An early gas intervention

I just finished up my Thanksgiving menu and shopping list (yes, I’ve decided this is the year to learn how to cook a bird – not when I have some screaming baby hanging around) and I passed it off to my husband for him to look at.  I had planned on making cornbread stuffing with Italian sausage – not because I’ve ever had it, but because the recipe on looked…well…real simple, and tasty.  He says, “This looks good, but I don’t want real Italian sausage in it…let’s use those Morning Star sausage crumbles we had the other night.  It will be healthier.”  NOOOOOOOO!!!  Must prevent future gas disaster!  I told him I didn’t think those would taste right with the rest of the ingredients and that for Thanksgiving we should go all out and have nice fattening real sausage.  He wasn’t buying it, so I said fine – no sausage.  Thank GOD he agreed!

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