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A reader made a very valid comment on my post below, and it occurred to me that I really only do provide a slice of what it is like for ME to be pregnant here. I would hate for everyone to think I spend the whole time obsessing over the destruction of my body, or that I’m not genuinely and extremely excited about being pregnant and becoming a mom in less that 6 months (holy cow….less than 6 months!). From day one of this blog, I’ve used it as an outlet for those not so “normal” pregnancy thoughts and fears. The ones that hardly anyone ever tells you you will feel or have. While I have no problems telling the people in my life, close or strangers, how wonderful this whole journey is, it’s a little harder to admit that I *occasionally* freak out about some of these things. From my viewpoint, society places so much emphasis on how pregnancy is supposed to be one of the most amazing times in your life and that you’re supposed to cherish each and every minute of it. It starts to make you feel a little guilty when you don’t.

Please, please don’t think that just because I vent about those things here, that I don’t wake up every day thanking God to be experiencing all this and pray every night that I will be able to continue to keep my baby safe and healthy. As much as I hated morning sickness, sometimes I wish it would come back because at least then I knew my baby was most likely healthy. Now that I’ve grown out of that stage, the days that I feel so absolutely fantastic I’m terrified that something is wrong. I know that I am so incredibly lucky to have conceived so quickly and to not have experienced a loss. I can not imagine the pain and heartache some couples experience in trying to conceive, and I never intend to take away from the blessing that getting pregnant is by venting about these things.

So to give you all a peek into what the rest of my pregnancy thoughts are, here are some things I LOVE about being pregnant:

1. I love watching my belly grow! I have always been so self conscious about my tummy. I never could achieve those tight abs that would make me look good in a bikini (although, I have this fantasy that after pregnancy something about my body will change and I will finally get my flat tummy – ha!), but now I embrace my little pooch and love to watch it get bigger. I show it off to my husband every night by lifting up my shirt and standing sideways in between him and the TV. “Look at how big I’m getting!” He just laughs.

2. I love pants with elastic waists. I have mentioned my struggle with clothes on here before, but even though the pants may not always fit just right, the elastic waists are amazing! I’m going to be the most comfy person at Thanksgiving : )

3. I love the anticipation of what is coming next. I read my weekly emails about what the baby is developing this week and am so amazed at how quickly it grows. I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl and love to have conversations with my husband about what we think it is and how we think it will look. I love laying still at night and trying to determine if what I feel rumbling around in my belly is dinner or the baby, and can’t wait for the day I finally get a fat kick in the ribs or a punch in the belly button.

4. I love how this has brought me and my husband so much closer together, and we were pretty close to begin with! He really is so amazing and I’m so lucky to have someone as involved as he is. As much as I complain about his OCD tendencies and his constant watch over my food intake, I know he only does it out of love. He’s been nothing but supportive and has taken more than his fair share from me. He is going to be the best dad, and that makes me love him even more.

5. I love the thought of beginning a new stage in my life. I know it will change me, it will change my priorities. Things will never be the same, and I can’t wait! I know I will most likely look back on a lot of the stuff I’ve blogged about and think completely different about it because I’ll have a whole new set of eyes to view everything with. I look forward to meeting my baby and delighting in the small achievements. I can’t wait to see their first smile and their first steps. I can’t wait to see a carseat in the back of my Jeep.

Of course, this isn’t an exclusive list. Just a few of the things I can think of off the top of my head. I just wanted to take the time to clarify that I really do love being pregnant (most of the time) and am grateful for every crazy/sane thought I have because I know they would never even occur to me if I wasn’t lucky enough to be going through all of this.

14 weeks 4 days

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  1. Lindsey (Clark'sMrs) on

    I wasn’t getting the vibe that you were focusing on the negative of being pregnant. I think its a given that every pregnant woman ends up thrilled to be pregnant and looking forward to holding their baby in their arms. Its kind of nice to see someone tell the truth about being pregnant and expressing valid concerns (hell! Who wants saggy boobs?? lol) that I”m sure every pregnant woman shares.

  2. Ok – promise that you won’t keep writing sunshine & rainbows posts. I love your blog and can totally relate to all of the other posts! I love knowing I’m not the only one with OCD tendencies who doesn’t love every second of being pregnant.

  3. I think you have a hilarious way of looking at things with just a *hint of sarcasm ;)….I love reading your blog and never once have thought you were being ungrateful or anything like that. I even struggle with infertility and still read your blog and have never once been offended by anything you have said! You should write the things you want to write and if this is your way to vent the not so nice aspects of pregnancy, go for it! afterall, it is YOUR blog!!

  4. I definately agree with what was said above. I’ve never found your posts offensive or selfish. I love coming here to read your blog. It’s always witty and comical. It’s your blog, and you shouldn’t have to censor yourself for anyone. If someone doesn’t like what’s posted then they shouldn’t read it. This blog is yours and for your benefit. Some people just take things way too seriously.

  5. I just wanted to add my two cents to the other comments. I also never thought that you were obsessing on the negatives. Its nice to seethat someone else thinks some of the same things I’ve thought but never said. You have a fantastic blog, keep it up! (17 wks 4 days)

  6. I, too, have been following your blog and really enjoy it. I hope you don’t feel the need to be defensive due to what one person said, and justify your writings and/or feelings about what is going on in your life currently. From my vantage point, it seems like you are trying to offer an antedotal, witty, tongue-in-cheek, ‘wtf?’ view of pregnancy, which is both needed and healthy!

    I am not pregnant, but this reminds me of what happens right after you get engaged and start planning your wedding. You are excited, but it doesn’t mean everything is going to be easy and/or fun. In fact, some parts of the experience downright stink! So please don’t feel the need to censor yourself.

    Take care, and keep up the wit. 🙂

  7. I’m really happy you’re enjoying your pregnancy. Can’t wait to see if you take pregnancy pics with the Regetis. 😉

  8. I’m sorry Donkey, if I came across as the bad guy with my other comment… I too appreciate your wit and humor and should have posted about that first. I hope I explained myself in my second comment on the other post. I never thought you hated being pregnant, and that’s not what I was trying to say. Maybe my own baby-rabies is clouding my vision.

  9. Meegs, no worries! I defintely saw where you were coming from and thought you made a very valid point. I appreciate you bringing it up, and was in no way offended by your comment : )

  10. I just had to comment…. i’ve followed you’re blog from the beginning and LOVE everything about it!! It is great to see someone who is down to earth about their pregnancy and not trying to make everything rainbows and teddy bears! I’m curious how you told your family… seemed from the first few posts your were trying to wait a while to tell them, and I never read a follow up post?!? congrats on your pregnancy and keep up the great work!

  11. Shopaholic, I didn’t really do anything too exciting to tell everyone. It was really weird, but I was almost reluctant to tell people. My husband was insistent that we call everyone after our 8 week appt., but I would have been happy to wait a few more weeks at that point. It’s not that I didn’t want people to know, but I guess it didn’t seem all that real to me. Plus, I was still spotting a lot at that point and was really worried I would end up losing the baby. So…no elaborate announcement – just a phone call to everyone.

  12. Jill you are so cute! I have to admit that I have been silently stalking your blog for some time now and I just love reading about you and your pregnancy. I finally decided to comment because I am so glad that someone else has the same post-pregnancy body fantasy that I have!! For a while I just thought I was crazy to hope that after pregnancy I would finally have that flat stomach I’ve always wanted. So I will be interested to find out if you get yours, because it will give me hope!!

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