Party…my belly…midnight!

I can officially say that I can feel the baby!  For weeks I’ve thought I’ve felt something down there other than gas and digestion, but never felt confident that it was the baby.  Then last week I was reading all about the disgusting joys of birth while in bed and I suddenly felt what I can best describe as my stomach dropping.  You know when you are driving down a hilly road at fast speeds and your stomach drops as you crest each hill?  It felt just like that.  At first I thought I may be getting sick, then it sorta tickled and made me laugh.  By the third time I felt it, I knew it had to be the baby.  I can only imagine that it was doing some sort of crazy acrobatics in there.

The next night I felt the same thing, but in between the rolls I would feel a little tap right below my belly button, like it was landing there or getting ready for take off. The following night was Thanksgiving and I didn’t feel a dang thing.  I don’t know if it was a second hand turkey coma or the fact that the kid had no damn room underneath that mountain of food (which, thanks to pregnancy constipation, took two whole days to begin leaving my system), but there was no funny feelings or rumblings in my tummy that night with the exception of what I know for sure was gas.

In the last few days it has started back up again though.  I can always count on at least a half hour of entertainment immediately upon climbing into bed.  Sometimes it will start back up in the middle of the night after a trip to the toilet.  I find it oh so adorable and fun now and don’t mind loosing a little bit of sleep over it, but I may be singing a different tune in a couple months when the baby is big enough to karate chop my lungs and uses my bladder as a trampoline.

I am a tad concerned about this sleeping pattern the baby seems to have developed.  Sleep all day…up all night.  I will cut it some slack while it is stuck in the confines of my womb, but I tell you things will be changing when it gets squeezed out into the real world.

18 weeks 1 day

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  1. Good for you! How wonderful to feel movement! 🙂 Are you planning on finding out the sex? When is your big u/s? We just found out that we’re having a boy! Woohoo!

  2. I’m jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine moves a LOT but I can’t feel it. I can only hear it with the doppler, the sound coming and going with the movement. Sigh. I know I’ll feel movement eventually but I’m impatient!!!!

  3. Regetis pic is cute, but I love the pic with you and your sister. Hope all is going well aside from the stomach acrobatics.

    I was reading a FitPregnancy mag the other day and couldn’t even get through half of it before feeling sick myself. Not even preggers yet and the thought of it makes me incredibly nauseous. Were you like this too?


  4. What part of FitPregnancy makes you sick? The super fit models with nothing but a basketball strapped to their waistline or the thought of working out while trying to keep down your latest meal?
    : ) I have to say it didn’t make me that sick before I was pregnant, but now it is a little nauseating.

  5. hahaha, thank you so much for being real and disgusting and awful about the realities of pregnancy. I can’t wait to get pregnant.

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