2nd trimester update – the good, the bad and the gassy

I’m well into the second trimester now. I have quite a cute baby bump to show for it. Nothing huge yet, but I’m definitely looking more pregnant than fat and can finally fill out those maternity shirts I’ve been hanging onto. The upside to this new stage is I physically feel pretty good. The food aversions are definitely gone, and have been replaced by an incredible urge to eat almost anything every three hours. Perhaps that explains why I have gained as much in the last four weeks (5 lbs) as I did the whole first trimester!

Yeah…I’m kind of alarmed that I’m already up 10 lbs at 16 weeks. I guess pregnant women really can’t eat whatever they want whenever they want ; ) I’m hoping my recent cravings for fruit and vegetables paired with my prenatal water aerobics classes (which are actually 90% senior citizens with one or two pregnant gals in the mix) will help me get everything back in control. Don’t get me wrong, I know gaining weight is part of the process, but I’m not going to just let myself go for the next five months. I know I’m far too lazy to trust that I’ll take it all off after the baby if it’s too large of a number.

I also have a considerable amount of energy back (I only sleep 9 -10 hours a night now and hardly need a nap) and the belching has drastically subsided (only because the gas is now choosing to escape via other avenues, I’m sure). And yes, the books are right when they say the sex drive comes back in the second trimester. It’s not like I’m pouncing on him…more like not running the other direction. However, I ask this question – what good is a surge in the sex drive if I am constantly in a bitchy, unpredictable mood?

Yes, this is the downside of the second trimester for me. I do not know what it is, but it takes absolutely nothing for me to turn from a cheerful, kind version of myself to an irrational, agitated bitch. Seriously…I will just be walking and all of the sudden find myself in a terrible mood. Since my husband is usually the first person I see, he gets the shitty end of the deal and is constantly confused by my state of mind. He even mentioned to me this morning, “You know, those weekly baby emails I’ve been getting have done nothing to prepare me for these mood swings.” So ladies…warn your husbands. I think he finds it quite comical though. He will just bust out laughing at how ridiculous it is that I am so flipping pissed off that the ice cream shop doesn’t have mint chocolate chip. I have to say, I eventually laugh at it too. In doing a little experimentation and research on the subject, I *think* these mood swings happen when I need to eat or need sugar. They always seem to coincide with some crazy craving, and as soon as I get what I want I’m happy again. I think I may need further testing to prove this theory. I’ll be sure to report back.

As far as other updates go I have to say that the most exciting thing to date was when we FINALLY heard the baby’s heartbeat at our 16 week appointment yesterday. I seriously freaked out at 12 weeks when they couldn’t find it with the doppler and was only slightly relieved to see it flashing on the u/s screen. I just wanted to HEAR it. The nurse found it yesterday only 20 seconds after lubing up my belly. It was the most reassuring sound ever. I really need to spend a whole post talking about worry and how much it changes you during pregnancy. I have a feeling that will be a long one though, so I will save it for a rainy day.

And to end this on a funny note I will elaborate more on the gas escaping via other avenues situation – I have never been a loud farter, and I don’t think my husband has ever heard me fart. It’s not like I hold it in and run to the other room to let it out. It just has never been very audible. Well, let me tell you – that’s changing. So now after nearly 7 years of never farting in front of my husband I’m almost scared to! I don’t know why. It’s not like he’ll be disgusted by it. I’m sure he’ll find it hysterical. I just need to….uhmmm…break the seal – just fart and get it over with. So I’m just waiting for the day that I let it rip in front of him. I know it’s got to come soon or it’s going to be a very uncomfortable 5 months ahead of me. I also learned recently that I really should avoid Morning Star sausage crumbles. I had them for dinner the other night and had such bad gas while I was sleeping that the next morning my husband thought one of the dogs had shit in the bedroom! I didn’t even have the balls to fess up.

16 weeks 1 day

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  1. bwahahaha! freakin hilarious!! Glad to hear your feeling better. I had my mood swings based on what time of day it was… from about 3:00 until 5:30 or 6:00 I was a complete bitch to be around. Funny thing is, my toddler’s a complete brat during those same hours… fits, temper tantrums. I could bet money on when a tantrum is going to go down! best wishes~ashopaholicmom

  2. HAHA, you’ve got a great blog here! I’m 14 and a half weeks along now and I can only look forward to the upcoming weeks ahead from what I read especially if my husband thinks the dog shit in the bedroom! LOL

  3. Seriously, you’re killing me here!

    I’m not even close to TTC, but I just wanted to thank you for letting me know ahead of time what I’ll be getting myself into when I do. Now, how to break it to my husband?…

  4. Woman – you are hysterical. I can’t hold mine it at all – it’s awful. I’ve made MYSELF gag on a few occasions. I’m always paranoid about someone walking into my office too.

    Just let it go & you’ll feel better. Kev blamed it on the dog at first, until I fessed up and then he just laughed.

    I’m feeling ya on the mood swings too – I’m aware of them I just can’t help them. And if I’m hungry, I’m cranky & bitchy. This is true even when I’m not pregnant, so it’s 10x worse now.

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