your family. Earlier you mentioned that you wanted to wait until 15 weeks and now, you haven’t said anything about whether or not you were able to wait that long.

    Alright, moving on to the next entry. 🙂

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